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Mega Lucario

By Haychel
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Yay for more Leon~~ :dance:

I have been playing around with Photoshop lately and it is time to put it to a test~ I hope this comes out well~ :D Have this Mega Evolution Lucario for now~ It's a new evolution / form in Pokemon X & Y that will come into effect in battles!

Normally, I won't draw the chest spikes on Lucarios because WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO HUG FOR LUCARIOS??! But considering this form is only maintained in battles and provided that Mega Lucario is already super spiky, I left it there~ I also don't like how the red parts are so firm in the official art, too much contrast there, so I tried blending it in~
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Well there's always more than one favorite... And Lucario is definetly
a part of it.
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ZAuraWolfChampionHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Auradragon199Hobbyist Digital Artist
holy crap this is amazing! I love Mega lucario he is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!! *HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG*
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Loving thiiiiiis
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CaileyCoyoteHobbyist Traditional Artist
aaa this is so cool!!
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Found this art. Turned this art into a pokemon card. wants to upload. Wants to know If I have permission
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HaychelHobbyist Digital Artist
Only with credits
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Okie. Thanks
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This picture looks so AWESOME ! Love the colours and the idea of space jackal
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I love Lucario, He's Cool!
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FroslassOfIce Digital Artist
this is amazing! far better than i could ever do...
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hmm. . .

Badassness exceeding level 9000?!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *World explodes*
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dayum, this is awesome!!  If the game version looked like this it would be even better.
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pichupowerStudent Artist
lucario is the best!!
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JustcallmePaulProfessional Digital Artist
G virus transformation. Cool.
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EternityTsubasaHobbyist General Artist
Cool artwork! Love it! :love:
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FandomGhoulHobbyist Digital Artist
I found this artwork stolen here.

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HaychelHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for reporting! 
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FandomGhoulHobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome ^^

You did an amazing job on the art, btw ^^
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BryantheOshawottHobbyist General Artist
*Fanboys* my favorite MEGA! BEAUTIFUL! LOVE IT!
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BlueBandannaStudent Digital Artist
That is so radiant and powerful... Maybe I'll mega evolve like that one day... At least I CAN Mega Evolve! ;)
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AskJasperIn2014Hobbyist Digital Artist
ok, your are now my senpai haychel XD
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WOLFBLADE111Hobbyist General Artist
Epicness. :D
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