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For $1 you're definitely getting something Cheap. It might not be the greatest. It might suck. It might take only a day or two. It might take a week. It might be amazing. Nobody knows! The good thing is, is that's it's Cheap. It'll probably be similar in quality to the examples or better if we're lucky. Payment through widget only.
DnD Character Drawings
No color and no paint. Give me character traits, clothing, gear, some ref, and time. Accepting payment through widget only.
To draw you a character, I'll need references, and info on whether you want a full body, bust, above knee crop, or really nice close up portrait (head shot). I'll digitally deliver it as a 350 dpi .png and it'll be posted to my gallery portfolio. Abstract background, color fill, or none, and if you really want two characters (max) then expect it to take me twice as long to draw. The more details you're asking for then the more time it'll take. I don't accept payment from the donation pool (please use my widget)

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love me


HAYMAKERS has started a donation pool!
32 / 1,200
Anything helps! (P.S. This isn't where you pay for commissions. Order and pay for commissions through the commissions widget please!)

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United States
PDX illustrator, runs on coffee, all about the grind.
(Originally posted in my Deviant Group… ). Right now I'm trying save up for a new HDD so I can use my windows programs again but the goal a long ways off.


Tablets under $30

DIGImend Drivers (for Linux Users and their non-Wacom graphics drawing tablets).…



Linux OS:…

Linux OS *with Wine:…
MediBang Paint Pro

In Browser Pixel Art and Editing:


At the moment of writing this, I primarily use AzPainter, GIMP, myPaint, and Krita on Ubuntu OS with an XP-Pen Star G430S graphics tablet (with a DIGImend driver).

I have been using GIMP since the 90's. I have a mac mini on which I still use firealpaca, medibang paint pro, and sketchbook.


Being an illustrator on Linux is a little tricky but more than possible. I did it and you can too! It sucks not having options or getting bricked when your computer gets too old to handle the latest windows updates.

If you're an artist with a slow dinosaur desktop or sluggish laptop (your dying computer) on hand then grab a USB flash drive, burn a Lubuntu .iso on it right away, and then install Linux!!!

A few terminal commands and downloads later you should have everything you need to draw!

Burn a linux distro onto a usb flash drive.
Install GIMP 2.10

*Lubuntu is very lightweight and runs very fast but if you think your hardware can handle something a little bit bigger, there are two up to date Linux distros for artists with all the programs you need preloaded:…

(Get LTS wherever or whenever available!)

Many windows programs can be installed to linux via Wine and there are great free alternatives to the rest.

Krita (for painting)
AzPainter (as an alternative to Paint Tool SAI)

At the time of writing this, AzPainter has an AppImage you can download and run right away!


I Installed the latest FireAlpaca with Wine and it worked. (UPDATE MediBang Paint Pro also successfully installs with Wine!)

Downloaded from
Pulled up terminal
sudo apt update
wine (insert path to firealpaca installer .exe, it was in my /home/username/Downloads/ folder for example)
then FireAlpaca64 shows up on my desktop!! And all I do is double click and it opens!!!

More Info…


KRITA (Making it run faster)

Whenever I install a program to try out I always take a look at all the settings and in Krita, it's super important because if your Internal Pool is 0 then it runs very slow!

Settings > Configure Krita > Performance...
Increase "Internal Pool" from 0 to 36MiB!!!

You can probably set it lower or higher but higher won't necessarily make it run better. It might even make it run slower so stay close to the sweet spot!

I also lowered the mount of Undo. The default amount is generous so it won't hurt you even if you make a lot of mistakes to lower it a little.

I closed all the docks I don't use.

And Krita runs a lot better now!


Turning on Pressure Sensitivity on GIMP

Settings > Input Devices ...
Select tablet name and set Mode to "Screen"
Select brush...
Tool Options > scroll down... to Dynamics
Select any one of the following "Basic Dynamics", "Pen Generic", or "Pressure Size" and test the brush on the canvas!


Hope this helps!
Life has its ups and downs and we can't predict the future. Someday I hope things are better. For those of us still trying to survive these are the following things I've done to cut down my spending.


I use Public Wi-Fi Internet from my local Public Library.
I spend the day at the Library from open until close charging all my electronics there such as my laptop and phone. (Saves electricity).
I use Public Restrooms all throughout the day (this possibly saves money on water, hand soap, paper towels, and toilet paper).


