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Cazablancos -Game-

By HazardKid

You download it here;
Windows: [link]
Linux: [link]
Mac: [link]

idk what category this goes in so it's just in d&i atm ):
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Hi. Newbie here. The links you have are megaupload links. Is it possible you can reupload the files on mediafire or another site so I can check it out? :)
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I can't download it. The site is down. ;A;
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you should like.
post my reaction in the description.
lolno you don't have to but i was so weird in it.
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Short, cute, and funny. Liked it. Too bad it wasn't longer and there was more choices and stuff. Hardly a "game" because... not much interaction. (and no matter what you choose you always end up with the same ending anyway....) but that's understandable since it's so short. I love the 80's too. Thank you for making this even though I wouldn't really call it a game. LOL
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it's a kinetic novel so technically it is a game?
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nice *_*
can you tell me how can I post my game on deviantart?
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I didn't actually post it on dA lol s:

I just posted it on megaupload and then uploaded a screenshot on dA, including a link to megaupload
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Yeah, sorry, I'm an idiot xD forget it xD
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