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Fated Reunion Amidst Fire and Water

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Angel Island Zone
Vs. Dr. Eggman's Flame Mobile

The shock of having the Chaos Emeralds whisked away so abruptly still lingers as Sonic and Tails make their way across the now fire-engulfed forests of Angel Island, but thoughts of that matter subside as the nefarious Doctor makes his grand reappearance after having had his Death Egg felled by Sonic. Eggman opens his assault on Angel Island much stronger than he once did on Westside Island, and before long Sonic and Tails face a true battle amidst some of the island's majestic waterfalls. Even as Eggman faces Sonic and Tails, the Doctor feels reassured that the interlopers' progress will be slowed down, as he knows his new red accomplice is watching in the distance...

Production Notes:
- The boss was certainly an intriguing draw. It was challenging yet fun to figure out how to replicate the boss's unorthodox shading while still keeping the overall appearance in better quality than the palette-limited sprites.

Not much else - pretty standard work here.

I certainly hope to keep the pace up.

Concept - Sonic Team
Piece - *Hazard-the-Porgoyle
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DCLeadbootHobbyist Digital Artist
Whoa... things look pretty desperate there... :O
Great job on the scenery and colouring, too!
SonicJasper20th's avatar

With the fire shield it's super easy with Sonic, and it's a great.

Nice job with your art.. It's impressing on me. :3

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Sonicblur2-0Student General Artist
I lve this! Makes me nostalgic from the first time I played this :D
The-Invalid-Username's avatar
The-Invalid-UsernameHobbyist General Artist
I like this. It reminds me of both classic and modern Sonic, and it works.
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DestinyDecadeHobbyist General Artist
I remember this boss fight. Eggman in the Flame Mobile taking on Sonic and Tails amidst a waterfall as their witness. You really did good here my friend. Favorite thing about the fight is that he can be hard or easy depending on where Eggman is located. The only thing is to watch out for his flames because he can dish out a freaking lot. Not only that but when he disappears into the waterfall, you need to be sure when he'll strike next. Why? Because he'll take you out when you least expect it. The guys who made this boss fight were clever in giving Eggman this added option. Take it from me. Most times I want to deliver the hit but when he disappears, I'm screwed because I fall to my death. Nice job capturing this scene. You really do an amazing job capturing key scenes from the Sonic games and bring them to life in art form. Excellent work.
Handepsilon's avatar
HandepsilonProfessional Filmographer
Very easy if you use flame shield, without the jump dash ability that comes with it. That fireball won't be damaging him at all if that's the case.

At least... that's how I do it. Finished in less than a minute
GaussianCat's avatar
GaussianCatHobbyist General Artist
Nicely done.

I remember this game, such a gem I still play sometimes =D
MonsterHunter14's avatar
Sonic 3 & Knuckles ♥
keybladeaprentice's avatar
I do love your art design it always brings a smile on my face (which btw is very hard to do)
superxel90's avatar
its very easy this boss in sonic 3
you are excelent drawer
ShwayzD's avatar
haha legit!
Devilomsorgar's avatar
Oh fuck yea bro. Fuckin' love Sonic 3. Best Sonic game ever. Period.
MonsterHunter14's avatar
I'm assuming you meant Sonic 3 & Knuckles?
MonsterHunter14's avatar
I don't understand how you think Sonic 3 is better than Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
Devilomsorgar's avatar
Because, when I was a lad, my parents never let me get it. Eventually, Genesis games became impossible to find.
I'd rent it, but I never enjoyed playing as Knuckles, and I didn't like playing the Sonic & Knuckles game itself (I got to the final level and Game Over'd, and that made me mad, so I never cared to finish the game).

It's all having to do with nostalgia, my friend. It's like Zelda OoT... I grew up with that, so no Zelda games can impress me as much as OoT did... Same with FFVII... Another one I grew up with... Hard to beat...

I didn't grow up with Sonic 3 & Knuckles... but rather had bad experiences with it...
I'd still buy it (I'd buy it right now if I didn't just buy video games recently), but it's not on my must-buy-list.

Now do you understand? :iconkubotrollfaceplz:
MonsterHunter14's avatar
Yes, although I do think you should give it another try.
Devilomsorgar's avatar
Meh, if I buy it .-.
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garrakunHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this...
MisterRgbPixels's avatar
MisterRgbPixelsHobbyist General Artist
I love the clever usage of warm and cold colors in this piece. This creates a very nice feeling of contrast. I love the subtlety of the background and the shading is amazing as usual. If I had any gripes with it, it would be that you need to work on drawing Tails. Don't get me wrong, he doesn't look bad, he could just look a bit better (I hope that didn't offend you ^^). But, overall-an amazing piece.
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Hazard-the-PorgoyleHobbyist Digital Artist
Indeed the combos of reds and blues were interesting to work with - glad you like how that turned out. As far as Tails is concerned, ya got me. I absolutely had to finish this piece yesterday, (gotta work on schoolwork for the rest of the week) so I found a previous Tails render I did, [link] and modded it in Flash, then re-shaded it in Photoshop. It was a tactic I had preferred not to employ, but the time was not available for a new render.
In the near future though, I will certainly not be able to get away with that, and I'll have to learn all of the subtleties of his newest design.
Thanks for the comment and critique.
MisterRgbPixels's avatar
MisterRgbPixelsHobbyist General Artist
No problem, dude. Your work is stunning :)
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ConnallRobotnik8Student General Artist
If I tilt the laptop back, I can just see a green/orange background behind the waterfall. ;)
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Hazard-the-PorgoyleHobbyist Digital Artist
Indeed Angel Island's burning forest background was put back there. Interesting technique for catching that; I'll have to try it on my sister's laptop in the morning.
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