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Intimidating Lancer at the Hectic City's Edge

No one has permission to repost this. Period.
Art Theft: Zero Tolerance by EternalWolfDragonStamp - License To Steal by stop-tracing

Spring Yard Zone
Vs. Boss

Sonic encounters and conquers the dizzying pinball features that South Island has to offer, and at the end, he finds the persistent Dr. Eggman back with another unpredictable machine. The suspended blocks create the only decent foothold, and the Doctor has come prepared with that in mind...

Production Notes:
- Another redraw here. You can view the old version at the bottom of my before and after piece here: hazard-the-porgoyle.deviantart…
- Let's see, stuff I got wrong last time that I tried to get right here:
1. Plant matter used to look like a bunch of blurry smudges.
2. Foreground blocks might as well have been upscaled sprites with how lazily I drew them before.
3. I honestly couldn't have been bothered last time to check what the tops of the buildings looked like, so I took my screenshot's top margin at face value and drew the tops devoid of any details. *Headdesk*
4. Last time I drew the far background as sky, but it turns out it's the side of Spring Yard's mountain range. *Headdesk*

Alright, but seriously, it's time I got something genuinely new in this gallery already.
Until then, folks.

Concept - Sonic Team
Piece - *Hazard-the-Porgoyle
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ThomasTheHedgehog888's avatar
Can't wait for Labyrinth!
SonicEXE6666's avatar
This is amazing!
DestructionTheNEO's avatar
I like this depiction of the Spring Yard Boss though it has a continuity error in the form of Sonic. Who for some reason in all of the classic pieces you've done has his modern design (Pocket Adventure being the one i'll let slide since that classic game has the Modern design) when it's supposed to his more chubbier classic design.
AtomicHotdog's avatar
Eggman's all like: "Hold still...-Look, we all know what's going to happen. You hit my beautiful machine, I explode, Yatta Yatta Yatta. Can we just move on?"

 Also, is it me or did Eggman (I call him Eggman. End of Discussion.)<--- Weird Warning) look a little bit... bigger?
StefanTheHedgehog's avatar
A really incredible picture of Sonic avoiding Eggman attacking him with a spike on his Egg-bot with the classic Spring Yard Zone in the background! I so love the poses and expressions! Very magnificent!
This all looks very 3D! Fantastic work! :la:
Stealth47's avatar
Hey man :) haven't seen your arts in a while :)
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Indeed I've fallen out of creating boss pieces as of late. I'm still working, still creating, and I feel pretty good about my current project. It's a long term one, so it will be a while longer before details trickle out. Looking forward to that day.
Stealth47's avatar
Sure you continue youre job while i do mine I've got too much work to do. 
BUGHS-22's avatar
Ooooh lovely ^^
CSGComics's avatar
Yep. That battle sucked.^^
FlameZero297's avatar
Sonic think fast!
Raito-Sarudoi's avatar
Thats a true masterpiece, You really can be proud
shadowbane2009's avatar
:iconeggmanplz::iconsaysplz: Hold Still rodent.
Moon-Phantom's avatar
Awesome redo again, man.  Love how you made Robo look bigger in comparison to Sonic this time too.  Makes him looks more like a crashing threat to him.  B-)
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Indeed. Before I put too much emphasis on the perspective, but not even in an accurate way. Close things were unnecessarily huge, other things, not so much, and it didn't matter how they scaled to each other. Truly, in those days of old, I was undeniably the twit.

Glad you like the improvements.
Thank you for this comment.
Numbuh1234's avatar
Beforehand, I forgot to say beforehand. Sorry for double-posting.
Numbuh1234's avatar
Surely, if this was Robotnik's plan in the first place, he could've removed the bridge entirely.
lilligant52's avatar
ah this boss, so simple but quite tricky
sonictopfan's avatar
Ever since I was a kid I always thought that this was Eggman's laziest design for a boss fight!
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Indeed the Doc left much to be desired in those old days. I read something that helped change my opinion on these Sonic 1 bosses though. Someone posited that Eggman really wasn't prepared for opposition in the beginning. He thought he'd just stroll in, make badniks, make them search the island for the Chaos Emeralds, and that would be it. Sonic through a monkey wrench in that plan, but the doctor didn't have any greater plans than "stick whatever attachment I can find to the bottom of my Egg Mobile, and pray I can kill Sonic with it." By the time of Sonic 2, he was prepared for Sonic better, and that's why his bosses seemed more complete.

That's what I like to think anyway.
sonictopfan's avatar
This is indeed an interesting theory but we both know it's bullcrap, besides Sonic 2 still had some lazy designs, MPZ boss screams lazy to me, but there's nothing more lazy than sticking a drill on the vehicle's ass in my opinion XD
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