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Myrcella I's Reign: Part 5
Before the War of the Five Kings, the last major war definitively caused by a succession crisis had been the War of the Ninepenny Kings, where Maelys the Monstrous, previously thought to be the last Blackfyre, claimed the Iron Throne. That war, however, was never even fought on Westerosi soil. The War of there Three Stags, however, had been insanely traumatic for the Seven kingdoms; whole regions were devastated, and humanity had literally almost gone extinct due to the disunion in the face of the others and Euron. There was a general consensus across Westeros that the succession simply needed to be officially handled. Thus, in 310, Myrcella released an official set of succession rules to the throne. They essentially stated that the eldest son of the current monarch should inherit the throne; if there were no sons, then the eldest daughter would inherit. Crucially, the loose precedent of the Great Council of 101 was officially done away with; there was some ambiguity because that prece
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Myrcella I's Reign: Part 4
The Others were completely defeated by the year 305 AC, pushed back to the Lands of Always Winter. And yet, while Westeros was saved, it was clear that it needed a good deal of reorganization. Coincidentally, 305 was also the year when Queen Myrcella became Queen in her own right, with regent Tyrion Lannister stepping down to become Lord of Casterly Rock and Warden of the West, though he was almost immediately appointed as the new Hand of the Queen. He would remain a valued advisor to Myrcella(who my damn computer is still autocorrecting to Marcella). The first task the new Queen faced was dealing with the two of the Seven Kingdoms that had been unequivocally and irredeemably crushed: the Stormlands and the Iron Islands. The Iron Islands had not technically surrendered to the Iron Throne, and ever since Euron had abandoned them to become the Night's King they had been in a state of civil war. By 306 AC, however, they had been easily subjugated, with Theon Greyjoy installed as Lord of t
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Myrcella I's Reign: Part 3
The Others, the story went, were created by the Children of the Forest to oppose the First Men. Eventually, they turned on the Children, forcing an alliance between the two warring factions to stop the monster the Children had created. This story is only partially true. In reality, the Others didn't turn on the Children of their own volition. The Children became careless, arrogant even. And so, a human, the 13th lord Commander of the Night's Watch, was able to gain control of the Others, becoming the Night King. It was he that led the Others against both the Children and humanity. And now, it was Euron Greyjoy who aimed to follow in his footsteps. 
Euron had Rhaegal and Viserion scour the wall with flame. Jon Snow quickly saw that the battle was lost, and attempted to evacuate the Wall. Euron had one last trick, though. He blew the Horn of Joramun, which he had found with Samwell Tarly in Oldtown. And so it was that the wall came tumbling down. The Others were well and truly in We
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Myrcella I's Reign: Part 2
The moment that Lord Varys and his Pentoshi henchman, Illyrio Motapis, had worked for had finally arrived. Aegon Blackfyre(then called Targaryen) landed in a divided Westeros ready to claim his throne. However, neither was under any illusions as to Aegon's situation; he needed allies if he was to win. They looked first to the Reach, where Margaery Tyrell, newly widowed, looked a promising bride to bringing the most powerful of all the regions of Westerns into the fold. However, while Lord Mace wass apparently enamored with the idea, his mother Olenna quickly overruled him, pointing out that the Royalists remained strong and the Reach should focus all of its energy on the Ironborn. Thus, the Reach signed a peace deal with Myrcella's regime in Spring of 300 AC: the Reach would swear fealty to Marcella immediately in exchange for no reprisals. Myrcella, already coming into her own as a ruler, countered this by demanding that Houses Footly, Caswell, and Meadows be sworn directly to the Iro
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Myrcella I's reign: Part 1
Part 1 of the Dance of the Three Stags:
In any case, after Princes Joffrey and Tommen died by falling down the stairs, Queen Cersei Lannister fell into depression, eventually withdrawing from public life(this is hand wavy, will probably revise later). Ser Jaime Lannister, meanwhile, became closer and closer to his niece Crown Princess Myrcella, who was made Crown Princess at the proclamation of Robert Baratheon. Robert's decree, however, was met with opposition from his brothers Renly and Stannis, who cited the Dance of Dragons as precedent for brothers succeeding before daughters.
In 298 AC, in the aftermath of the death of former Hand of the King Jon Arryn, Eddard Stark was named the Hand of the King, and his son Robb was betrothed to Myrcella(it was agreed that their firstborn would inherit the Iron Throne while the second would get the North). Additionally, Brandon Stark would head south to train as a knight. He would ultimately squire with Ser Barristan Selmy.
