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Facing the Earthbound Bombs of the Skyward Angel

No one has permission to repost this. Period.

Gigantic Angel Zone
Vs. Boss

High in the sky, Sonic finally breaks into Eggman's latest aerial (and soon to be celestial) fortress. Midway through his journey through the labyrinthine ship, Sonic meets Eggman, who has taken the brief respite from Mecha Sonic's earlier distraction to try out his newest outfit. Some gloating and floor breaking later, Sonic again finds himself navigating the colossal airship's interior. Alas, it does not take long for Sonic to reach the Doctor's position, and although the rotund fiend is caught off guard, he is not unprepared. With massive bombs dropping everywhere, will Sonic ever find the opening he needs to end this chaotic fight?

Production Notes:
- A redraw of a past piece here. I'm following my standard protocol for complete redraws and I've deleted the old version, but I also recently made this: hazard-the-porgoyle.deviantart… so that you may compare the old and new versions of several of my pieces, including this one.
- Oh, and this zone's existence is the reason why I keep switching between Eggman's designs in my pieces. For the first five zones of this game, Eggman appears to be wearing his classic outfit, but starting in this zone, we see his modern one. I like to think this is when the switch was made. For other justifications/clarification, see this comment:…
- The title sounds like a walking Nintendo advertisement in retrospect, doesn't it?
- Had a lot of fun with the lighting on this one; I always gotta try to find some way to spice these otherwise simple 8-bit-ish pieces up.
- Expect more redraws in the near future.

Until then, folks.

Concept - Sonic Team/SNK
Piece - *Hazard-the-Porgoyle
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CiTVNostalgia1998's avatar

Does Eggman ever run out of ideas?

SpongeBobFan2462's avatar
How does Sonic stand on F*CKING EXPLOSIONS?
ShadowMarco's avatar
if you take Sonic out of context, he is like: "Oh god, not again" 
jackbh's avatar
Uhh Eggman, Are You Forgeting The Goggles Of Yours?
anonymousawhorse's avatar
I remember this game! For the NeoGeo Pocket Color! :D
Llewe19's avatar
like the mini Nuclear explosion XD
theawesomececilia's avatar
have u only one video pic?
Mengzyfilms's avatar
P-Pocket adventure!?

i thought this game was long forgotten... ><"
Moon-Phantom's avatar
An amazing revamp!  Love the new explosion detail, and the high angle view of the machine.  B-)
TrueKaoz's avatar
Very nice, the debris from the bomb as well as the 'heat wave' effect is a real nice touch.
King-Hauken's avatar
That's really cool. Nice fire effect as well as adding more depth by showing the debris flying in different directions. That one area also allows for some nice minor effects such as distortions in the drawing caused by the heat.

One thing I will point out is that although Sonic is obviously shielding his eyes from the explosion in front of him, he doesn't look too surprised for something I imagine happened quite suddenly. I'm not too certain what needs fixing; but his expression seems like what one might have if they were looking at an already burning building rather than a building that exploded in close proximity to their face. I don't feel a sense of urgency, I guess. But, having said that I looooooooooove the coloring of his head especially. And although I said that the expression doesn't look completely appropriate, I will say that the expression is drawn very well. For his head itself, I can just follow the shape without any issue, especially around his ears. Things are really starting to stick out. Another example being is Sonic's left (our right) foot and the way it's angled and the shading across it. Absolutely perfect.
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Thank you greatly for this in depth look and comment.
I was certainly glad to further my experiments with heat-based air rippling, and although it's not my first attempt at it, it's certainly the clearest, due to the simple background. It shows up a little here too, hazard-the-porgoyle.deviantart… but looking back, I don't think I put the effects in their logical locations.

I knew I was taking a chance with Sonic here. There were two things going through my mind as I was finishing my drawing of him: 1. If the battle's been going on for a while, he may very well be bored by this point, seeing as Eggman dispenses these bombs like parents dispense candy on Halloween, and 2. It's possible he hasn't started to fully react yet. I'm reminded of those slow motion videos where someone gets an ice cube put to their ear or something, and their faces don't seem to register the event for what seems like an eternity. Reaction time, signals going through nerves, and all that good stuff. Not the best justifications (I would also liked to have seen more of a bracing pose, and I think the positioning of the near arm has something to do with the lack of that effect) but all in all I can live with it.
That all said, I'm most certainly glad you like the form and shading; there were certainly a few new experiments in the shading department on this one.

Thanks again for this comment.
Max-Echidna-Bat's avatar
at this rate there will be no boss for you:P
ps: i made a stech of the Slw boss^^
sonictopfan's avatar
Sonic Pocket Adventure, yay!

Wait, wasn't Dr. Eggman wearing his Sonic Adventure outfit (the one swith the goggles) during this boss fight? This game was weird in which it showed the transition for Eggman's design!
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
It seemed Eggman hadn't quite gotten his entire look assembled yet in this game. For the last three zones, he wore his modern outfit, yes, but there were no goggles to be found. So I guess it was like:
Classic outfit -> Modern outfit without goggles -> Modern outfit as we know it today
Maybe he was still getting the lenses installed. :P
sonictopfan's avatar
This game always felt weird to me in that regard, it's either laziness as they drew the sprites trying to copy the design of the classics then during development decided to make it look more like Sonic Adventure but were too lazy to go back and remake the old sprites, or maybe they really wanted to show transitio, Sonic had his quills short but his pupils green, and in some few sprites (winning/losing special stages) his quills are long, what's even weirder is that Tails is fully playable in debug mode yet he's not in the final, it's like debug in Taxman's 2013 Sonic 1 with Super Sonic!
funkyjeremi's avatar
Awesome blur/heat effect! ^^
Hazard-the-Porgoyle's avatar
Thanks for noting that; it was certainly something I was trying to give special attention to this time around.
funkyjeremi's avatar
sonictopfan's avatar
Sonic Pocket Adventure, yay!
sonicinterface's avatar
Gigantic Angel... Gigantic Angel... @*&#$!  I can't remember what game that's from.
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