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Newest Deviations

The Actual Reason I Love RWBY
The Actual Reason I Love RWBY:
A Rambling Essay on RWBY, Harry Potter, Character Development, and the Creative Process
Despite adorable ass-kicking, gun-sword wielding, friendship focused girls being my literal favorite thing in the entire universe … it is the level of creativity the entire concept of RWBY was devised with that really hooked me.
There are rules Monty created that the universe follows. That is so important. Setting boundaries for yourself when you are creating is one of the most useful things you can do to grow yourself as an artist, any kind of artist.
Michelangelo didn't carve the Pieta out of an entire mountain. He carved it out of a single block of marble that was sold to him in a particular shape and size. He didn't look at the mountains outside of Florence and say, “Hmm...what all can I do with all these miles of marble.” He took one block of marble and said, “What do I see within this one piece?”
If you s
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One Of Those Days.... by HawthornSword One Of Those Days.... :iconhawthornsword:HawthornSword 14 10 Bedtime Stories by HawthornSword Bedtime Stories :iconhawthornsword:HawthornSword 28 9
Bruises: A Red vs. Blue fanfiction
Not all of Wash's memories were always his own, but he's made them his. After Locus takes them down, Wash has a lot of bruises. They are the colors of his memories. There is a doctor here. She is not one of his memories. She says that says he will heal with time. He's not sure if she's talking about the bruises or the memories. (Not exactly spoilers, but watch 12x9, 12x10 first.)
Tucker, Simmons, and Grif are talking as they try to set up a make shift base after the crash. They're talking about girls. There had been some cute ones on the ship, like the pilot Tucker had been flirting with, but they're dead now. Simmons is mourning another missed chance to speak to women while Tucker mourns the loss of “dat ass.”
Wash likes girls. He always has. He guesses his reaction to them was always somewhere in between Tucker's and Simmons's. On the one hand, he ardently admires the female form. On the other, he's always been a bit bumbling and awkward talking to women...or about
:iconhawthornsword:HawthornSword 7 0
Tough Love
Let me let you in
On a little secret.
Is like possession
By a demon with your own face
Don’t trust It
It will make you think
Wrong is Right
Right is wrong
It all looks so appealing
Anything to keep on feeling
To keep away the nothingness
It can’t be that bad
The demon lies
There is a Reason
There is a Right and Wrong
And Universal
Don’t be an idiot
By listening to the demon
That has taken up residence in your head
You are Enough
To kick that demon out
I’ll say it again.
You. Are. Enough.
If you choose to be
:iconhawthornsword:HawthornSword 4 0
She takes off her glasses
Shakes her hair out
And makes a sort of
Pouty face 
Takes a picture
On her phone
And sends it to him
While she should be studying
I don’t think she even realizes
She’s such a tease
And I adore her for it
Its just one of her quirks
And I think she leans hard
In one “straight” direction 
So that no one can put her
In that crooked opposite corner
Because she fears it
But I wish she wouldn’t
Because I would so like to kiss her
:iconhawthornsword:HawthornSword 1 0
That dangerous Give and Take
That we crave 
I’m bad at it, I admit
I have this tendency to hide
From the people in my life 
And open myself up to strangers
Like I’m searching for someone
I hoard my heart
Until I see someone interesting
And then I fling it!
At you.
:iconhawthornsword:HawthornSword 2 0
Growing Up
I just realized
I’m not waiting for you.
I sort of hate that.
But it’s done.
It was a sort of grieving period
After you left.
But it’s done now.
Obviously I can’t be trusted
In a time of grief.
I acted out
Like a child.
But maybe that’s what all this is:
Growing up.
The one thing I’m not very good at.
But hey,
I’ve never done it before.
You’re one of the few,
Who would cut me some slack.
You didn’t abandon me,
I see now.
We both needed this.
