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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Complete - Across the Zones

This piece contains work created exclusively for the Sonic 3 Complete project. No one is to use components of this piece besides members of the S3C team or those who have received express permission from the S3C team.

Greetings all. Some of you had noticed that I mentioned my involvement in creating some artwork for the S3&K hack Sonic 3 Complete (read here for details: [Link]) and I was surprised that so many of you were fans of the project. I was just brought on very recently to create some of the artwork found on their box art samples (viewable on the other side of that link), so if you have any praise to give about the hack itself, I'm not the guy to direct it towards.

I wanted to help promote the project here on dA, so I took a good majority of my work and some new components and whipped up what you see above. Fans of mine might notice there are two zones with artwork up there that don't yet have any complete pieces in my gallery. A little taste of what's to come, I'd say.

That said, it was quite an interesting venture that taught me quite a few things about shading. (Shading in the classic style always seems to have that effect on me.)

Other points will come up in comment conversations, invariably.

Until the next one folks.

Character and Zone Concepts - Sonic Team
Sonic 3 Complete Project - Sonic 3 Complete Team
Piece - *Hazard-the-Porgoyle
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AKA: Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
CyanTheHedgehog123's avatar
Any chance you can upload the individual layers of the cartridge art? (and that pose for tails in the pic?)
I wanna replace Tails' pose.
The one on the cartridge triggers my non-existant OCD.
PJP1991's avatar
Love it. Just how Sonic should be. Great job.
SirClrwaterMK2's avatar
Now for an HD remake of this game.
MorphiusX's avatar
Angel Island, Hydrocity, Marble Garden, Carnival Night, Ice Cap, Launch Base, Mushroom Hill, Flying Battery, Sandopolis, Lava Reef, Hidden Palace, Sky Sactuary, Death Egg, & Doomsday!

What's not to like?
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You made a great job with this pic! :)
MasterFusion's avatar
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Sonic 3 complete it's one of the most complete hacks, packed with lotsa of sweet content!

And this is just Perfect, this artwork alone it's at the same level of such piece, look at all these details full of love and precision, yikes this looks quite like a official poster for promotional reasons! Legit indeed!

Diggin' the Sonic Color's pose wink there, it fits with ol' Sonic, also Tails pose reminds me of Sonic Generation's Sonic's jump in the teaser... I know that I've seen that Knux pose somewhere in SA or SA2 artworks...

Also that Angel Island in the bg transitioning to space it's a cool detail that encapsulates quite greatly the idea of Sonic 3 Complete! Kudos to you! :w00t:

Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Thank you greatly for providing this comment.
Glad you picked up on the Sonic Colors homage. Tails' pose was an interesting story. I really liked the head seen in the last row, second column of this concept art:… and after recreating that head, I applied a body that kind of took cues from this Sky Patrol artwork:… It made for a nice little combo.
Knuckles' art is probably reminding you of this one:… though the resemblance is a little less strong.
Glad you like the result.
TrueKaoz's avatar
What can I say? It's beautiful, and Angel Island looks gorgeous!
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
This comment is certainly appreciated old friend. I'm most certainly glad you like how the island turned out. It was a little journey to get it to look like that, and to apply the water reflection that was new to this project.
bev217's avatar
Awesomeness :D
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Glad you like it. Thank you for the comment.
t0ms0nic's avatar
It's amazing just how much of an official effort this all feels like. It really is basically the ideal remastered Sonic 3 at this point, considering there's no plans for one by Team StealthTax according to Iizuka, and it's even got this brand new, smooth artwork to go with it! Truly an accomplishment by the fans for the fans.

I think the part of this that makes me wig out the most if how fitting the Colours pose is for Classic Sonic. Really gives off the feel of an official Sonic 4 art piece you'd see back in the day!
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Glad you picked up on the Colors homage; I was waiting for someone to notice that.
If the stars align just right, maybe the S3C team will get the same official attention that Taxman and his associates did. It's a stretch, sure, but you never know what's going to happen in this day and age.

Glad you like the result overall, and thank you for this comment.
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"I was surprised that so many of you were fans of the project"

you have no idea :'D
Moon-Phantom's avatar
Amazing job!  B-)  Definitely has a professional appeal to it 
SSJCyberSonic's avatar
Definitely going to check this out once I get off from work.
Super-Hedgehog's avatar
There's no way Christian Whitehead can remake Sonic 3 better than this.
Kryptid's avatar
As a person who believes to this day that Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was the best Sonic game ever made, I'll have to take a further look into this...
superxel90's avatar
i love Sonic 3 :)
im going to play Sonic 3 Complete. 
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