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Merry Christmas 2014 by Haxisal-XIII Merry Christmas 2014 :iconhaxisal-xiii:Haxisal-XIII 4 21 Merry Christmas 2014- Sketch by Haxisal-XIII Merry Christmas 2014- Sketch :iconhaxisal-xiii:Haxisal-XIII 2 0
L x Reader- Made This Personal
The first time he ever meet you, you were a teenager around the age of 15 or 16 with clear goals and a realistically optimistic opinion of the world. He remembered it almost as well he remembered his own name.
He had returned to Wammy’s House to give advice to the kids who were now being taught to follow in his footsteps and to visit Mr. Wammy to discuss the next case for him to go on, these two events managed to fill most of his day and evening had quickly descended upon the house. But, as usual, his sweet tooth wasn’t satisfied with waiting to get its fix so he found himself heading towards the kitchen, halting mid-step and he noticed the light in the room where he was headed was on. Continuing towards his destination, he opened the door to the room slowly to reveal a teenage girl sat on the countertop with [h/c] hair, consuming an apple and a drink of some sort.
“You know that sitting on that counter means food prepared on it is
:iconhaxisal-xiii:Haxisal-XIII 478 168
Valetine's Day? Tsudere!Reader x : Armin
You walked through the school, each and every couple, poster and even the colours red and pink were beginning to grate on your nerves, so you decided to go to the one place no-one in the school ever seemed to use. The library. It was the only place in the school where you could ever get some peace and get away from the suspicious and frightened glances from teachers and classmates alike.
“P-Please leave me a-alone!” A trembling voice cut through your inner musing.
“Now why would we do that dweeb?” Now to that you couldn’t help but to raise your eyebrow, bullies, how you hated such people. Deciding that you had already heard enough you fixed your face in as cold of an expression as you could muster and stood tall before confidently walking around the corner and placing a hand on your hip as you examined the scene before you, glare hardening even more when you realised what was going on. Reiner Braun and Annie Leonhardt towered over someone obviously smaller
:iconhaxisal-xiii:Haxisal-XIII 67 42
Tsundere!Reader x Any Character- Valentine's Day?
A/N When I say any character, I mean it. If you leave the name and fanbase of a character in the comments, I will try my best to write an ending for them in this. I may not if I utterly hate them or the show/anime/manga/cartoon/game etc., or if I really know nothing about them. But enjoy and get suggesting! If you don’t get what I mean, something like this:  Zero Kiryu from Vampire Knight. Of course, each ending will adapt to fit fanbases, that’s why this into is pretty general.
Beware: Since it's me, there will be swearing in this!

Pink and red were suddenly extremely prominent colours at your school, all the lovers were coo-ing at each other or using the day as an excuse to suck each other’s faces off. How sickening. Valentine’s Day meant nothing to you, in fact you loathed it, all it managed to do was piss you off even more, after all, it was just a stupid day where shops made a fortune because teens felt obligated to get useless or fatteni
:iconhaxisal-xiii:Haxisal-XIII 18 38
Commission: Tani Rocking Out by Haxisal-XIII Commission: Tani Rocking Out :iconhaxisal-xiii:Haxisal-XIII 3 11
Traverse Town is Empty: The Fallen One
"Ugh..." Haxisal groaned as she sat up, her head pounded. How long had she been out of it? By the looks of it at least a few hours, when she arrived in Traverse Town the sun had been out, it was now dusk. How had she fallen unconscious in the first place? That's when it all came back to her, the waterway, the Heartless cornering her, the darkness calling her, the leap and the fall. After that all she remembered was pain and darkness. The one thing that didn't add up, how had she survived? She stood up on her shaking leg and began to walk to where the RtC portal should be out in the main plaza, but when she got there, no portal could be seen despite her arrival.
"What the- What's going on?" She whispered, a sense of panic began to swarm her as she desperately searched for the portal, only to stop in front of a window. Slowly with a feeling of disbelief she approached it, staring at her own reflection. She placed a hand on her cheek, running her finger down it as if she were checking it
:iconhaxisal-xiii:Haxisal-XIII 4 21
My OC Nobodies Bracelets by Haxisal-XIII My OC Nobodies Bracelets :iconhaxisal-xiii:Haxisal-XIII 4 85 Kirkysaurus Bracelet by Haxisal-XIII Kirkysaurus Bracelet :iconhaxisal-xiii:Haxisal-XIII 5 62 Hawkrider Bracelet by Haxisal-XIII Hawkrider Bracelet :iconhaxisal-xiii:Haxisal-XIII 4 41
Not Alone. Not Anymore. (ClintxReader)
You stood atop the building, surveying the area, or at least, that’s what it looked like to the few who could see your silhouette on top of the mega-structure. A proud member of the Avengers was what you were meant to be, but you kept your identity to yourself, only the team themselves knew your true name, and therefore, the public treated you no differently. Simply brushed you away like a pesky mosquito, but as soon as the mask was on, you were idolized. You hated it. None of them loved you for the person you were; only the mask was cared for. Today had been the breaking point though.
“Hey! Slut!”
Your vision lowered to the ground as the nasally voice you dread swam into your ears, you tried to continue walking, but your shoulders were grabbed and you were forced to turn around. There, in all her bitchy glory, stood Tara Linston, chortling away as she noticed your feeble attempt at a glare. No matter how much time passed, she still acted like a high sc
:iconhaxisal-xiii:Haxisal-XIII 266 49
Was it worth it? by Haxisal-XIII Was it worth it? :iconhaxisal-xiii:Haxisal-XIII 1 35 Haxisal Lolita Coloured/Complete by Haxisal-XIII Haxisal Lolita Coloured/Complete :iconhaxisal-xiii:Haxisal-XIII 6 42 Haxisal Lolita Line Art- Free for use by Haxisal-XIII Haxisal Lolita Line Art- Free for use :iconhaxisal-xiii:Haxisal-XIII 2 0 Haxisal Lolita Sketch by Haxisal-XIII Haxisal Lolita Sketch :iconhaxisal-xiii:Haxisal-XIII 3 0 Zoey- Redesign by Haxisal-XIII Zoey- Redesign :iconhaxisal-xiii:Haxisal-XIII 5 17
FO Gifts by Enjoumou FO Requests by Enjoumou

