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It's pretty frustrating that the Bamboo touch gesture doesn't work on Paint Tool Sai. I don't want to use photoshop for simple illustration as it is a bit too highload. After messing with the AppGesture.xml file for a while I managed to solution for it.

Solution Below~

Copy all the codes below and paste to the bottom of your AppGesture.xml (just open with a notepad, paste it in and save it) In case you don't know where the file is it is located here in most cases: (C:\Program Files\Tablet\Pen) After you have done this, restart your PC for it to take effect.

   <ArrayElement type="map">
      <displayname>Paint Tool Sai</displayname>
      <identifier type="string">sai</identifier>
      <ScrollUp type="map">
<keystroke type="kestring"><![CDATA[&up;]]></keystroke>
         <amount type="double">50</amount>
      <ScrollDown type="map">
<keystroke type="kestring"><![CDATA[&down;]]></keystroke>
         <amount type="double">50</amount>
      <PanLeft type="map">
<keystroke type="kestring"><![CDATA[&left;]]></keystroke>
         <amount type="double">50</amount>
      <PanRight type="map">
<keystroke type="kestring"><![CDATA[&right;]]></keystroke>
         <amount type="double">50</amount>
      <ZoomIn type="map">
         <input type="string">scrollwheeldown</input>
         <amount type="double">25</amount>
         <amountmultiplier type="double">1</amountmultiplier>
         <granularity type="double">1</granularity>
      <ZoomOut type="map">
         <input type="string">scrollwheelup</input>
         <amount type="double">25</amount>
         <amountmultiplier type="double">1</amountmultiplier>
         <granularity type="double">1</granularity>
      <RotateCW type="map">
         <keystroke type="kestring"><![CDATA[&alt;&f13;]]></keystroke>
         <amount type="double">5</amount>
      <RotateCCW type="map">
         <keystroke type="kestring"><![CDATA[&alt;&f14;]]></keystroke>
         <amount type="double">5</amount>
      <GrabberHand type="map">
         <keystroke type="kestring"><![CDATA[&space;]]></keystroke>

For the rotate gesture, in Paint Tool Sai, go to others>keyboard shortcuts>tick the "alt" box, scroll down until you find alt+F13, set that to rotate clockwise and alt+F14 to anti-clockwise. You can change the numeric value in the XML file to change the gesture sensitivity if you want, but I find this do best for me. If you want a more detailed explanation, view my blog post here (No haz prenium membah so cannot uproad picturez here :\ )

Hope this helps...
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When I'm trying to save the changes, it says "access is denied"!:[