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The Deceptive Machine's Intent

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Flying Battery Zone
Vs. Gapsule

Sonic forges ahead through Eggman's colossal airship, and he encounters a variety of capsules that serve odd purposes, but none more odd than the one he currently faces. Flying Battery's Mini-Boss disguises itself in the familiar form of a capsule, but now that it has been released, and has set its malicious eyes on Sonic, it will fight with all of its might to see the Blue Blur destroyed. Can Sonic take advantage of the machine's faulty A.I. before he is made into a pancake?

Production Notes:
- Okay, so it is pretty much confirmed, I cannot do one day boss pieces anymore. I produce way better products as a result, but it seems the least amount of time I can take is 1.4 days or something like that.
- Contrary to what it looks like, Sonic is not getting Falcon Pawnched, he is dodging the spike ball, if just barely. If I had the room like I planned for in my sketch, I would have had Sonic a little higher. Then again, in that sketch it looks like he's getting punched too.
- This is my third (and final) Flying battery piece. Act 1 mini-boss, Act 2 "mini-boss", and Act 2 boss are all of them for those playing at home. Geez, this zone was loaded.

Concept - Sonic Team
Piece - *Hazard-the-Porgoyle
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AWESOME WORK I LIKE YOU WORK IS AWESOME AND THAT BOSS IS EASIEST LOLOLOLOLOLOL HAHAHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL EASIEST BOSS EVER LOL LOL LOL LOL TRY TO BEAT HIM AS KID LOL :3 Get That Boss Spike Lol Awesome Work You Did Ha That Boss Is Easy But Sometime Is Hard For Little Kid Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Lol Lol lol Lol Try To Beat Him Kid And Is Stupid Boss Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha....
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Oh man, I HATED that boss.
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CloneWarrior85Hobbyist Digital Artist
I heard that in Sonic Mania, by hacking the game, there's working files for a boss in it that is like a flying version of this boss, but with a Rock Paper Scissors gimmick. 
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JaydenTivonHobbyist Traditional Artist
*Stands on top on Gapsule with Hyper Sonic*
Sonicfangirl2003's avatar
Sonicfangirl2003Hobbyist Artist
OMG! That one was all over the place!!!
Void-the-Bat's avatar
Void-the-BatHobbyist Digital Artist
Bully indeed.
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DCLeadbootHobbyist Digital Artist
Ouch! That looks painful! :O
Heh, heh... stupid boss, though... stop hittin' yerself!!
SonicJasper20th's avatar
The easiest boss in Sonic and Knuckles, right next to the Guardian in Sandopolis Zone. And Nice. ^^
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YakkoWarner20Hobbyist Artist
Ha ha! Stupid boss.
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LadyRoseDoffyHobbyist Digital Artist
then your pretty drawing a 3d effect awesome!
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This was one of my most favorite boss's to mess with :lmao:
JaydenTivon's avatar
JaydenTivonHobbyist Traditional Artist
SAME. (-^-__-^-)
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MisterRgbPixelsHobbyist General Artist
I absolutely love the 3D look this piece has. Superb job!
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DanDaManStudiosHobbyist General Artist
I Love this so much.
Great artwork!
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DoubleSHHobbyist General Artist
Perfect! As all your works!
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Beaner714Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Bad ass!!
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ClassicSonicFanHobbyist Traditional Artist
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SonicUnderground316Hobbyist General Artist
awesome look almost 3D
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I was totally caught by surprise when I first ran into this boss, I was like "What the -losing rings-" I really did. (no pun/meme intended)
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JamarBHSamuraiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah the sweet memories of the Sega Genesis I hated the Flying Battery stage but OH MY GAWD the amazing music in Sonic 1-3&Knuckles makes everything ultimately better for stage that pissed you off :XD:
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Awesome work! It's incredible how you can rejuvenate an old 2D classic
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ConnallRobotnik8Student General Artist
I like the way you add a texture to the grould so we can see it as if it's in a 3D game.
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i love that battle with super sonic lol just stand on his head very nice btw
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