:iconhawthornsword:HawthornSword 3 3
Broken and Beautiful
I’ve always tried to be
What everyone else needed from me
That’s why it freaks me out
That you actually see me
How I see me
It’s exactly what I’ve been needing
And it freaks me out
That you want me
Exactly the way that I am
You’re not painting any pictures
Of what you need
Because you don’t need me
I’m nothing to do with anything
And you think I’m funny and sexy
You don’t want a thing from me but me
And it freaks me out
You could just be manipulating me for my body
But at least I can say it’s refreshing
That you don’t pretend to love me
Or ask anything of me
So I’ll let you use me if I can use you too
I promise I’ll try not to fall for you
Unless maybe you decide you’d like me to
I don’t think I could fight you
Because I like you
Just the way you are
Broken and Beautiful
:iconhawthornsword:HawthornSword 2 3
Don't You Dare
Hold up, step back
We’ve got a problem here
You are making me feel
And that was never part of this deal
Just bored
Looking for fun
You were the most
Interesting someone
Don’t act like you care
You’re starting to scare me
I didn’t ask you to make me happy
So don’t you dare
It’s supposed to be a game
If you make me lose
My heart
I won’t play
Oh, this just got real
I told you
Don’t make me feel
I admit I was afraid of this
:iconhawthornsword:HawthornSword 1 7
Congratulations honey
You’ve made the list
You’re my new obsession 
Better hide your heart honey
I’m afraid it’s too late for mine
And trust me, that’s not a good sign 
Its all part of your plan you say
Smiling as you walk away
Seduce me til you get your way
That’s what they all say
Until the day
I break their hearts
It’s never on purpose
Is always how it starts
I’m not the good girl
For you to corrupt
I’m not the good girl
Who falls and stays stuck
I’ll drive you crazy
Til there’s nothing left of either of us 
You’re my new obsession
:iconhawthornsword:HawthornSword 2 2
Screaming A Question
The odd realization that I’m not finished making myself
Is disorienting 
How can I do anything, decide anything, love anyone
If I don’t know me
How can I expect anyone else to love me because they know me
If I don’t know me
I can’t even ask who the girl in the mirror is,
Because she’s not the one
Screaming inside
:iconhawthornsword:HawthornSword 1 1
What Regret Means
I was going through some old things
When I found the pages of poems I had written
On the day I found out
You died.
I still burst into tears
Every time I think of you.
I burst.
There is too much emotion there to contain.
I didn’t know you long
Or well, for that matter.
But I knew enough then
To know now
That you are the most important person
I have ever lost.
You were a light.
I hung on your every word
But it wasn’t enough.
Your death taught me what regret means
Because I wish I could have seen you
One more time.
Or a million.
And I swear to you
I’ll leave a bottle of your favorite
At your resting place
When I go back.
:iconhawthornsword:HawthornSword 1 0
You were brilliant, inspiring.
So many years, yet child like
In your passion for everything.
Your eyes lit up the room like the sky.
You voice perked up our ears like a song.
Your energy was endless; we couldn’t keep up.
Was. Past tense.
How can that change in a day?
They told me that even at the end, you wouldn’t stop working
For us..
So much kindness, openness, love
The world seems physically darker now.
But I hope heaven is real,
Because you deserve it:
To sit with the men of genius
You taught us about.
You said when Christ sat in the desert alone,
“He drew a circle around himself, as if to say, ‘This is where I am’.”
I am drawing a circle around my heart
To keep you here with me.
You were the most holy man I have ever met.
:iconhawthornsword:HawthornSword 1 0
Learning What Matters
He’s dead.
And they’ll be putting him
In the cold hard ground
And I never even got to
Tell him thank you
To hug him
I’ve taken so much for granted
I hope he knew
How amazing he was
To all of us 
I’ve just realized
This is the first person
Who has ever died
That actually mattered to me.
A piece of my world
Just shifted.
There is a hole left there..
A question
Where a god once stood.
What do I do
Without such a pillar?
Who knew 3 months could change everything?
Who knew 3 years could change even more?
:iconhawthornsword:HawthornSword 1 0
One Track Mind
You looked in my eyes
And stole my mind
I’m caught - 
Like that -
In your trap
You seem so innocent
I can’t wade through lies
They’re invisible
My mind ensnared
My heartstrings tied
I gravitate –
I sit and think
Cursing my one track mind
:iconhawthornsword:HawthornSword 3 2


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