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Was bored, so yeah.
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mind sharing that wallpaper?
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Nice! This is my ideal type of desktop!

How were you able to do the partial transparency (the term showing windows behind it instead of showing the desktop background)?
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I am using composting. The program is called xcompmgr.
Thanks for that quick reply!

I know these are dumb questions. I've been looking through the arch forums to find configuration for that, but so far seems that Xcompmgr also makes the borders transparent. Is there a way not to do that?

If you've seen the answer on archlinux forums, tell me and I'll look for it.

Apologies for being so annoying...
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You are not annoying whatsoever. I am not sure about that problem, sorry.
No problem. Even without that I'm loving Arch! :D
I managed to pimp my AL almost the way I want! :D
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what is in the right top corner?
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Screenlet + ClockRing
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nice minimal shot! :)
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What is the font you are using in your menus?
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cure, it is part of the artwiz fonts in Archlinux
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Oh, awesome! What's the name of the panel?
Ok, thank you :)
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