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April 10, 2013
Game of Thrones: House Stark Painting by ~Hax09
Featured by Lyricanna
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Game of Thrones: House Stark Painting

A painting I did of House Stark from Game of Thrones.
Created using a wacom pen tablet in Photoshop.

SEE W.I.P: [link]

Images I used as reference:
Ned: [link]
Cat: [link]
Bran: [link]
Sansa: [link]
Robb: [link]
Arya: [link]
Rickon: [link]

P.S I have not read the books. Only seen the show so please don't post any spoilers that haven't been broadcast yet. Thanks ! :D

PPS: I knew I would have to include this. I chose to leave Jon Snow out because technically he isn't a Stark. Believe me I understand just how much he was raised as one. But I feared that fans wouldn't want him included in a painting titled 'House Stark'. I also thought I'd get less criticism for NOT including him rather than painting him in a house he didn't belong in. I wanted to include him but the fact remains he isn't a Stark.
If I included him then there's reason to include Theon too who was also raised by the Starks. I couldn't enter that grey area. Sorry.... :(

Thank you very much Lyricanna! And thank you all for your amazing comments! It has inspired me a lot!

EDIT2 : Wow 15K views and over 1K favourites! Thank you guys! Words cannot express my gratitude!!!
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Diego-Cobo-Sanchez's avatar
There's so much realism on this drawing it's almost unbelievable!La la la la  You sure are gifted, Hax09!Clap 
PS: Long live the eternal Stark family!!
guny666's avatar
where is tony
JackieCrossley's avatar
Great work, well done!
Hax09's avatar
Thank you Jackie!
thekillingmark's avatar
Woohoo!! House Stark!! I love the way you did Arya, shes my favorite:D
Hax09's avatar
FallenSpirit456's avatar
Hax09's avatar
And Robb. Don't forget Robb.
WatcherWilson1988's avatar
Loved the image. House Stark is my favourite
Hax09's avatar
Thanks! Mine too
RobeenGSantos's avatar
No Jon? Oh well, it's still Awesome 💞 Good job on this 💕
Hax09's avatar

Yeah it's cause he's not a true born Stark...
jawbreaker36's avatar
Then why didn't you include Ned's little brother, Benjen?
Cheshire-Cat09's avatar
I know something bout Jon but don't want to ruin it.
Hax09's avatar
Lol. I know something about Jon too...
Cheshire-Cat09's avatar
Is it about who his real parents may be
Vizionary89's avatar
Aww man no John.But Still F'n Awesome portrait man.
Hax09's avatar
Thanks Mark!
BenjaminHopkins's avatar
He may/may not be one. We'll have to wait n' see.
Rackwheel's avatar
Okay I'm madly in love with this. My favorite House! I was so mad when I watched Red Wedding ..
However, I love this drawing. You truly are amazing.
Hax09's avatar
Thanks Peter!

Yeah the Red Wedding made me really sad. So many good characters killed in one scene. :(
Spectre4hire's avatar
This is really nicely done.

Thanks for sharing,

Hax09's avatar
Thank you Brian :)
Autayli's avatar
True Jon isnt FULLY a Stark. But he is still half Stark because of Ed. So you dont have to include Jon sure, If you dont 100% count him as a Stark okay. But he is still half Stark even if he did have a different mother. He was still raised with the Starks and fought side by side with them.
In my opinion I would count him in but thats okay too.
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