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Mech Pilot - Goose

Mech Pilot - Callsign Goose!

I made this up last year in 2012 for fun & to brush up on my Hard Surface skills. Just getting around to showing him off now!

This is the low poly model captured realtime from my viewport in 3dsmax using the Xoliul shader.

Hes about 6500 tris and uses 2 x 1024 and 1 x 512 maps.

Created using Zbrush, 3dsmax & Photoshop.
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Veeeery cool i love to browse your gallery xd
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I am totally in love with the stylized look. 
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Reminds me of Starcraft II :)
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is it? the main reason I haven't faved it is I want to make sure it goes into the right folder and I have one for SC and SC2 ;)
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Its just a fanart piece i did :) not really based on either SC or SC2 :)
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Ahh :)  then it goes in armor skin-suits etc :)
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I like how this render showing to those bustards that you are great in everything and not only in sculpting females as they tends to blame you.
Amazed how within so many angular forms and strong masculine lines he still looks kindly and as a noble person. I would even call his appearance aristocratic (like in Adrien Brody).
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hey awesome, thanks for that man :)
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Simply Amazing! & a very cool looking character! :D
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~ A well defined, resounding 'Clink!' was heard from the pilot's glasses, and a hearty 'Cheers!' rang out from the group - as they celebrated yet another successful mission! Goose, meanwhile wasn't quite so cheerful - hearing the rustling of weapons behind him, beginning to charge and cycle up to a ready mode...
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hahah thats awesome :D !!!
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:) So is our D2U Dev Team! for the 'SOL Contingency' UDK game, due out later this year. Which is continuing to grow here on DA and on our new website: for the first episode - aptly entitled 'The Lunar Incident'! :D
With modelers & mappers from both the Descent & Unreal communities!

So, come join the fun! & bring a friend! All are welcome that wish to share in the spirit of creativity! :)

Or, just to say Hi - and have a look around to see who's doing what!
Enjoy your day! :D
Attire is casual as usual.
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One of my favorite 3d models with shader ever!
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you're most welcome
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I love this!!
you should give him a full body please!!!
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