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Scorched End of the Land of Marble

No one has permission to re-post this. Period.

Marble Zone
Vs. Dr. Eggman

After a brisk jog through Green Hill Zone, Sonic runs into a twisting, vile labyrinth of lava-filled corridors and scorched footholds. After making it through all that, Sonic runs into the nefarious Dr. Eggman once more. The Doctor, not seeing the need to ease up on Sonic's heat-related suffering, flings flames upon the only remaining platforms with reckless abandon. Will the fires finally take their toll on the hapless hedgehog, or will his spin extinguish these flames of disaster?

Production Notes:
- Decided to whip up something quick to keep things active here while I work on the multitude of other projects that have been building up recently. It's weird, my usual flow is to start a piece, see it through to completion, then start the next. Recently I've started maybe half a dozen projects that I just keep pinballing between. It's not productive.
- Parts of this piece served as an exploration into the realm of "add the amount of detail the designers would have put in the original game if the technology hadn't been holding them back, but still make it look like the game". Some parts turned out better than others, but overall a pretty decent interpretation.

Nothing else too special to report.

Concept - Sonic Team
Piece - *Hazard-the-Porgoyle
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Nice artwork!!! It looks as though you used 3D models and stuff.
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
I'm glad you like the result. It's great to know that this 2D artwork does that good of a job of giving off a 3D impression.

Thank you for your comment.
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Valora390's avatar
Incredible work, dude.
Adiraiju's avatar
Ooh, very nice work! The mountains and sky are good, and Robotnik and Sonic are great, while the vegetation is... uh...

...those are trees, right? Not your fault, I couldn't tell in the game, either, but...
LeydenTheWolf777's avatar
Yusuna-chan's avatar
One of my favorite Zones, it looks great!
bev217's avatar
Whoa, I feel like it's actually going on when I first look at it. Love the color, love the work! It feels like you got the actual video game in front of me on pause.
MisterRgbPixels's avatar
Awesome. I like the ruins in the background as well.
ConnallRobotnik8's avatar
I guess that the uneasy texture of the brickwork, as well as that DAZZLING lava effect, were meant to be like that if the video-game was in high definition. :hmm:
Also, I notice you even added the Mario-like face on the temple's roofs. :D D'you think those were intended to to look like Mario? :)
sonictopfan's avatar
Those are two lions facing each other, Mario's face is just a coincidence, but the greens in the background kinda bothers me, not just here but in the game in particular, what is it even supposed to be?
StrategistRobyn's avatar
Sweet memories... When I was attacking before thinking...
I remember dealing the final blow, then hitting the fire and die...... Y-yeah....-_-;
sonictopfan's avatar
I miss the times when Eggman was threatening and means business, now he's silly and simpleminded!
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