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Off the heels of Demicos's [link] story...

Demicos, having regained its consciousness, realized that it needed the lost component that manifested itself as a gargoyle-like creature so many years ago. This beast stayed hidden by residing in the mountains outside of what became an industrious city, but Demicos, having regained its sense of purpose, hunted the gargoyle down, and attempted to reabsorb it. A swift being, the gargoyle fled, eventually winding up in the thick of the city. A porcupine, blinded by the rising sun of dawn, was enraptured by the swift objects floating and fighting overhead. The gargoyle could not run from Demicos any longer, and was on the verge of being absorbed. Having once been a part of Demicos, it knew its fleeting consciousness would be crushed completely if it was to be absorbed. Noticing the porcupine bystander, the gargoyle reached into Demicos's orb, plucked out a portion of its ability to absorb other beings, and dashed toward the porcupine. Before being able to discern what he was seeing, the gargoyle tackled and disappeared into the porcupine. Demicos, damaged by the blow it had taken, fled. The porcupine headed home, still unaware of what exactly had happened. Before long, the gargoyle's carrier lost consciousness, and only awoke after several hours. Noticing something was wrong, the guy examined himself and found a freakish mutation had occurred. Claws, odd spines everywhere, and three odd symbols on his forehead and hands made up just a few of the porgoyle's changes. Nicknaming himself after the odd symbols, Hazard wanted to know just what these freakish features meant. After enough trials, Hazard learned that the hand symbols could be fed energy that was generated and stored in the forehead symbol, which, unbeknownst to him, was re-purposed energy from none other than Demicos. He honed this energy transfer until he could make energy eject from the hand symbols, which he could then fling at targets. Hazard was quite intrigued by these developments, but Demicos is currently still seeking to reclaim what should have remained his...

...That's not to say that the gargoyle is happy with its current situation either...

Hazard concept and piece - *Hazard-the-Porgoyle
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Awsome character's you have very nice indeed ^_^