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sleep about me

By hayriyepinar
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furniture design + interior design + 3d visualization created by www.hepedesign.com

:music: lara fabian ='je t'aime' & 'sweet dreams'=marilyn manson

all c&c are most welcome.

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Beautiful - I love this. :onfire:
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This is really awesome!

The biggest thing to stick out to me is the pillows look...sharp?
And the bottom edge of the pillow is stick-straight; usually there are more bumps in the pillow.

Unless it's one of those funky foam pillows. In which case then it's not too bad, but they still look kind of sharp for pillows :D

Also not sure why but the bed looks short. o.o
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those heels! olala :clap:
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The Rebirth of the sex bed!!
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That is so amazing! love the detail and the color :D
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Absolutely beautiful. I love the natural tone and colors. Looks like the bedroom of Gaia.
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ooh! I love it! I need you in like ten years!
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I wish I could sleep there right now! ;; :rose: :heart: Absolutely beautiful, very tranquil and peaceful-looking.
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Awesome.... :)
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i love this, just a brilliant approach to interior design
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I want that room. ^-^ Very creative.
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First off... HA! Mirror on the ceiling. Second off, this is excellent work.
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I love everything but the floor/rug combo. It's taken me about five looks to realize that's a rug rather than badly damaged linoleum. ;) Even the shoes looked like part of the debris at first.

I'd suggest either a slightly warmer rug color, or one with a visible border.
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This is so beautiful! :heart:
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Most excellent design/texture/lighting.
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There is something lively, but not overdone about a green and autumn-colored bedroom. It's very stylish, and I get a good idea of the sort of lady who sleeps here...or the man who does...the shoes might belong to a long-term guest of his... :XD:

That's a mirror above the bed, isn't it...? :iconteheplz:
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OMG! I thought, it'a a photography! :o
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Awesome, just awesome. I'm in love with the colours.
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aniiiiiiiii. Ikinciyide yakaladiniz.. Valla nediyiim helal olsun ;)
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great work!

some representatives of Slavic nations believe that it's forbidden to place mirror opposite to bed, it's not good when sleeper is reflected in the mirror.
anyway, it's a great design!
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What a beautiful bed! I love the colors.
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