I've spent the day at cafés to charge my phone and laptop too. Also using the restrooms there. I stopped doing this after I could no longer afford a daily drip coffee. (If you have a Starbucks Card I hear you can get unlimited refills of iced tea and iced coffee for as long as you stay there.)
A lot of places that offer regular drip coffee give you access to all the creamer, spices (cinnamon), and sugar you want so take advantage.


At the beginning of the month or whenever you're paid, rent is paid, and your EBT refills get:
  • Frozen, canned (tomatoes), and dry goods (whole wheat pasta).
  • Beans, Lentils, Rice, and Split Peas.
  • Crates and pallets of instant ramen.
  • Instant Mashed Potatoes
  • Instant Oatmeal
  • Tea (Cheaper than coffee if you need a caffeine kick).
  • Eggs
  • Salt and spices
The trouble with limiting your groceries is meal planning. You have to plan your meals buy enough and fit within the budget (oatmeal for breakfast, ramen and egg for lunch, rice and beans for dinner). You have to eat everything you buy without wasting anything. Frozen, canned, and dry goods therefore will be the majority of your groceries. Anything fresh (eggs, meat, cheese, bananas, potatoes) can be bought again once a week so put aside money to do that.


I have no idea how big your family is or if you're by yourself but here is my estimate based on the list I provided. The average meal is $2, three times a day, $6 a day, for thirty-one days. That's $186 per person on the extreme cheap for one month. You've heard of the food stamp challenge-- success depends on where you live and what's available-- it's mostly impossible. You'll lose weight, you'll run out of everything by the second or third week, and starve throughout the end of the month. I know because I tried to live on less. Let's try not to.

These are symptoms of Hunger, Starvation, and Malnutrition: Depression, Anger, Rage, and Constant Fatigue. If you're ALWAYS sad, hopeless, volatile, and tired then you've been going hungry. It will affect everything, work, school, friendships, relationships, overall home life.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are arguably sometimes cheaper than frozen and canned, but first consider spoilage. If you live in a hot, humid climate or in an apartment where you have no air conditioning, no extra cold fridge, then fresh food won't last more than a day or two. (PBJ Sandwiches are cheap but bread molds easily even if refrigerated.)

Go with frozen and canned.

If you're vegan or vegetarian you won't have to worry because there's plenty of frozen and canned options. Garbanzo beans (or chickpeas) in the can will probably become your new friend. Frozen peas, carrots, and corn are also very versatile.

If you're an omnivore, prepare to buy meat, eggs, and dairy in small amounts per week rather than a lot of it at the beginning of the month. Canned tuna and beef jerky are great proteins to turn to. Everything else, such as ground beef, should be used and eaten within three days or else frozen.

A meal probably includes these two things: Protein and Carbohydrates.

Per person get at least:
  • 15lbs - 20lbs of Rice.
  • 15 Cans of Beans (or Canned Tuna, or Canned Chicken).
  • 15 Bags or Boxes of Whole Wheat Pasta Noodles.
  • 30 Packets of Instant Oatmeal, or get 4 Boxes (read how many packets you get per box, sometime 8, sometimes it's 10 or even 12).
You're at the mercy of whatever store you can go to so I can't estimate how much this will cost. You'll have to figure that out. (If you don't have a fridge or a stove you're stuck with water, beef jerky, and Clif protein bars).

Calculate how much these basics will cost then deduct it from $186 - $200 (your budget). Whatever is left you may devote to other items on The List.


$400 a month ~ Two People
$600 a month ~ Three People
$800 a month ~ Four People...

Then there's your Rent, Car Insurance and Gas (or Bus Fare), Electric, Phone and Internet-- your bills whatever they may be.

Good luck! Hope it helps someone.

That's my referral link ^w^;; you don't have to sign up using it but it'd be cool if you did! Picarto is nice and all but multistreaming is FREE on and not picarto!


Whenever somebody dies it's like they moved away really far and didn't bring anything or anyone with them.
It's going to be a military style funeral. Confirmed July 27th.
I made a group if anyone is interested in watching or joining...…
There was a death in the family this week. I'm tired and sad. I've been feeling lost for some time now and I'm scared of the future.
I made a new website! It's like a GeoCities but new? Worth a try if you're just getting into html/css coding and web design!


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