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Arctic Fox Zen [updated]

So, uh, in Russian "полный песец" (fat arctic fox) is an euphemism for another saying, meaning "epic fail", and "накрыться [медным] тазом" (covered with a [copper] basin) is also an euphemism for yet another saying, meaning almost the same - "epic fail", "go kaput".

I am *proudly* presenting an official canon symbol for Arctic Fox Zen - fat arctic fox sitting on a broken copper basin (dat fox is heavy!), drinking some coffee!
Basically it means that someday everything's going to be under the basin, so no need to worry, just stay calm, be fat and soft, and drink some coffee. x3
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looks like this one has already had too much coffee for one day :)
HayaoYokogawa's avatar
Space Arctic Foxes cannot simply have too much coffee for one day, since they live for and in eternity =^u^u^=
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hope he doesnt get too much of a caffeine high then :P
we dont want a wild arctic space fox with a caffeine buzz :D
HayaoYokogawa's avatar
well Super Large Great And Fluffy Arctic Fox Who Rules The World And Sits On His Large Fat Butt (not me!) didn't say anything about it ;D
dacoomes's avatar
i think.. ill get him some giant marshmallows for his cocoa then, to stay on his good side :D
HayaoYokogawa's avatar
His Fatbuttness would be proud of you! =^u^u~=
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