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Digimon World

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A piece for my nostalgia series! Digimon World @ PS1~


Also check out my webcomic: Tales of Elysium

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One of my favorite PS1 games during childhood. Along with the Spyro trilogy and Final Fantasy 9

LittleWindy7's avatar

Good times playing that game as a kid. :)

derington's avatar

I wish I had a chance to play this game. maybe they'll make a remake!?

PickaPluckofCherries's avatar
o...M...GGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! I can't believe someone remembers! I remember Pyro, my Metalmamemon!
powerofmu's avatar
I played this game when I was a kid. I still remember when I got airdramon and I gave him a apple that I found.... it died.
Fogqwdf-890's avatar
That's rough buddy.
JJ422's avatar
I love how small Metalgreymon is! So cute! :)
DavidSupreme's avatar

Well... we have to know that this MetalGreymon is from the File Isle, those Greymon who combine their bodies with Digizoid have rotten thei meat, The turn into MetalGreymon like this, and the MetalGreymon Orange is from the Folder Continent, a mstronger version who could perfectly unite his body with digizoid without bad consecuense for themselves

Nitsune7's avatar
Right to my chilhood!!! 8A8
Dablim's avatar
dcatkuro's avatar
Ah,is digimon! I love it as same as Pokemon!
bigbulbasaur's avatar
Patamon, Tsunomon, and Botamon. Faves small digimon :meow:
Pringer-Dood's avatar
this is truly amazing!!
and this was the ideal digimon world game for me
too bad they didn't stick with this gameplay
CSINorman's avatar
omg that Numemon <3

I'm playing this game atm!! It was my childhood, and I bought it again online :') My favourite is Bakemon <3

Great artwork!
foxgirlrao's avatar
man i miss that game
Mirka-Dragon's avatar
Aww, how cute! Patamon is one of my favorite Digimons! :) I'm glad to see it in the picture! ^^
animal-delos's avatar
I still have this game... so bloody hard, always got Numemons and even raising it up with always getting 'bonus' roulette stats in training area and having 'ultimate poop hell' attack... still couldn't beat pixiemon or get very far... they just died too fast! >.<!
TheDannyMan's avatar
Yeah. At one moment in my childhood, I was like "Numemon AGAIN!? Screw it, this is gonna be the one I'm saving the digital world with!"

I didn't get very far though. ^^'
animal-delos's avatar
I also never could find/beat Pixiemon.
Bumerangi-Hero's avatar
Dude or dudeless.
I have to say. Your Pokémon/all pictures are so beautiful. I have downloaded some pictures to my hard drive, because they are so cool.. ;_;
Keep going.~
(Silent request: Gallant/Dukemon)
Lyra-Elante's avatar
I LOVED that game although I was only ever able to get one ultimate.
Amerelle's avatar
YEEESSSSSS, I love you for this! Them nostalgias [EXO] Kris ''Legit'' Crying Emoticon 
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