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The Robot by Chibi-Joey
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Kaze no Tani no Naushika- Nausicaa
Nausicaa by Valonia-Feline
Aftermath (Male!Disfigured!Reader x Nausicaa)CAUTION: This story is a sequel to my other story "Face Yourself", so I advice you to read it before this one, if you haven't.Valley of the Wind castle, evening...(Y/n) was lying on his bed in his room, facing the wall. He felt miserable, with the memories of the incident flashing in his mind. He couldn't comprehend how he, a peace-loving person, turned into a violent menace who tried to kill Asbel.As he was thinking, someone knocked on the door, snapping him out of the thoughts."Yes?" he called out while quickly sitting up.The door opened, and into the room walked Nausicaa with a lamp in her hand and Teto on her shoulder. She was wearing a white dress with a brown sash, a white cap with a red jewel embedded in the middle, white pants, and brown boots. She closed the door behind and walked over to him."How are you feeling?" she asked gently.(Y/n), looking down to the floor, replied glumly:"...Like I'm an intruder in your home.""Nonsense, (Y/n). You're still my honored guest, remember?""What's so honorable about trying to kill your friend on my first day here?"She sighed at (Y/n)'s dispirited state, placing the lamp on the table and sitting down beside him, with Teto jumping off her onto his lap."Hey, Teto." greeted (Y/n) the fox-squirrel. Teto looked up at him curiously before nuzzling his hand, at which he smiled as he petted him."Even after the events, Teto still likes you." said Nausicaa with a smile, watching him play with her pet."Yes, but what about everybody else? They don't want me here anymore.""That's not true. I've discussed the incident with everyone involved, and we all agreed to let you stay for the remainder of your visit.""Even Asbel's father?""Even him. And he even told me to tell you that he's sorry for being so insulting to you."(Y/n) looked up at Nausicaa, surprised to hear that."Really?"She nodded with a smile, continuing:"He was just frightened of you, along with fearing for Asbel's life. Although truth be told, he's not actually his father, like he told you back there.""What do you mean? Who is he, then?" asked (Y/n), confused."I think it's better for you to discuss that with Asbel himself. After all, you said you wanted to talk to him, didn't you?""Oh, right."Remembering his desire to meet Asbel again this evening, he quickly stood up from his bed as Teto jumped off him back to Nausicaa. He then made his way to the door, but stopped as he saw her take the lamp and walk up to him."You're coming with me?""I'm not risking you two being alone again. Besides, there's something I want to ask him too.""Alright." (Y/n) nodded.And with that, they left the room, with (Y/n) closing and locking the door behind.------------------------------------------------------------------Going downstairs to the floor below, they were soon standing at Asbel's door. Letting out a nervous sigh, (Y/n) lifted his hand and cautiously knocked on it."Who is it?" called out a young male voice."It's me, (Y/n). I came to-"He didn't finish his sentence as the door suddenly opened, slightly startling both him and Nausicaa.In front of them was standing Asbel, who now had a bruised nose from (Y/n)'s punch earlier. Seeing him, he smiled as he greeted:"Good to see you again, (Y/n). Please, come in."(Y/n) looked at him with confusion, not expecting to be treated warmly by the person he nearly killed today. He quietly nodded before going inside, with Nausicaa following him.Once inside, (Y/n) could finally take a more closer look at Asbel's room, looking around. It was mostly the same as his own, along with the bed, carpet, table and stools. Nausicaa placed her lamp on the table, with Teto also hopping off her onto it.After Asbel closed the door, he walked over to (Y/n) and carefully asked:"May I...take a closer look at what I've done to you, (Y/n)?"(Y/n), briefly thinking, replied with uncertainty:"Go ahead."He slowly took off his prosthesis, showing his disfigured face to Asbel once again. Asbel slowly leaned in, silently inspecting the damage he caused with a look of remorseful disgust on his face. (Y/n) tried not to look at him, standing still during the observation.After a while, Asbel finally leaned away from him. (Y/n) was about to snap the prosthesis back on, when Asbel stopped him:"Wait. I want to say this to your true self."(Y/n) looked at him, confused. Asbel took a deep breath and began:"I've done...very atrocious things to you and your homeland, (Y/n). I was very selfish and careless about what I did, unless it made me closer to achieve my goals. But after I met Nausicaa and began living here, I realized how wrong I was. And today, when I saw you standing in my doorway after what I did to you, I instantly realized that my punishment for my past cruelty has finally caught up to me."He paused to look at Nausicaa, who was watching them curiously, listening closely to what he said. He turned back to (Y/n) as he continued:"What I'm saying is, is that I deserved everything that happened to me today. So there's no need for you to apologize, (Y/n), made me remember what a barbaric and horrendous moron I was to you. I'm...very, very sorry for everything..."As he finished, he looked down to the floor out of guilt, with tears appearing in his eyes.