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The Prototype: The Biolizard

No one has permission to repost this. Period.

July 18, 2009 Update - Boy, this has been needing it for awhile. Lines were thinned/colored, shading was redone, and the special effects and textures that practically ruined the previous version have all been redone.

In his throne, the Biolizard strikes up a mighty roar, echoing through the shrine chamber as the colony prepares to meet its scheduled demise...

- This is the, oh about 5th time I've drawn/majorly edited this one picture. Let's hope I'm done already.
- I placed brick textures on everything that needed it, and in the end the resizing process rendered it all invisible. Ugh, shows what I get for trying to get too intricate.
- Some urge said, "Add Shadow to the update, you add all of the characters to your recent boss pics," but the voice that ultimately won said, "There's no reason to modify a classic - it just wouldn't be the same."

Concept - Sonic Team
Pic - *Hazard-the-Porgoyle

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Awesome work! The Biolizard has always been one of my favorite bosses to face. Whether it would be facing it in the Cannon's Core or outside of the ARK. When I first met him, it took me a lot of retries to figure out how to defeat him. It was very frustrating, but once I got the hang of it, he was nothing in the Cannon's Core. It only got worse for me when he became The Final Hazard. CURSE THOSE LASERS. CURSE THEM. Even when I try to be smart! XD

Believe it or not, when I was younger and I faced this, I THOUGHT HE WAS THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER. He had that dark vibe I loved so much about, and the music made it all the more sick. The music had that fitting dark tone that sounded disturbing and pretty at the same time. Not to mention IT HAD LYRICS. Every time I go back to play the game, I have the best ride on the nostalgia train. XD
CrescentNubila's avatar
Awesome artwork!

I LOVE this boss! My absolutely favorite one to fight not just because of the music. The rest of boss battles annoy me. >.>

Strangely, I actually feel sorry for BioLizard though. I always felt that he was manipulated by Gerald Robotnik the whole time. Poor thing can't even live without the life support system as well......
Sisealk's avatar
nice art

the boss relatively easy but that tail ended me several times
DrEarthwormRobotnik's avatar
Sisealk's avatar
considering i was in the zone at the time i beat the boss i more or less lost track of time when it happened i think it took me a couple of weeks to complete the entire game with a consultation to gamefaqs when i couldn't find knuckles's respirator upgrade. i think it took me at least about a day to actually beat the biolizard the first time any other time it took less than an hour, i think, i really don't remember how exactly long it took as i haven't played the game in over a year
DrEarthwormRobotnik's avatar
I just beat the game for the first time this month on the HD version, but that's because it was my older brother owned the game and i rarely played SA2 on the dreamcast.
narutonerd1's avatar
I love this Biolizard is one of my fav bosses that and Mephiles
DestinyDecade's avatar
Aw yes... the Biolizard, the Prototype of the Ulitmate Life. I remember playing Sonic Adventure 2 about 10 years ago. You did an excellent job with this picture providing a view of the ARK's core. I always imagine that the Biolizard was the core's guardian which I can tell is a fact. Past him is a temple similar to what it is on Angel Island with the Master Emerald but the Chaos Emeralds are there. It symbolizes a bit of ancient history but at the same time you grasp on the situation that if you can't save the world from Prof. Gerald Robotnik's crazed plan, everything is lost. I always remember dealing with the Biolizard... loved the music but the boss was a pain in the ass. I ain't kidding. Yes, it took me a few tries to beat him but when I did it was all the more rewarding. But what you did is a good job alright designing this.

Since it is Sonic's 20th Anniversary, you really did a part of Sonic Adventure 2 justice. Well done.
VerityLens's avatar
So awesome, nice work!
Quagmirefan1's avatar
Biolizard: Prototype of the Ultimate Life.

Boss is as hard as hell.
ultrasupersonic's avatar
it would be bad ass if this boss makes a return in sonic generations.
Neocasko's avatar
He did in the 3DS version. Assuming you haven't found out yet.
Hairyblob2's avatar
:music:Supporting me:music: plays in background
ArtSeeker93's avatar
Oh man. This brings back ALOT of memories. When i first encountered him, i was like "THIS GUY IS BIG!!" My brother was so frustrated that he wasted over 30 lives. So he wanted me to take over. And for the last 8 tries, Ive defeated him. He was surprised when i called him that the cut scene is playing. I was like, 11, and he was like 18. And this was back when this first came out on Dreamcast Now i am 18 and i can still beat him and my brother still can't. xD Ah, memories. How i loved this game.
RingMasterSonic's avatar
That reminds me of how everyone says this boss was hard. I went over my friends house and played this on the wii using gamecube controllers. I didnt no the controls to do anything. And i died once because i was like " I wonder what will happen if i fall into this pit instead of jumping" Thats how i died. The boss is so freagin easy.
oOShadowsOo's avatar
Awesome! Actually, for some VERY strange reason, it was easy for me to beat it. Or I should say less annoying. But the Finalhazard was just...annoying.
RingMasterSonic's avatar
When i went to fight the biolizard with no game experience i was used what i saw on youtube. Totally different for final hazard. OH! it also worked for crazy gadget
30kingswood's avatar
Biolizard=hardest boss in history! :O
Watersparx's avatar
Oh, didn't you just love the music in that boss battle? :3 I like this picture, I think you did a great job on it ^^
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
SA2 definitely had a unique and memorable soundtrack. I'd like boss songs like the ones from that game to return for sure.
Oh, and when I learned that a piece of Live and Learn played in the Biolizard theme: awesome.
Glad you like the piece.
1TSUNAMI-TANK1's avatar
your right you don't need too add shadow the pic is good enough as it is

love you contest is rated B joke XD
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Glad you like it as is.

I wish I could thank the original artist, Egnio, for their hilarious creation, but they apparently haven't used their dA account for over a year now.
Well, there's still the joy of thumbnails.
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