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9 Things Meme: Rii



The lovely Aja [link] of the brilliant comic True Magic [link] tagged me, so here it is! I figured a brand new (though badly scanned) picture of Rii to go with it would be nice :3 It was originally just a dress design, but Rii told me he wanted to have it, so here he is.

The meme description says:
• Tell 9 previously unpublished facts about your character.
• Tag 8 other characters. Put their names with avatars of their creators.
...But I ain't doing that, 'cause I dunno how to do the avatar thing (duuuhr), and I'm not even sure if 8 people will see this XD;


1. Even though Rii's gay, he's been in love with a girl once. Her name's Leslie and they're still really close friends (sometimes almost a bit too close). He totally was the girl in the relationship.

2. While he likes girly boys a lot, he's bad at having proper relationships with them. He automatically and quite subconciously starts to act manly (protecting, giving romantic gifts, turning seme in bed), and after a while it makes him really uncomfortable. He sometimes realises it, but so far he's been unable to stop it. It annoys him.

3. His first boyfriend was his English professor at university. When people found out Rii bribed his grandfather to make sure he wouldn't get fired. Instead his boyfriend was forced to resign without any further complications to his future as a teacher. He married a woman but is now devorced. Rii recently realised that falling in love with a 15-year-old student must be hell for any man of 32, and he feels quite guilty about having seduced him so much that the guy lost all his sexual self-control when Rii finally turned 16.

4. Rii has a secret crush on Dave Karofsky of Glee. The "You'd come out for me, wouldn't you? *dreamy sigh*"-talking to the television kind of crush.

5. Surprisingly bad at being alone. On tour with his band he almost always rooms with his best friend/vocalist/ex Mito because he sleeps best when there is someone he trusts beside him. He refuses to buy an actual house, even though that's cheaper than his luxurious top floor Tokio apartment, because something with stairs makes him lonely. This is also the reason he drowns himself in work when he's not in a relationship.

6. Even though he is highly intelligent, one of the best at kendo and a brilliant businessman, those are the things he's the most apprehensive about. The majority of his romances fail because his talents scare away potential partners. The thought of losing someone he loves scares him so much that he'd rather draw focus to his weirdness and gender confusion than his job and PhD's.

7. The few partners who can handle the above tend to overlook all his flaws. If it's one thing that makes him dump someone, it's that. He knows too well he's not perfect and needs someone who will kick his ass if he does something stupid.

8. Rii can't whistle. No really, he can't.
The song Anyone Can Whistle used to annoy him until he actually read the lyrics. Now it's kinda his themesong.

9. His ideal partner is someone who has a strong sense of right and wrong, would never willingly hurt anyone, is either smarter than him or just knows a whole lot of interesting random crap, challenges him, doesn't get physically hurt easily, is not afraid to cry, speaks with a British accent but knows multiple languages (aka, can speak with his family in their native languages) and is hot.
Completely unrelated, he wants to marry The (Tenth) Doctor.

BONUS FACT: he really likes galium aparine, aka stickywilly ♥ (The name is actually not the reason he loves it, but he's giggling his arse off now...)
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He's originally a voice actor, musician and model. When his band started becoming more and more known he got into the habit of not just overseeing everything, but specifically designing the costumes and, well, everything else associated with them. After a lot of live shows and a demo they figured they wanted a record deal but couldn't find something that was big enough yet would let them do their own thing (and by that I mean "wouldn't give Rii absolute control"...). Then his manager (who used to babysit him and became his manager when he started doing voice acting work at the age of 16) asked him why he didn't just start his own record company. So he did.
Of course, Rii being Rii it didn't take very long until he wanted to not just make and sell music, but also fancy Visual Kei-inspired clothes. Then came the accessories, tea sets, cutlery, bento sets...
Somewhere around that time he decided to get his PhD's in mathematics and (business) management, mainly just because he could. It made him realise that he could do so much more with his company and started looking into other design-heavy parts of the industry he could sink his teeth into. A nice trip with his lover to a very fancy hotel won him over to the side of property development. So now he's got his semi-indie record company, (fashion) design studio, and fancy hotels. Well, just one hotel right now, but I don't think it'll be long until he'll buy more properties...

Oh, I know right! David Ten-Inch is simply brilliant :heart: Oh, and do watch Doctor Who! It's one of the best series ever :love:

Funfact: Rii made me realise I have a thing for management so I've started a management course myself >w>