(Y/n) just stared at him, taking in everything he had just heard. He came to apologize, but instead it was he who was receiving an apology. And as he saw Asbel looking defeated in front of him, he realized that they were both victims of rage that made them almost kill each other.After a while of silence, (Y/n) finally approached him and wrapped him tightly in a hug. Asbel, feeling him hugging him, returned the hug as he buried his face into (Y/n)'s shoulder, sobbing. (Y/n) just silently leaned his head into Asbel's hair, listening to his muffled sobs as he stroked him on the back and head, still clutching the prosthesis in his hand. He then spoke, his voice calm and gentle:"...I forgive you, Asbel."Nausicaa, watching them embracing and hearing (Y/n) say the words, couldn't help but also cry quietly, seeing the former enemies finally forgive each other. Teto also looked at them with great interest, showing signs of both sadness and happiness.After a while, they then both pulled away from each other, with (Y/n) snapping the prosthesis back to his face."I'm very sorry too for attacking you like that." he then apologized in return, referring to Asbel's injury."It's alright. My nose will heal up, and it doesn't hurt from below anymore." replied Asbel with a small smile."I'm...glad to hear that." said (Y/n), a bit abashed at the last part, knowing what Asbel meant."So...peace?" asked Asbel, slowly stretching his hand out for a handshake.(Y/n) looked at it, then looked back at Asbel with a wide grin as he grabbed and shook it, saying affirmatively:"Friends."Asbel looked at him in awe, before he grinned too, greatly relieved and elated that he had just made a new friend. He then noticed Nausicaa approach them both, who had tears of great happiness flowing down her cheeks."I'm so happy for you both!" she spoke excitedly, as Teto agreed with a happy squeak."It's also thanks to you, Nausicaa. If you wouldn't be there for both of us, things could have ended much worse." said (Y/n) with a smile, putting his hand on her shoulder.Nausicaa just smiled and looked down out of modesty, blushing a bit. Wiping away tears, she then turned to Asbel:"However, I still don't understand one thing about you.""What do you mean?" he asked."Why did you attack (Y/n)'s home in the first place?"Asbel stood, knowing he needed to answer that. He then gestured them both to the table, saying:"Have a seat."They sat down, and Asbel then began explaining to them, mostly to (Y/n), about everything what happened.He explained how Lady Kushana, the Princess of Tolmekia, captured and held his twin sister Lastelle prisoner, and in exchange for her release, she ordered Asbel and other men of Pejite to attack the closest country to them, which happened to be (Y/n)'s. She also said that her soldiers will supervise them to make sure that he, as Prince of Pejite, will personally kill or injure at least one person during the attack.After the invasion, Kushana's soldiers returned back to Tolmekia to report the success to her, so after a few days of consideration, she finally ordered for Lastelle to be released. However, during her transportation, the ship got swarmed by insects and crashed into the Valley of the Wind, with Lastelle dying from her injuries with Nausicaa by her side. When he found out about her death, he got so enraged that he immediately flew to shoot down the Tolmekian ships, nearly killing Nausicaa in the process."And you probably know the rest." finished Asbel.(Y/n) and Nausicaa sat dumbfounded, taking in everything they heard."So it was Kushana who ordered to attack my country..." spoke (Y/n), looking at the table with a thoughtful look."But why would she do that? I thought Ohms were her main problem?" asked Nausicaa.Asbel shrugged:"No idea. But ever since Ohms saved you, she has changed her ways, and now she's willing to help us with anything in order to preserve the world."(Y/n) continued to stare at the table, thinking. He then looked up with a smile, saying:"If Kushana truly did change her ways, then I'm forgiving her too. I've learned the hard way that revenge is never the answer. It only hurts even more people, whether intentional or not. So from now on, I vow to never let revenge take control of me again."Both Nausicaa and Asbel smiled at his resolution, as he then turned to latter, asking him:"So, about your father...who is he?"Asbel gave a wry smile, as he simply said:"My father's dead. The guy you have in mind is my mother's second husband."(Y/n), surprised to hear that, lowered his head out of pity."Oh...I'm sorry to hear that.""It's okay, I was too young to remember him anyway. I only know that he was the King of Pejite, that's why me and Lastelle were referred to as Prince and Princess of Pejite. However, I'm still erroneously called that nowadays by my people, including my stepfather.""Why erroneously?" asked (Y/n)."Because firstly, after my father died and my mother remarried, my stepfather abolished the title of King to become a so-called "Mayor", despite my mother's objections. Honestly, I still don't understand why he did that.""