Eddard Stark's first
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Interlude: Westeros' Space Program
The Space Program of the United Kingdoms of Westeros had it's beginnings in the Great Planetos War, where the Westerosi military utilized rockets including innovative new missiles to help defeat the Valarists but during the "Silent War" against Communalists Dothrakia, the space program came into prominence as the government of the United Kingdoms of Westeros felt a need to win the prestige battle with the Union of Dothraki Communes. The Dothraki were the first to launch an object into orbit with their first satellite, the "Vaes", being launched in 963 AC. The Westerosi Space Program did manage to launch the first person into space in 961 on Erde 4. The Westerosis were the first to land a man on the moon in 965 and Curator Station, the first Space Station in Planetos, was created by the Westerosis in 969
Prior to the Event, Westeros' space program was considered to be one of the best in Planetos. The Westerosi Government's
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Chapter 4
The May 24 meeting was the second round of the UN-Westeros meeting and would prove to be very eventful as many world leaders were represented either in person or by their foreign ministers (or equivalents). For French President Emmanuel Macron, just newly inaguated as President of France, this would be one of the main challenges for his first 100 days as President of France and so had arrived in person for the meeting. President Xi Jinping of China, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, and President Vladimir Putin of Russia were other world leaders who had arrived in person for the diplomatic meeting. Other world leaders, like Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, facing the threat of the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea", US President Donald Trump, who was facing an investigation which had begun prior to the event, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and British Prime Minister Theresa May, facing a snap election, had sent their foreign
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Interlude: The Military of Westeros
The Westerosi military is considered to be the most powerful in the world it came from and even in the world which it found itself in after the Event, it is a very powerful force. The Westerosi military reports to both the Westerosi Prime Minister and the Queen of Westeros. The Westerosi Armed Forces, under normal circumstances, has almost 1 million men and women under arms and up to 5-6 million reservists. The Westerosi Military is divided into the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force.
The Westerosi Army is the largest of the three branches of the Westerosi military with 400,000 men. The Westerosi Army is responsible for protecting the borders of Westeros, combat on land, patrolling occupied territories, and defeat of enemy troops. In peacetime, the Westerosi Army is an elite mechanized force with the 15 "permanent" divisions maintained by the Army being comprised of 6 armored divisions and 9 mechanized divisions. The 15 "permanent" divisions, in wartime, are utilized as elite shock troo
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Chapter 3
While the diplomats discussed in Switzerland and the Westerosi Foreign Minister was giving his famous interviews on the history of his country from the luxurious quarters the Swiss government had provided for him, the peoples of the world were reacting to the Event in various ways.
Among fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels and the Game of Thrones TV adaptation, the Event was greeted with surprise as the continent of Westeros had been sent into the mid-Atlantic but was far from the medieval continent they knew from the books and shows and was a modern powerhouse of it's own. As the interviews of the Westerosi Foreign Minister revealed the history of Westeros, the fan base was shocked by the different history of Westeros as while Joffrey Baratheon was never King (as he died in a fall down the stairs which appeared to be the main divergence between the events of the book/show and the Westeros which had appeared) and events like the Red Wedding never took place, Stan
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Addendum: Prominent Westerosis (1013 AC/2017 CE)
Queen of the Andals, Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lady of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm: Myrcella, of the House Targaryen, Second of Her Name. (b. 956 AC and Queen since 985 AC)
Prince Consort: Alberet Tarly (m. 979 AC)
Prince of Dragonstone: Prince Aemon Targaryen (b. 981 AC)
Princess of Dragonstone: Adryana Caleman (b. 984 AC and m. 1009 AC)
Children of the Prince of Dragonstone: Princess Alysanne Targaryen (b. 1010 AC)
Prince Viserys Targaryen (b. 1012 AC)
Other Royal Children: Princess Visenya Targaryen (b. 983 AC)
Prince Rhaegar Targaryen (b. 986 AC)
Prince Aegon Targaryen (b. 989 AC)
Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (b. 992 AC)
Lord Paramount of the North: Dayron Stark
Lady Paramount of the Vale: Dyana Arryn
Lord Paramount of the Riverlands: Patrack Tully
Lord Paramount of the Iron Islands: Kaegan Harlaw
Lord Paramount of the Westerlands: Zyre Lannister
Lady Paramount of the Reach: Aobrey Tyrell
Lord Paramount of the Stormlands: Ashtin Baratheon
Princess of Dorne: N
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Interlude: Government and Politics of Westeros
The United Kingdoms of Westeros' government is that of a Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy, albeit one where the monarch retains some important powers under the 897 Constitution passed after King Rhaegar III was overthrown like declaring war, commanding the military, and appointing the Prime Minister of the United Kingdoms of Westeros (although the monarch of Westeros has traditionally appointed the Prime Minister of the UKW from the winning party/coalition of parties).
