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Last Stand of the Island's Misguided Guardian

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Hidden Palace Zone
Vs. Knuckles the Echidna

Sonic has bested many of Dr. Eggman's creations across Angel Island, but the wily red echidna that has been making his trek so very difficult has eluded him time and time again. It is here amongst one of the echidnas' most sacred grounds that Sonic finally catches up to his tormentor. A decisive battle that shall determine the fate of the island commences, but unbeknownst to either combatant, the Doctor is closing in on his true quarry mere feet away...

Production Notes:
- Hello there folks; been a while, I know. I've been aiding people with various projects, and soon I'll be able to reveal the results of one of those projects, but I had to draw this piece (and I'll have to at least make it halfway through another) before I could assemble the piece. Long story short - expect more S3&K in the near future.
- I have to give a shout out to fellow deviant Nerkin for producing this piece:…
It helped me make some style decisions when it came to producing some of my components, most notably in the mural.
- Other than that, I suppose most of my comments would probably revolve around that crazy background. That was a lot of perspective work; hope I made it look alright.

Until the next one folks.

Concept - Sonic Team
Piece - *Hazard-the-Porgoyle
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Knuckles: *gets hit* Oh no!
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I thought it said "Misguarded Guardian"
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u know? I really don't understand why sega like to turn knuckles into the "idiot" of the team, I know hi was in island almost... well his entire life, but he still be the guardian of the master emerald  and a descendent of the echidna(some ancient tribe) that(i suppose) endows him with knowledge that no one in the series has(without including tikal...beacause she is the death .-.) but whatever that's jut my opinion.
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Oh bunker not this part.
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that style just leaves me speechless.  It's amazing.
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GUYS, QUIT IT! DON'T MAKE ME RUN YOU TWO OVER WITH RAINBOW DASH HELPING ME! :iconrainbowdashplz: :iconsaysplz: *waves* You heard her! Break it up or else! Me: That's not what I said, but that sums it up.
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Great job! I am very glad you like my mural, the result is fantastic. Sonic and Knuckles are impressive. :happybounce: 
Thanks for the credits. 
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Thank you greatly for offering this comment good sir.
I'm most certainly glad you like the result.
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Just WOW!!
You captured the exact feeling!!
Aaa memories....!!
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:iconsonicplz::iconsaysplz:"Did you let Eggman trick you again? Way ta go, Knucklehead!"
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This almost reminds me of Sonic vs. Metal Sonic, the way the pose is like. c:
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Indeed I was hoping to evoke that a little bit. Thanks for noticing.
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Yeah glad I notice that. ^^ And np.
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I remember this fight and owning Knuckles so well >^_^>
Fantastic, you truely show how important  and big that moment was,  it's minor but i am glad you  had sonic looking serious instead of smiling. Just wondering though is there a reason why sonic and knuckles seem a bit more like their modern selfs than their classic?  sonic looks a bit of a hybrid of old and new, it's not a  complaint just wondering. 
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Thank you for this comment, and I'm glad you like the piece and the expressions contained within it.
As for the Classic vs. Modern thing, I'm going to post something here that I just typed up in response to another recent comment:

"I, and many others, assumed that Sonic Adventure's redesigns for the cast were retcons, meaning that Sonic Team was saying "This is how they always were, ignore that previous stuff." Sonic Adventure's two flashbacks seemed to strengthen this argument, not portraying Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Metal Sonic with classic-styled models. I realize this is not the strongest argument, as they were presumably just not able to make additional models with the limitations of the era.

Sonic Pocket Adventure for the SNK Neo-Geo Pocket Color is where Eggman comes into play. In this game, he starts out in his classic outfit, and towards the end, we see him in his modern outfit. I like to think that Eggman's differences are more clothing related than anything, so I feel comfortable changing between the two based on the battle I'm drawing.

Members of the Sonic Stadium message board and myself have drawn the conclusion that we should not take Generations seriously when it comes to the Classic vs. Modern style debate. Not a single character made anything other than very vague observations about the changes between the Sonics. "Did you get a haircut?" and comments like that. It was almost as if they couldn't really see that there were two wildly different styles before their eyes. We take that to mean that Generations was a nod to the fans and not much else.

Sonic 4: Episode II serves as the final nail in the coffin for me. Here, we see Metal Sonic, who has not been touched since Sonic CD, is already in his modern form when Eggman rediscovers him, as if he had always been that way; a reference to that retcon thing I mentioned at the beginning."

I figure a nice compromise is to add some classic-y proportions whenever I tackle classic-y pieces.

Hope that clears things up.
While i don't agree with it, it is very well thought out and i can understand why people would think that, makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. You've really improved over the years ( Though your work has always been good.) I'd not mind seeing you do big arm again,  i bet with how good you are now you can make it even better than last time, though i am sure you're probably stacked with other projects at the moment. Feel like favouriting all your work but  it's so much. Actually only just now noticed you've not done the s3&K final boss yet,  i'd love to see how incredible you could make that boss look ( The giant eggman mech, not the doomsday zone).
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Indeed Generations' Big Arm is something I hope to tackle before too long. On the last piece I regret being so cheap with the background, and that's a mistake I look forward to not repeating again.
As far as favoriting my work, you could try favoriting the folder(s) itself, and that will take care of everything in one fell swoop.
Indeed the Great Eggman Robo is something I've been putting off for some time. It's kinda like this piece we're talking under actually. It's such a memorable moment from the series, I don't want to tackle it until I'm sure I can do the very best job possible. Someday we'll see it.
Cool i will do that, yeah the great eggman robo is definately one that requires time and patience, cause that's like you said such a big moment in the series  that it needs to be done right, the poses and facial expressions, the angle which you will draw it, but i am glad to know you will  make that one day, that's the first sonic final boss that truelly felt important and like everything was at stake.  But man it won't be long  till you've gotten all the bosses done.  I'd also love to see you draw the death egg launching,  specifically  that moment at sky sanctuary,  it's not a boss, but seeing the death egg drawn by you i can only imagine how amazing that would be. Looking forward to your future work. 
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This should SO be Sonic 4 Episode 3!
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