...And secondly?"Asbel, turning serious at that question, then spoke:"He intentionally let Pejite be swarmed by insects in order to wipe out the Tolmekian army occupying it, thus destroying it completely, not being able to be rebuilt again. And now all because of him, Pejite is no more. Some "Mayor", indeed..."He leaned back with his arms crossed, clearly angry.The room then filled with uncomfortable silence as they sat there, with (Y/n) and Nausicaa taking in all the information they heard. While Nausicaa pictured the events that preceded the ship's crash in her Valley, (Y/n) was quietly taking in the fact that the country that invaded his home doesn't exist anymore.Seeing Asbel still fuming, (Y/n) moved himself closer to him and carefully placed his hand on his shoulder, saying:"I'm...truly sorry about what happened to you and your home."Asbel looked up at him, before he nodded and smiled in gratitude."Thanks. But hey, it's all in the past now. At least we're now living here, the most beautiful place on earth.""I agree it is, too. Too bad I couldn't see more of it, though.""You will tomorrow. But now, I think we all should go to bed." said Nausicaa, seeing the darkness outside."You're right." agreed (Y/n).They all stood up from the table, with Nausicaa taking the lamp and motioning for Teto to jump onto her, which he did. As she went to open the door, (Y/n) walked over to Asbel and grabbed his hand, shaking it again."I'm so glad we talked it out to each other. I hope that we will remain friends from now on." he spoke."Let's hope so. Welcome to the Valley of the Wind." said Asbel with a smile.(Y/n) smiled back, nodding in appreciation. Then, to everyone's surprise in the room, he leaned in and briefly kissed Asbel on the lips. Asbel, at that gesture, backed away wide-opened, holding his mouth."W-What was that?" he asked, blushing instantly at what he felt."That's how we bid good night to each other back home." replied (Y/n), grinning at Asbel's reaction."Oh. G-Good night, (Y/n).""Good night, Asbel."(Y/n) then made his way to the door, as Nausicaa and Teto stared at him in bewilderment. She then turned to Asbel, quickly saying out of embarrassment:"Goodnight."She then followed (Y/n) outside and closed the door behind, leaving Asbel standing alone in his room, still blushing."...Did he just...kiss me?" he asked himself, trying to comprehend what just happened.Meanwhile, (Y/n) was answering a similar question to Nausicaa as they were going upstairs to his room:"Yes, I did. Like I said, it's a custom back home." he spoke with a grin."...Huh." she simply replied, still quite surprised by what she witnessed.When they reached his door, (Y/n) pulled out his key and unlocked it, opening it. He walked in as Nausicaa stayed outside, saying:"I'll come wake you up tomorrow for breakfast, and then I'll take you on a tour through the Valley.""That will be splendid. Good night, Nausicaa." he nodded with a smile, before he slowly began to close the door, when he suddenly heard her say:"Wait.""Yes?" he asked as he quickly sprung it back open, wanting to hear what she wanted to add.Nausicaa stood contemplating about something, and before (Y/n) could ask what, she suddenly walked up to him and quickly kissed him on the lips, before saying with a smile:"Good night, (Y/n)."She then hurriedly made her way down the hall, as (Y/n) stood in astonishment at what he felt, feeling his cheeks beginning to blush. Realizing what she meant by that, he then chuckled to himself, saying:"Well played, Nausicaa."And with that, he closed the door and made his way to bed, feeling much happier than ever.
Nausicaa (Studio Ghibli) - Fanart by luciano6254
Nausicaa by KaraQuattuor
Tenku no Shiro Rapyuta- Castle in the Sky
Sheeta and Pazu (Studio Ghibli) - Fanart by luciano6254
Laputa Robot sketch by smartguy123
Laputa Castle in the Sky collection by smartguy123
Robot by JoeytheLazy
Tonari no Totoro
Eating in a Hurry Bookmark by InkArtWriter
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Majo no Takkyubin- Kiki
Kiki Bookmark by InkArtWriter
Kiki's Delivery Service by tigrecotone
Jiji plushie by Bel-Star
Jiji Again by VonZeitZuZeit
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Rosso Bookmark by InkArtWriter
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Looking for Porco Bookmark by InkArtWriter
Fio Piccolo Bookmark by InkArtWriter
Princess Mononoke [Fanart] by BukchiArt
Princess Mononoke by tigrecotone
San (Princess Mononoke) - Fanart by luciano6254
Mononoke Spirits by parparlyla
Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi- Spirited Away
Spirited Away by BukchiArt
Chihiro Magic Mushrooms - by itsdorou
The Susuwatari Bookmark by InkArtWriter
Chihiro by midnightyowl
Hauru no Ugoku Shiro-Howl's Moving Castle
Moving Castle Bookmark by InkArtWriter
Howl and Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle) - Fanart by luciano6254
Don't Let Me Fall Bookmark by InkArtWriter
Howl by tigrecotone
Gake no Ue no Ponyo
Fishy Ponyo Bookmark by InkArtWriter
Sandwiches from Ponyo Bookmark by InkArtWriter
Eating Ramen (with Ham) by InkArtWriter
My Blu-ray Cover: Ponyo by InkArtWriter
Other Miyazaki Movies
Lupin III - Castle Of Cagliostro - Fanart by luciano6254
Crossovers and Combinations
My Valentine Cards 2023 by InkArtWriter
Other Directors at Studio Ghibli
Baron by RhydonSutherland
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Laputa by eltoNNNNNN
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Hayao Miyazaki Fans Icon 2 by headlight
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