Open PComms by Enjoumou Open Kiribans by Enjoumou

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Random Favourites

Smiles Meme by PearlDolphin Smiles Meme :iconpearldolphin:PearlDolphin 1,867 145
Secret Addiction
~ "Tifa? Why are you smelling my shirt?" ~
Believe it or not, there was a reason why Tifa hugged Cloud longer and more often lately than she ever did. Yes, the fact that he gave her butterflies had something to do with it. Another reason was that she wanted to stay as close to him as was humanly possible, but there was more to it; when she happened to discover how immensely good his aftershave smelled on him, she decided that she had every right to indulge in it from that moment on. She was his almost-but-not-quite girlfriend, after all. Besides, she was pretty sure that the ex-SOLDIER didn't mind anyway; otherwise he wouldn't hug her back.
You could even go as far as call Tifa's current...obsession a guilty pleasure. Especially what with the way she was behaving. Every morning, she would always let the blond go to the bathroom first, after the children were done, of course. In the meantime, she would prepare their breakfast. That way, she would have the bathroom all
:iconwishingdreamer5:WishingDreamer5 21 29
My favorite YGO pairings by Grace0331 My favorite YGO pairings :icongrace0331:Grace0331 26 33 Lifestream by DrAssenov Lifestream :icondrassenov:DrAssenov 72 34 FFVII/FFVIII Ice Cream Beach Party WIP by DrAssenov FFVII/FFVIII Ice Cream Beach Party WIP :icondrassenov:DrAssenov 35 32 Old and Young Gertrude by TILLTY Old and Young Gertrude :icontillty:TILLTY 13 6 Saving at Oeilvert by DestinyBlue Saving at Oeilvert :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 734 431 Chocobo n Moogle by DestinyBlue Chocobo n Moogle :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 1,293 120 Mute by DestinyBlue Mute :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 7,363 104 Anime Artist Meme by DestinyBlue Anime Artist Meme :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 20,696 2,415
Now Scream For Me
Streak colours across
Hellish skies of vengeance.
Illusions and wishes shall
Not be granted for the weak.
You of all people fail to
Understand my brutal wrath.
Marvel at my destructive powers,
Brave the winds of despair as
Rain of fire sweep the land.
Every unfortunate soul will perish,
Obliterated by such chaos that
Nobody can ever run and hide from.
For decades I have been dormant
And here I appear before your eyes;
Now is the time to scream, mortals.
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 11 25
Bottomless Pit
Blackened, poisoned heart,
Loss of happiness is swift.
Underneath I am crumbling;
Eerie thoughts of disturbing self
Destruction fills my every thoughts.
Icy chills prickles my skin,
Alerting my senses to go into a
Mad dance, just being pushed
Over the jagged edge of insanity.
Never have I felt the banes of
Dismal solitude that plagues mankind.
Pleasure and pain meshed together;
Inside I am eaten alive, strong burdens
Killing my vitals with each strike.
All alone, I am left with my sorrow,
Caring not of my body, caring not of my
Health for it decays like dying cells
Until my last breath exhales finally.
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 13 7
Blessing From The Stars
A star was a born;
God sent, others may say as he
Enter their lives, armed with
Nice words that make women
Tremble with quiet admiration.
Markings of a true gentlemen,
Intelligence is worn like a regal
Cloak, flaunting his skills but so
Humbly to convey traditional nobility.
I am fortunate enough to know him,
Guiding him through the exciting ups
As well as the agonising downs,
Not disbelieving him for a moment.
Many times he has proved his worth
In his eloquent speech, always
Advising people so they can learn.
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 8 7
Touch Of Death
Death, are you so close?
Are you waiting for the exact
Right time to savour my brutal
Killing so my soul is forever yours?
Brilliantly disguised in many forms,
Losing to nobody as to fear the
Unknown is to fear the Underworld itself.
Escape is something you detest.
I can't help but to admit but the
Course of time marches on, a clear
Inclination of my future demise.
Near misses won't save me at all,
Going from the cradle to the grave.
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 13 4
Mirrors Don't Lie
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
I command you to tell me all.
Show me most of my good looks
And spare me of the blemishes.
Mirror, mirror on the ceiling,
I'm currently busy right now.
See, my lover's so eager to please;
At the moment he is very randy.
So many antique, sparkling mirrors I
Have collected throughout the ages.
I rather take pride in my appearance,
Not wanting to show signs of weaknesses.
Investments in make up and hair designs,
Gucci bags is my biggest adoration.
Amazing how nobody knows of the girl who was
Made fun out of the way that she looked.
I am now a very beautiful swan indeed.
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 14 14



Off again and a life update!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 13, 2014, 3:43 PM

Gallery | +Watch ME | Note ME

Well, as a few of you may know, I left school in June with good grades and chose to go onto Sixth Form (basically extended studies on subjects at a higher level). However this option just didn't work for me and I left 2 weeks into my 4 courses as it felt like a waste of time. Since then I gave been studying for financial qualifications with the IFS and am looking for an apprenticeship in an office  and I have applied for a Christmas job!

Along with that I'm going on holiday again (surprise, suprise). This time to Hawaii for 17 days. So see ya all in November if I can't get any internet (you never know on these holidays).



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