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Cycling Heads~

That's Heads again, happily cycling somewhere, using his full capabilities! x3

Seems like Hayao went a bit overboard last time, so last changes to John Dough Heads (dat's his full name!) caused him to become a some sort of polymer fox, allowing Heads to fit any space, take any form (form only!) and now usual food are no longer usual for him - instead the real "food" for him now is electricity, while your usual pizza is okay too, but it'll have almost no effect to his mass =^^^"=

Although he still has limits - while technically he can split to more foxes and rearrange his body parts, he cannot have more than one eye and one ear to a fox, once he splits more than 2 times *shrugs*
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Рад что идея с новыми возможностями и питанием от батарейки претворилась в жизнь для этого персонажа. Работа чудесная.
Хотя им пожалуй велосипед-тандем для сразу нескольких тушек потребен. Они  могут расколоться и крутить педали внесколькером... Хм... Ну вобщем вместе. =)
Такой персонаж даже с галерой в одиночку управится... =D

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Да настроения все не было нарисовать
Зачем галера, когда аэромобиль есть :D