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Lucario and Riolu Breed Variation

Hope I'm not late to the parteh~~ Which one is your favorite? :3

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Love the Zorua × Riolu crossbreed.

DragonOfTheMists's avatar

The Snubbull is strangely cute. Wonder why that design isn't getting more love?

Dante-00's avatar
 Wow that is extremely awesome. I do love the Zorua Riolu 
R-Yakushi's avatar
ABsolutely Sweet. I really like how you mixxed the two races together. Its not just simple but really nice done. And my Favs are Mightyena, Arcanine and Hondour. but they are ALL absolutely amazingly done.
CaseMayday's avatar
MudTheMuddyCollie's avatar
The Zorua is way more cooler
eddfan1998's avatar
I love the Arcanine one!
Hetaliakitty111's avatar
The Dumbledore
just yes 
omenaapple's avatar
love the zorua, full of spunk attitude!
CombotheBeehen's avatar
One of Mareep! *-*
FinaMusica's avatar
A.K.A stoutland
Dallenson's avatar
Lucario Arcanine is so badass x3c
criscris94's avatar
well hyenas are an ancient different species, so it doesnt make sense. Also, sheep , bats and moles are not even close . Otherwise, cool job!!
Nyupun's avatar
The Furfrou is pretty cute ^^
PurpleLovezz's avatar
Ooo! Imagine Lucario x Delphox!
julian0123's avatar
Awesome and funny XD
Riolulover20's avatar
Ahahaha! I get it. The lucario and Leon are dressed up as these Pokemon! Perfect Halloween costumes!
GuardianInTheStorm's avatar
I wish breeding actually worked like this.

Then again, I'd need to have every single Lucario and Mew variant. XD
pizzawizz's avatar
Yaaaaaay dumbledore!!!!!!!
UnluckyxSe7en's avatar
Dumbledore Lucario is best Lucario. xD
FurryBound72638's avatar
Could I use one of these?
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