The monarch of the United Kingdoms of Westeros, Queen Myrcella II has relatively little power compared to her ancestors, who wielded near-absolute power, but is still a respected figure and is seen as a symbol of the Westerosi nation. The monarch is for the most part ceremonial but in times of national emergencies can assume additional powers like Queen Visenya II, who was an active participant in prosecuting the war against Valarist Valyria and it's Qarthian and Lengii allies. The monarch of Westeros can di
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Chapter 2
The Event had resulted in the mid-Atlantic being replaced by an entire continent. The Event had transported what was a superpower in it's world to our world. The capital city of the United Kingdoms of Westeros was near the Canary Islands and the Arbor was off the mouth of the Amazon. Unsurprisingly, the first diplomatic initiatives were spearheaded by the Spanish and the Brazilians, even before the formal meeting between the Big 6 (Russia, China, France, Britain, India, and the US) and the UKW.
The Spanish delegation to King's Landing flew to King's Landing on May 21. The fact that the two delegations were able to talk to one another and understand what year it was was arguably one of the greatest achievements of said meeting. The meeting between the Spanish delegation and the representatives of the Westerosi government was arguably the most dramatic culture clash since Colombus "discovered" the Americas as the two delegations exchanged their respective histories and discussed poten
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Chapter 1
Needless to say, the Event's immediate aftermath was wracked by chaos, panic, disbelief, and horror.
The United Kingdoms of Westeros had replaced large swathes of the Atlantic Ocean and made trans-Atlantic travel by sea near-impossible. The Westerosi military was one of the most powerful in it's world as the United Kingdoms of Westeros was one of the major powers of it's world. The navies of the world tried to make radio contact with the unfamiliar warships as well with said attempts at communication having mixed results as well. Fortunately, no one was interested in starting a war as the Westerosis were just as perplexed as they were.
Markers all around the world immediately entered a panic-driven meltdown which only the intervention of the Central Banks, which was initially uncoordinated but soon grew into a coordinated effort to keep the world economy afloat. The Federal Reserve Bank in the United States led the way as regulations dating back to the Cold War were enacted and the
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On May 19, 2017, the world received one of the greatest shocks in recorded history. In a few moments, humanity learned that it's cosmological understanding of the universe was incomplete, that time travel, hitherto considered to be sci-fi, was possible, and the universe was populated by some sort of powerful entity.
In the Mid-Atlantic, ships within the area of the event found themselves to be back in the ports from which they initially sailed from along with airplanes flying over the area of the "Event", who found themselves to be back in the airports from which they took off. This was one of the opening events of said "Event"
In other portions of the Mid-Atlantic, ships found themselves in sight of lands which shouldn't have been there and unidentified ships showed up on their radars. Said unidentified ships flew flags which were only seen on a certain TV series but said ships were up to date with modern technology whereas said TV series was in a medieval setting. This was nothing co
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Company Profile: Ravenswood-Huawei Corporation
The Ravenswood-Huawei Corporation is one of the most (in)famous corporations in the Galaxy, and for good reason. The Ravenswood-Huawei Corporation was and is one of the largest corporations in the Galaxy and is probably still the largest human corporation. At one point, under Olivette Ravenswood, Ravenswood-Huawei controlled 61 of the 104 human colony worlds, had the 4th largest military in the Galaxy, and it's currency, the Constellation Denarius was one of the main currencies of the galaxy. To analyze how Ravenswood-Huawei came to be one of the largest corporations in the Galaxy, one must look into the origins of the mega-corp and it's two constituent companies. Ravenswood Tech was founded by Alexander Ravenswood in 2018 as just one of many tech start-ups of the day. However, Alexander Ravenswood was highly intelligent and quite ruthless as well and so was slowly able to turn Ravenswood Tech into a corporate empire. By the 2050s, Alexander Ravenswood was one of the wealthiest men on
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My Timeline-15
-The POD is that Al Gore narrowly but clearly wins Florida in the Electoral College, leading to a Gore Presidency
-After 9/11, the US is more restrained in it's actions as while Afghanistan is still invaded, the Americans listen to the UN inspectors who tell them that there were no WMDs in Iraq and Saddam Hussein has an unfortunate stroke in late-2002 and his successor took cues from Gadhafi on how to avoid an invasion
-The US is more liberal than OTL as well due to Gore's 2000-2004 presidency while a moderate Republican wins in 2004 and is defeated in 2008 by Democrat Howard Dean after an alt-Global Financial Crisis, who implements a more radical version of Barack Obama's policies and wins reelection in 2012
-Meanwhile, European integration is further along than OTL with *Brexit narrowly failing and the debt crisis being largely averted
-Vladimir Putin is assassinated in 2007 by a lone gunman with ties to Islamic terrorists and Dmitry Medvevev, his successor, tones down his more repre
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Thor Meets Captain America: 15 years onwards by QuantumBranching Thor Meets Captain America: 15 years onwards :iconquantumbranching:QuantumBranching 115 80 An Arabian Conqueror A Turkic Prophet by RoyalPsycho An Arabian Conqueror A Turkic Prophet :iconroyalpsycho:RoyalPsycho 40 11 Arctica by RvBOMally Arctica :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 62 27 A World of Slaves by QuantumBranching A World of Slaves :iconquantumbranching:QuantumBranching 40 5
Coalition Army
Superseded in importance only by the Coalition Navy, the Coalition Army makes up the bulk of the Coalition’s planetside forces. About eleven billion strong, the Coalition Army easily outnumbers the entire populations of many galactic polities, but even it pales in comparison to the Conseil and United Technocracies’ militaries.
