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Demicos the Dread



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(Pronounced Duh-me-kose)

Several thousand years ago, there once existed a creature that manifested itself as a compact dark ball. This being, known as Demicos the Dread, not content with its current form, preyed on the unusual creatures that existed in the world's ancient past. As it consumed one hapless creature after another, it eventually started to construct a body made from the decayed forms it devoured. This continued for many years, until a wise individual known as Temarek the Tenrec observed what was happening, and realized that if Demicos completed this body it sought, it could lock off its real form from slowly leaking energy to the outside world, and it could start hoarding energy until it collapsed into a planet-ending black hole. As Demicos neared completion of its body, Temarek stepped forth with a container-like artifact, and planned to contain Demicos's true form in it, so that it could never take anything from the world. Before Demicos could be sealed however, it shattered the artifact, and the hero, in an act of desperation, plunged a shard of it into Demicos's true form. The rebound this caused split Demicos's body into three parts; one small part contained most of Demicos's consciousness, one was a mostly complete version of the body Demicos was trying to reside in, which the dark orb form took refuge in, and the third manifested itself into a beast that would one day be described as a gargoyle, by virtue of its grotesque appearance. This last part also contained the information, the coding, that the body needed to lock off the black hole, so it was a valuable part indeed. The hero, nowhere to be found, only delayed Demicos's goal. Alas, without a majority of its consciousness, the mostly complete part with the mostly complete dark orb lost interest in its original goal for some time, and it was only when two of the parts collided that the story was reinvigorated...

Into Hazard's story it goes... [link]

Demicos concept and piece - *Hazard-the-Porgoyle
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