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Hazard's Human Character Pack 1

Last updated Nov. 26th, 2014

Alright, so a while back I wanted to convert some of my Sonic fan characters into stand-alone human characters, just to create some distance if I ever needed to present some of my concepts in a professional setting. I got as far as drawing and posting Melissa and Triana (old pictures since deleted) before realizing I needed more practice before I made a fool of myself. Some number of redraws later, and I got the drawings you see above.
Here are their Sonic selves for reference:
Tria the Brown Burmese Cat by Hazard-the-PorgoyleMelissa the Wolf by Hazard-the-PorgoyleTish the Red Panda by Hazard-the-PorgoyleTerisa the Fox by Hazard-the-Porgoyle

I'll drop just a bit of information about each one here so you're not left in the dark. Their back-stories are in the middle of revamps, (and their Sonic-y selves' descriptions are close enough for the time being) so for now I'll just be covering personalities and powers.

Triana Ariel Kerner, Age 21

She's mischievous and can generally manipulate other people well, but she sometimes doesn't bother to gather the full story before running into perilous situations. She tends to think that as long as she can think on her feet, plans aren't necessary. Most would probably call her foolhardy, but she thinks of it as living on the edge.

The suit primarily creates small-scale force fields, which can either be used for protection, or can be used to give her punches a little extra oomph. Tends to overheat with continued use.

Melissa Maria Martinez, Age 19

A bit too eager to put her new powers to use for super-heroics, Melissa sometimes loses sight of just how dangerous fights with various people and monsters can be. She enjoys formulating strategies for battle - she likes being able to think one step ahead of her opposition. The trauma she endured can still be a sore point of contention with her, and in the face of aggravating circumstances, she can show she has a temper.

As shown, her arms can transform into cannons, and the concussion based beams they send out can floor most foes. The beams may not burn, or transfer any energy besides kinetic energy, but that's all Melissa needs. By pointing the cannons downward, she can make herself hover, although the balance issues such a move introduces makes it impractical for most scenarios. The organic tissues within the arms have augmented her own arms, giving her a tad more strength than most.

Tish, Age 17
(Tish is a nickname, I'm still trying to come up with a foreign name that says "Hey, this guy actually bothered to do some research as opposed to picking something nonsensical just because it sounded foreign.")

Tends to be socially withdrawn - tends to view everyone she meets as "work associates" or "acquaintances" at best. Speaks only enough to get her assignment, and execute it. Very direct with people, and tends not to make friends because of it. Nonetheless, her sense of loyalty is high, and she fights with admirable determination.

Tish only had her martial arts knowledge to rely on originally, but after an encounter with Demicos (no human representation yet, Sonic version here: hazard-the-porgoyle.deviantart…, she was left with the ability to project a ghostly energy from her hands and feet, which she'll commonly use to make an unreal jump, stick to a wall, then leap off of it again. She can be quite the difficult one to spot or catch. She also has spring-loaded blades within devices under her arm warmers. Nasty things to have sprung on you indeed.

Terisa Jody Lenam, Age 15

Terisa is snarky and has a sharp tongue. She is quick to point out the flaws around her, even if she herself does not have a more adequate solution. Most would call her perpetually grumpy. Alas, she has a soft spot for the less fortunate, and can be very charitable when she sees fit.

Her orb projects tendrils at her will, and can grab objects or pass through people and make their muscles stiff. The orb does not like to be away from Terisa for very long (and seeing as she is just a normal 15 year old without it, she doesn't like it to be away from her either), and it will navigate to her if separated. If separated by a wall, no problem - the orb will convert itself into its own tendrils, and slip each molecule through whatever obstruction is in its way until it can reform itself on the other side. With this same principle, the orb also likes to stow away in Terisa's body until she needs it.

Production Notes:
- No shading on this one. That's quite a rarity for me. Flash cel-shading is not very compatible with the gradiented lines used throughout these characters, and while Burn and Dodge isn't out of the question for the future, I just wanted to get something up.
- Speaking of that last point, I must look like quite a fool. On the last piece I posted, I boasted about having so much free time for pieces, yet it's taken about 1.7 months to post anything. Swell. Well, rest assured that my next piece has a very particular deadline, and I can't post it any later than about a week and a smidge from now. Update: and it is... hazard-the-porgoyle.deviantart…
- Humans are still a new area for me, so drop any comments about things I need to improve here, and I'll be very grateful.

After a few Sonic pieces, I really gotta get some dudes into this roster.

Character concepts and drawings belong to Hazard-the-Porgoyle
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Welcome back, Hazard!

Good work with these human renditions of your characters.
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Thank you for this comment. I am glad you like the work produced here.
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When I saw this in my inbox I though, "No way, it couldn't be him." But then I clicked it. Nice to see you posting again Hazard!
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Indeed it has been too long. Part of what's kept me not posting is that I've been doing all these human drawings on the side (sometimes scrapping one mid progress and starting over) and another part is that I have a few boss pieces that are just inching towards completion, but none of them are quite getting there yet. It is my hope that they will soon.
AydinPrower7's avatar
Yours and pretty much everyone else who's got you on watch.