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By Hazadess

With its magnification area (for precision), this light-weight application will inform you of the exact color of the exact pixel that you'd like to know.
Just select the pixel, store the color, and then you are easily able to copy it.  Great for precise color matching!

ColorPic 3 features:

    :bulletgreen: Easily pick any color from the screen.
    :bulletgreen: No popup adverts or spyware, it really is free.
    :bulletgreen: Colors shown in hex and decimal.
    :bulletgreen: Easy to use with any other program.
    :bulletgreen: Resizable magnification area.
    :bulletgreen: Overlay a grid for quick pick alignment.
    :bulletgreen: Use arrow keys to nudge mouse pointer.
    :bulletgreen: Save multiple palettes of colors automatically.
    :bulletgreen: WebSafe Colors are displayed.
    :bulletgreen: Snap to nearest WebSafe color.
    :bulletgreen: Web color names displayed.
    :bulletgreen: Edit color values after selection.

ColorPic runs on all Windows systems: 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP.  There is no setup, just unzip and use!

© 2004 - 2021 Hazadess
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delivi's avatar
this is a great utitlity that I was searching for, saves a lot of time
moloko's avatar
I have been unable to SAVE pallettes with this. Frustrating.
halfliquid's avatar
Quite a lot like Pixie from Well, sorta.


Nice app!

I :chew: it.
ChibiFrank's avatar
wow, sounds like a great program to use! *goes to check it out*
M-Crackaz's avatar
i liek the sound of this software!
M-Crackaz's avatar
sounds pretty cool!
Ichigo-MewMew's avatar
ColorPic 3? Never heard of it....
the-disposessed's avatar
"Have you ever wanted to pick an exact hue from an image, to know what the exact color information of a certain pixel is?"


lrz's avatar
Thanks, gonna use this instead of colorpad.
All these incresing lame people who won't shut up saying 'I use photoshop, I R l33t. ph34r. Hush up.

The world doesn't revolve around photoshop. I use this for nabbing colours for themeing etc.
moloko's avatar
nice little program. I like this better than color pad. it keeps a nice palette of colors on the screen. thanks.
ryan-gfx's avatar
Sounds pretty useless. Why the hell would you need an entire program for one simple little task that I can easily do in PSP. All I have to do is press Prt Scrn, open in PSP, (PSP opens super-fast, unlike shitty Adobe) paste it in, extract the color, and close it out all in under 10 seconds.

I could see why an adobe user would download this, what with Photoshop taking fucking FOREVER to load. Like the first couple of people said though, definately overkill..

we may as well have a full-featured program that is used for the soul task of magnifying images.


shocks's avatar
sounds pretty handy
mick-mick's avatar
I use Pixie and it has done me good for a long time.

I must say that this program you spotlighted has enough features I might one day want to be worth a download.
Thank you for the tip. :thanks:
The-Definition's avatar
actually this could be usefull, for those times when you dont want to have photoshop up and youre working in.. say dreamweaver for example, it doesnt have a color picker like that :)
napster4every1's avatar
Will this program also work in CMYK colorspace?
nemoorange's avatar
I've been using ColorPic for 6 months now & I've really enjoyed it. I just tried out Pixie, & it didn't have the cool zoom-in window that ColorPic. Plus ColorPic can save colors & whatnot. Truly a good little app.
Offering's avatar
Nice, but i think i'll stay with ColorCop, which is a freebie as well..
Digital-tuner's avatar
Good for the lazy peeps o0
daylight-dancer's avatar
Nice program, for people who don't know how to use the eye dropper in PS. :nod:
kittiquin's avatar
... it's mainly for people in pixel art.

people who can't afford PS -.-
or just couldn't be bothered with photoshop (it's not very useful for pixel art).
daylight-dancer's avatar
Yeah, totally isn't very good..PS that is..with PA. (:
avegen's avatar
It's the same thing either way... using Photoshop or whatever to find the coding... you'd still have to open an entire application just to find it out, then close the application again. I'd rather just keep the stuff I use, because it's just as fast.
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