The Coalition Army finds its roots in the old United States Army. Army doctrine has changed little over the centuries. There are some differences, however: Imperial America’s Army was focused on deterring Soviet invasion and fighting insurgencies in America’s colonies. The modern Coalition Army revolves around the doctrine of OrbitSurface Battle: the aggressive use of armored units to punch through enemy lines and orbital and airborne support to cut supplies feeding the enemy. This is more similar to the United States Army’s doctrine during the Great War. The Coalition Army's primary purpose, however, is holding onto planetary territ
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Republic of New Rome/Nova Roma
New Rome is the most powerful and significant “neutral state” in galactic politics. Considering itself “above” the rivalries of the three superpowers, it is proud of its status of being independent of the ideological fighting between the three states. Consequently, the superpowers view New Rome as a pariah and usually refuse to have anything to do with the “galaxy’s last democracy.”
Italian thinker Costantino Pesaresi, a social democrat whose parents had managed to flee Earth during the Collapse, founded New Rome. During the early days, the American government was burdened with the logistics of moving American and allied infrastructure to Columbia and neighboring systems, so Pesaresi’s parents were free to teach him what the Americans would have called “subversive antipatriotism.” By the time Pesaresi was an old man, he had already gained a following, especially among the poorer immigrants to the new systems, and his actions f
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Osminogi (scientific classification unavailable)
When the Soviet Air Force Space Division probe Almaty-15 didn’t return to Earth from its mission to what would be later known as the Brabant system, tensions increased even more between the American Empire and the USSR. The Soviets sent a task force to deal with the problem with one simple order: determine what happened to the probe. In this regard, the task force was successful.
The osminogi are one of the many xeno species that mankind has driven to extinction, or very nearly so, in its expansion across the stars. Although most of these species were exterminated through sheer callousness and apathy, having their homeworlds terraformed with complete disregard to any life on them, the osminogi are special in that they are one of the few pre-Collapse xenos to be exterminated for posing a threat to humanity itself.
The osminogi were named as such by the Soviet task force sent to investigate Almaty-15 for their superficial simi
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ice and fire ( remake 2018) by AireensColor ice and fire ( remake 2018) :iconaireenscolor:AireensColor 86 6 Rhaegar and Lyanna by Tea-May Rhaegar and Lyanna :icontea-may:Tea-May 34 2 Rhaegar Targaryen by Who-Died Rhaegar Targaryen :iconwho-died:Who-Died 186 20 Rhaegar Targaryen, Lyanna Stark by Fealin-Meril Rhaegar Targaryen, Lyanna Stark :iconfealin-meril:Fealin-Meril 23 2 Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. by Crushandburn Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. :iconcrushandburn:Crushandburn 14 3 A Dance with a Dragon : Rhaegar + Lyanna by CMBaggs
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Right now, I am thinking of creating my own take on the world of "The Hunger Games". However, I want to present the lot of you with my own ideas about this world. I'm sure that you will provide constructive criticism for this world as I've only watched the movies and haven't read the books
  • Panem may be a ghastly, oppressive dictatorship, but the rest of the world isn't as bad as the Union of Panem (my idea about what Panem's full name is). I'm thinking of two ways for this, one, Panem is merely a North Korea-esque rogue state in a world about as bad as OTL, and the second idea is that Panem is the world's "Soviet Union", a major power in a stagnant, Brezhnevian phase and the Mockingjay uprising represents the reformist elements of the regime (which probably includes Plutarch Heavensbee) deciding that the old hardliners (represented by President Snow) will never voluntarily relinquish power and decide a revolution is the only answer
  • WW3 was horrible but not world-ending as "only" 50-100 strategic nukes were used by the superpowers but India and Pakistan are obliterated with a "Dravidian Union" being the most powerful post-war successor state and Bangladesh getting parts of Bengal and Assam in the post-war chaos.
