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Impassable Foe of the Relit Carnival

No one has permission to re-post this. Period.

Carnival Night Zone
Vs. The Barrel of Doom

Sonic and Tails continue their quest through the energy filled maze that is Carnival Night, but after coming so far, they meet their greatest foe. The barrel will not be swayed with any amount of jumping or teamwork. The two heroes carefully exhaust every option they can think of, but nothing will remove the barrel from their path. They find there is no haven to be had above them or back from whence they came. Sealed in with their adamant foe, they begin to realize the desperateness of their situation. Pleas are called out, tears are shed, and yet the two heroes can do naught against the might of the Barrel of Doo-



Production Notes:
- Ah yes, the good old April Fools piece. I've been wanting to draw this one for three years now, but previously the first of April would just creep up and disappear before I had time to react. Well, no more!
- Alright, my experience with the barrel: First faced it in 2002's Sonic Mega Collection version of Sonic 3, when I was about 12 or 13. Ran into it once, got confused, got a Time Over (certainly not helped by the water sections earlier making me move as slow as a tortoise) then on the second encounter with it did I realize that it was an obstacle I was going to run into no matter what. Fiddled with it some, maybe Time Overed one more time, then I stumbled upon the answer with some luck. So, all in all, maybe a half hour long time waster. Not too traumatic. But try telling that to those two wrecks in that image up there.
- A special shout out must be made to my sister *GuardianMobius at this point. After flailing around with drawing Sonic myself (and finding myself in a bit of trouble because I've become rusty without practice) she offered to pose Sonic's Generations 3D model into a position suitable for this piece. Using that as reference is what allowed me to draw that Sonic up there. Thanks Jen.

Otherwise, nothing too special to report.

Until the next one folks.

Concept - Sonic Team
Piece - *Hazard-the-Porgoyle
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It wasn't until I replayed this game a few years after the fact, that the barrel "trap" functioned like an "elevator" when pressing UP and DOWN repeatedly on the controller to shake the barrel.

Maybe it was a "time trap" set up by that trio of electricians Dr. Eggman hired to build Carnival Night, the Marxio Brothers (from the Sonic comic books).

NurseBoobies's avatar
That was in a Sonic shorts! :D
dinomax214's avatar
I relate to this WAY to fucking much.
ShanahaT's avatar
just press up and down on the D-pad. 
ShanahaT's avatar
It's press up and down.
not Jump up and down.
BECDoesDA's avatar
Sonic: All I had to do... was press up and down? UP AND DOWN?! WHAT THE FU-
NurseBoobies's avatar

I saw that short! :rofl:

BECDoesDA's avatar
Renulen's avatar
Inremember this segment all too well. OncecI got a copy of Donic Jam, I found out that putting the game on easy removed that pesky barrel.
Blood-Soaked's avatar
Took me forever to find out all you have to do is move the stick up and down while jumping on that particular barrel.....
ShanahaT's avatar
actually, you don't even need to jump. just press up and down. 
BlueFireGamer's avatar
I have a Sega Genesis and GOD I HATE THIS LEVEL XD 
kubase123's avatar
I had the same thing as sonic..
MegaCharizardValor's avatar
And thus, that was the last anyone saw my Genesis controller...

Because I threw it out the window.
Brosforever28's avatar
That's why I always play as knuckles 
xMilesPrower's avatar
Big arm isn't that hard! I completed the boss with 1 lives and 0 ring! (First time)
xMilesPrower's avatar
Omfg! F*ckin after 8 years I finally did it! D:<
quickman100's avatar
Just move up and down! 
BECDoesDA's avatar
All I had to do was press up and down?


kaylathehedgehog's avatar
Good heavens, I hated this level when I was younger.  That barrel would always get me, and I hated it when I got to that part.

Many a life were lost to the dreaded Time Over.
TheSuperGamingArtist's avatar
So, true.

My first experience with the barrel was back in the 90's. I think I was 10 years old? I don't remember it has been so long. ^^;
The barrel part confused me as well. I tried looking in the manual, but didn't find anything. Of course, I would run into the dreaded Time Over. It took awhile for me to figure out. Thankfully, I was able to figure it out within the same day I was playing that stage.

I really like the poses and the perspective look of the artwork.  For a moment, I thought it was made in 3D. :XD:
Awesome job with the shading and coloring!
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