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Next screenshot will be very special, promise.
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beautiful, simple, perfect
Would love to get the wallpaper, could you send me a link? Thank you!
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Could you send me a PM with the Wall? :D
share me plz.. T_T
nice wpp!!!
Can you share some plz?
Like this wp..
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Holy crap, why haven't I been getting these for a while? I'm installing arch on an old lappy now, getting the wlan going is a bitch (i'll have to plug in the Ethernet tomorrow to get WPA stuff, it's 1240AM here) but otherwise it's looking good. I'll likely be blatantly copying your style for a while :D
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Awesome, Musca or something like this?
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wallpp pls.. ;P thnks
Nice desk :)
what terminal emulator do you use? i want the small tabs
of it on my own desktop, but didnt find anything how i can do that...

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Urxvt is the emulator. The "tabs" are the panel i use, tint :P
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could you send me a note as well of the wallpaper?

Thank you
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great! looking for the wall as well please =)
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can i get the wall?
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nice desk/wallpaper :) url?
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Sent you a note.
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