  • The US after WW3, after a successful decapitation strike by the PLA during the last days of the war, falls apart in a violent civil war with a "Second American Republic" (essentially proto-Panem) under President Frank Underwood becoming the largest of the post-US regimes, controlling the Midwest, the Rockies, Texas, the Upper South, the Great Lakes area, and the Northeast with the Pacific Coast becoming a "Republic of Pacifica" and a "Republic of Dixie" arising from the Deep South. The Second American Republic is an authoritarian presidential republic governed by the principles of Trumpism (economic liberalism combined with social authoritarianism and a strong militarism) and is divided into 13 districts. Things in the Second American Republic remain PRC-level bad for most of the 21st and the 22nd centuries before becoming increasingly totalitarian in the 2170s onward with the districts rebelling after the Union Party tried to impose a pseudo-caste system which failed spectacularly with the inner districts remaining loyal to the Capitol and District 13 (New England) fleeing to WW3-era bunkers and the Union Party, after the failure of the Great Rebellion, proceeds to carry out a reorganization of the American state into the Union of Panem which includes the (in)famous Hunger Games and the Districts becoming essentially milked dry by the Capitol.
  • The Eurasian Federation is the most powerful state in the world and was formed  by the "victorious" Russians as a federal Union after WW3 and is comprised of Central Asia, the Caucasus mountains, Belarus, and eastern Ukraine in addition to Russia. The Eurasian Federation initially started out as an authoritarian democracy but eventually democratized in the late 21st century and the 22nd century. 
  • Latin America is dominated by the Hispanic Socialist Union, a federation descended from the Bolivarian Socialism of the early 21st century and adhering to a mix of Liberation Theology, radical socialism, and populist nationalism. The Hispanic Socialist Union controls most of Central and South America either directly or indirectly with the exception on Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Southern Brazil (with the rump Brazil and Paraguay being more or less "Finlandized" TBH)
  • Europe is a battleground between the Eurasian-aligned Mittleeuropan Union, consisting of Germany and Austria, the Panemian-aligned 3rd French Empire, consisting of France, Belgium, the Basque portions of Spain, and Luxembourg, and the Meditteranean Workers' Union, comprised of the rest of Iberia, Italy, and Greece. In addition, a "restored" Yugoslavia along with a Visegrad Union are Eurasian allies while the UK and Scandinavia are fiercely neutral.
  • The Middle East has calmed down with the major players there being a liberalized Islamic Republic of Iran fighting against a "New Caliphate" based out of what was once Saudi Arabia and controlling the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, and most of the Levant (an uneasy coalition of Shiites, Jews, and Maronites cling on to the coast). The New Caliphate is aligned with the Capitol but their extreme methods which in some cases recall the bygone "Islamic State" make them uneasy allies for the Capitol. North Africa is ruled by shaky democracies for the most part with the exception of Algeria, home to the last of the Arab Nationalist military regimes.
  • India is fractured into many pieces with the South being in a good shape with a "Dravidian Union" being the largest Indian remnant and recognized by most world powers as the legitimate successor to the Republic of India. Bangladesh took advantage of the collapse of India to gain the rest of Bengal and parts of Bihar and Assam. The rest of India is ruled by petty regimes with a "National Republic of India" based in Rajastan and a "Socialist Republic of India" based in Orissa being the largest of them. Pakistan is even worse with Baluchistan as an oasis of (brutal) stability under an Iranian-backed regime.
  • Africa has changed relatively little since the early 21st century but South Africa is no longer the regional powerhouse, long superseded by an East African Union formed in the 2080s. In addition, there are weird corporate states like Namibia, essentially the property of Morgan Industries, which is a quasi-monarchy under the descendants of Nwabudamike Morgan.
  • China had a short civil war in the 2060s which saw the fall of the Chinese Communist Party and it's replacement with a "Chinese Federation", a shaky democracy which is punctuated by the occasional coup d'etat. China is busy forming a non-aligned bloc along with the Indochinese Federation, Thailand, the Union of Korea, Japan, the Dravidian Union, Bangladesh, The Pan-Malayan Union, the Federation of Australasia, the Chile, Argentina, East Africa, the Scandinavian Federation, and Britain
  • Technology in this world is a mixture of nowpunk and hard sci-fi as small colonial bases are all over the Solar System and anyone who is anyone has a social media account with Social Media being a requistite for advancement in society.




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