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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Rainmeter Skin

This is my first rainmeter skin from my favorite PSP game Monster Hunter Portable 3rd! :D (I know the game is pretty old already but hey)

- a rich-featured header bar such as health bar in battery icon and analogue clock as the quest timer
- a window for your computer details, inspired by the quest details menu
-12 fully customizable shortcuts menu that mimics the game's ingame menu. you can switch pages with the arrow icon.
- music player viewer as the item selections. click on the L button for more menus and click the album art again to close it down.
- more coming soon!

let me know if there are any problems and I'll try to keep it updated. ;)

All monster hunter properties are belong to Capcom.
© 2013 - 2021 HayzenR
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The links in the ProgramMenu don't work. It doesn't even become green like it's supposed to.
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can you help me? how to use menu launcher? it's not working on my pc
how to edit the variables.txt?
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Did you played on PPSSPP emulator? Cuz I'm playing too. :D
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Do you think there's a way i could connect the music player with Spotify? 
VulpixeIs's avatar
nvm i got it, just no picture is available :'c
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link????????????? T.T
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There is a problem in the font. the computer details one well its the texts are cut in half how do i fix this?
Having the same problem as xiongjayxi any way to fix this ? this is absolutely amazing.
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pretty cool, just what i needed since recently got Monster Hunter for Nintendo 3ds
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I can't seem to use the button function on the Menu to access my shortcuts. Am I the only one? I tried changing the Skin path on th edit menu, I can't seem to get it to work. My other skins work just fine, so I don't know what's up with this one. I like it a lot, any comments?
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hi, i'm new to rainmeter and i can't seem to get the program launcher working. can anyone help? :)
how do you download zips on this website?
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freckin awesome
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I'd love to see you be able to choose your weapon. I'm no SnS user, I fight with the Gunlance! :P
never mind bout my last question, but i can't figure our what the hot and cold drinks mean, so can you tell me?
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Hi, the cold drink buff will show if you plugged in your laptop charger (giving the impression of healing the health bar which is the battery level) :D
I don't know how it does in PC though.
what does the sharpness icon mean?
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Nice work, i love the skin!
Got one Question though: I can´t get the music player working, according to the .txt file i have to change the player to "Player= Itunes", but it doesn´t help
Putting the path to the iTunes.exe doesn´t do anything either.
Did i forget anything?
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Im trouble with this as well. :(
it said invalid settings file when i wanted to installed it :(
everytime i play a song the name name album art doesn't show
i meant title and album art
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