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Seaside Palace Confrontation

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... Vs. the Egg Hawk
Requested by ~Devil-505

If I had my doubts about liking/not liking this boss, they've been settled. Boy, this was a pain in the rear.

-Perspective issues are rampant in this. Eggman probably seems small, and to that I'll say - Tails and Knuckles are closer to the camera than they appear.
-This pic has far more Photoshop burn/dodge work than I'm accustomed to doing. This felt like it took forever as a result.
-I suppose I wanted to do more with the BG than I did, but I'll leave it as one of those "It's better off this way" situations.
-Yes, the Egg Pawn is looking in a completely different direction than the one he's firing in. Probably good for Knuckles.

Concept - Sonic Team
Pic - *Hazard-the-Porgoyle
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Seeing this artwork has brought back memories of when I played Sonic Heroes for the first time. I was not used to it, but the music in the game was enough to keep me hooked. When I saw the Egg Hawk, I knew that a real challenge was about to come forth. The details are beyond amazing in my opinion and have a nostalgic feel to it. I rate this (personally) as a 5 star effort. If this were at an auction, I would like to have it on my wall at home. This is my perspective on how well this has been made.
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AntogamesStudent Interface Designer
Ahhhhhhhhh, This picture remember alot of memories childhood. Perfect workClap Epic clap Happy Clap clap clap APPLAUSE CLAP Clap Joker Clap Shia LaBeouf Clap 
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nash2016Hobbyist General Artist
what program and techniques do u use to make such awesome art
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Hazard-the-PorgoyleHobbyist Digital Artist
The information you seek is here my friend: How It's Made - Hazard Edition
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I love this game!
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LadyRoseDoffyHobbyist Digital Artist
sonic heroe
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ArtisyOneHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh!!! Both rotors are gone!
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i may be fail but i never have the A score at that boss, very nice
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AceOfSpeed94Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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NIAJABOYStudent General Artist
Very nice visual effects,
you must have put in a lot of time
to make this, KUDOS to You:D
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nice work on that picture dude. I recon u should try the last boss when ur against metal sonic :D
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ConnallRobotnik8Student General Artist
I liked it when this boss shot ou trings in that 2 player game.
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i love all the action going on in this picture and was worth all the pain in the rear you had too go though
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DCLeadbootHobbyist Digital Artist
Heh, cool picture! :D Yeah, I still think Egg Hawk was one of the better bosses of that game... :XD:
There's a lot of action in this pic, all right!
Whoa, looks like Knuckles took a really near miss there! :O
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NavelColtHobbyist Writer
XD Anyone ever notice Eggman's machines are never truly THAT different? You think at some point he would just shoot sonic xD Maybe outsmarting him is part of his goal.

I like this ^^ I played Sonic heroes yesterday and beat this guy in less than a minute =P Really good though dude ^^
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Hazard-the-PorgoyleHobbyist Digital Artist
If I were Eggman, I would fuse the components of a machine that is super accurate (Egg Viper for example) with a machine that's shots travel with no lag time (like the Egg Devil Ray's instantaneously traveling lasers.) There's no way to lose - you'd hit him every time!
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NavelColtHobbyist Writer
true, but the only times he ever makes weapons that even come close to that is at the end of the game when Sonic is Super Sonic, and NOTHING can beat him x3
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exelent detail!! and love the action too :D

Eggman sure made a big dumb bird this time
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Hazard-the-PorgoyleHobbyist Digital Artist
You'd think he would have come up with something a little more robust or menacing. It was probably his most juvenile creation to date.
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TrueKaozStudent General Artist
I think it's a great image, it nice to see more characters appearing, seems much more interesting.

The Egg Hawk itself looks 3D, it's fantastic =D
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Just wow. That is absolutely amazing!
I saw this in my devWatch and thought it was a screen shot... that's how amazing this is!
Great work, Haz!!
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Hazard-the-PorgoyleHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm actually finding that to be one of my most received comments nowadays - "I thought this was a screenshot." It's actually quite surprising and honoring. Thanks!
Tigra-The-Fox's avatar
=] It really does! Keep it up!!
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