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The Final Confrontation of the Celestial Fortress

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Death Egg Zone
Vs. Dr. Eggman's Death Egg Robot

All across West Side Island, Sonic has met Dr. Eggman's nefarious contraptions at every turn. At long last, after overcoming the Doctor's ground based and aerial fortresses, Sonic sees just what his nemesis has had up his sleeve. The Death Egg, and the two powerful metallic monstrosities that guard it, provide Sonic with his final challenges. Mecha Sonic has already been reduced to a flaming wreck of twisted metal, but Eggman will refuse to go down so easily, with his colossal mech made in his image. Stay lively and step gingerly, Sonic, for the Doctor is done with these frivolous games...

Production Notes:
- To make a long story short, the boss could have turned out better. Sonic and the BG had such promise, and then it seemed the boss washed that all away. It's just not easy taking a pure side-view 2D sprite and drawing it on a new perspective like this; there's a lot that's left open to interpretation, and I feel I didn't make the best choices when it came to proportions. Before I ramble on too much about it though, I want to hear some opinions, to see if it's just me.
- Since this is the first Genesis era boss I've drawn since Generations has come out, I feel I must make something clear. All this time, I assumed, as it seemed everyone else did too, that Modern Sonic was a retcon that was meant to overwrite Classic Sonic in our eyes. Sonic 4 seemed to support this theory just fine, but Generations sort of shot it down. I would like to think that Classic being brought back for that game was a one shot deal for the sake of the anniversary title, and that the retcon theory should still hold. Aside from the two Classic Generations bosses, I will continue to use Sonic's current design in my pieces, but I will also attempt to give him some classic traits, (slightly shorter quills being the most prominent example), in my future Genesis era boss pieces. A suitable compromise, I hope.

Concept - Sonic Team
Piece - *Hazard-the-Porgoyle
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DanLuna General Artist
And no rings!!Scared Yugi icon 
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hansungkeeHobbyist Digital Artist
Boss : Death Egg Robot.
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Wow nice observation 
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DashieMLPFiMHobbyist Interface Designer
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Void-the-BatHobbyist Digital Artist
*Right after Sonic defeats Silver Sonic*
Classic Robotnik: I heard this still happens in the olympics.
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MegaCharizardValorHobbyist Traditional Artist
Who is his physical trainer?
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Void-the-BatHobbyist Digital Artist
IDK but Eggman can still win the world record in the olympics...
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Awesome work here
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OH! So menacing, that boss was a pain in the a** I kid you not, but now I know what to do, unless I mess up. XD

But this picture looks awesome as heck. :3

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For the longest time when I played the original game way back, I always thought that the skin colored part of the robot was its actual eyes. Course I know better these days.
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Acid-FloHobbyist Traditional Artist
Incredible !!!!!! Childhood memories and a my dreams come true with that 3d version ! Thanks a lot !!! ^_^
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Death march.
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BenMitchell90Hobbyist General Artist
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incarnation982Student Traditional Artist
I imagine Sonic is saying this, "Oh lord, I thought he was ugly enough, but a giant ROBOT version of him, ew."
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HyperSonicXdAHobbyist Writer
And it gets worse when he starts fighting.
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incarnation982Student Traditional Artist
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Sonicblur2-0Student General Artist
Oh,my, gaaawwd! (Ha! Friends, the show)
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dragonfire1000Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh man this brings back so many memories. I always had one heck of a time beating this boss, let alone metal sonic. I think I beat him finally once i was 8 and i had played the game since I was about 4 or 5 somewhere there.

This simply goes without saying, "you did an amazing job on this" especially turning a 2d image into a more in depth perspective yet still keeping its Retro feel.

And to think I found this amazing work but searching up Dr. Nefarious from ratchet and clank.
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tailsmo100Student General Artist
............................................................................................... THATS FRICKEN AMAZING HOW DID YOU DO THAT
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Hazard-the-PorgoyleHobbyist Digital Artist
You may read about the programs and techniques I use here: [link]
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I love of you're boss art's. Can you do a time eater one please?
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Hazard-the-PorgoyleHobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you like my work. As for the Time Eater, that one will happen eventually, but not any time soon. There are many other issues I'm trying to sort out.
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i can understand that. time eater sure isn't simple
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AydinPrower7 General Artist
Sonic looks like he's going blind from too much robotnik-ness.
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