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For the SSP Smash Collab. SMASH HYPE WOO


Also check out my webcomic: Tales of Elysium

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I wish these could either be echo fighters or costumes for Smash Ultimate ;-; Fantastic!!!

Also, do you think you can help me? On this deviation (viewed from the website), you have your hashtags formed in a way that it is 1-3 hashtags in each row instead of it just going straight forward (like my hashtags since I haven’t learned how to do it yet), I’m still trying to figure this out but I’m having trouble, do you know how to make 1-3 hashtags in each row?
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Well this is cool
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Cute Combo Sucessful. K.O.
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Hey Haychel, just asking' out of the blue, have you played Undertale??? Papyrus - date power 
I want to ask if i can use this Picture noncommercial as a Pic for my Onlineshop. Of course with your Sign (BY rule)? 
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Sorry, but no
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I'm curious who's Leon cosplaying as?
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I think he may actually be cosplaying as a Lucario.
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who's cosplaying bowser jr?
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Awww snap this is toooo cute!
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They just look like they're ready to smash in style.

I'm excited for a Wii U version coming out on Wii U this December so I already got the SSB game on my 3DS because it's the first time they've made it an handheld game for real.
Now wouldnt it be sweet if someone was generous enough to hack ssb3ds and put leon and vagus in?
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Cuuute! And it's Bowser's whirlybird! 
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Do you have the 3ds Haychel?
HopeOfRiuton's avatar I was about to ask to trade fcs so we can SMASH OUR FOES!
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That hood tho.

Boss Stats for Leon.
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