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Facing the Facilitator of the Death Egg's Escape

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Sky Sanctuary Zone
Vs. Mecha Sonic

Sonic has been making progress through Angel Island's airborne sanctuary, but he keeps getting his progress halted by this strange new doppelganger. Sonic might not recognize it as the rebuilt form of the Death Egg's original guardian, but Mecha Sonic does not so easily forget. As the Death Egg comes so close to slipping away from Sonic's reach, Mecha Sonic makes his last stand at the ruins' apex. Sonic prepares for battle, confident that the Super form he just tore through so much of the area with will give him an easy win, but it is at that moment that his rings dwindle to zero, and he finds himself faced with a far greater fight than he could have imagined...

Production Notes:
- I wasn't a hundred percent certain of what composition I was going to give this piece, but then I looked back on my last Mecha Sonic piece: [link] and thought, "Hey, why don't I make a companion piece to that one?" So that's what we've got here; instead of Mecha Sonic's super form fading, it's our poor hero's. I still consider the past piece the stronger of the two, no question there, but it was about time I covered this battle in some form.
- Shading Mecha was a pain in the rear - I forgot that the only way I was able to pull that off last time was to use the brush tool to paint the sprite's palette onto my base color; a far cry from my normal Burn and Dodge shading.
- Mecha's pulling that pose where he just dashed across the screen in ball form, uncurled facing away from Sonic, and is now turning towards Sonic while falling. I knew that that was going to be asked about if I didn't mention here; hope this clears up why he looks like that.
- After doing that really complex BG for the last Mecha Sonic piece, having to implement the plain blue sky here felt like torture. I just wanted to put in so much more, but no dice.

Concept - Sonic Team
Piece - *Hazard-the-Porgoyle
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The pain of having the Super Form wear off

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such memories! e.e
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Whereas versions 1 (Master model) and 2 (Genesis model) failed, Mecha Sonic v3 will prevail... one way or another...
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another awesome masterpiece! nice work on mecha sonic, this character lacks of real reference, i guess that s why he s so hard to draw, so congrats! ^^
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Indeed true. With only sprites of Mecha Sonic existing, it got difficult to determine just what the artist's original intent was sometimes. In addition, I really didn't know what else to do for the shading aside from "make it look like the sprite as much as possible." That was certainly an odd experience. Glad you like the result. Thanks for the comment.
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Yeah, it s a bit like the silver sonic from sonic 2 GG/SMS that only have a sprite and a sketch in the instruction manual as refs ^^ But sometimes it is cool to try to think the way the artist originally created it ^^
You did it great ;)
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Nicely done, as usual.
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Sonic: Oh No !!!! No More Rings.
Mecha Sonic MkII: Weak Target locked. 01000100011000001111100, Action initiated

long time no see hazard.
it's a nice touch to see Sonic losing his super form, there aren't many rings in SSZ, so i agree with this
the way you draw the clouds here is perfect it's totally faithful to the original game ;)
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Indeed it's been a while. Thank you for noting how the clouds turned out - it was quite a process to get them to look like that; lots of Smudge Tool and texture overlay stuff. On top of that, I scaled a sprite of the cloud to the size seen in the image, then modified the opacity of my drawing until it matched. I'm glad you like the result. Thank you for this comment.
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interesting to know, if I ever had to draw Sky Sanctuary's clouds, it will be useful to me, thank you ^.^
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Shading robots are always a challenge in my book :XD:

Very nice yet again! B-)
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nice pict^^ like allways
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Another wonderful piece, Hazard. Great work as usual!
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Oh, boy... if only Tails was there to tank the hits...

Oh, well. An awesome pic as always, dude. :thumbsup: :+fav:
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Great job! This came out really well :)
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Glad you like it. Thanks for the comment.
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I really like it! Many of the rest are also very good!
I love your drawings!
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Ah, Mecha Sonic... Truly one of the most well-designed characters in the franchise.

Well done!
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Glad you like the result. Thank you for the comment.
ShuyinTheEnigmatic's avatar
You are very welcome, sir.
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