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PMD: Outlanders - 37

The Ranger crew is a fun bunch

You can also read Outlanders on Tumblr or on my website!(and as usual, in case you need to catch up, all pages are under the ‘page’ tag at the top of the dash!)

Brain Food 

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Kit in 7th panel: Hol up

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Pffft, that last panel. Penny is hopeful. Kit keeps wondering why everyone assumes she's staying here, Jess suddenly remembered he's the cook. Better hurry up, or else no one will have dinner, NOW that would be a tragedy.

My man! Let me point out how well the writing is executed here. It's sassy, funny... but in a way, it also feels like a real conversation. Delightful!

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It sure would be!

And thank you! The Ranger crew is fun to write dialogue for since they're all casual with each other

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the escalation on dinner.

excitement. wait a minute. panik!

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Jesse, did you forget something?

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"oh wait i'm the cook"

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Oh dear. It's probably burning as we speak.

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Damascus would be helpful with a water attack- maybe Kit can step in if that’s needed
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I guess they won't have dinner.

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They won’t if Jesse can’t save it from burning
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Yeah, but... as matter of fact, cooking is precise. Specially the time. So my money is that the dinner is already burnt.

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three different ways of saying dinner that can all cause concern : D

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Penny’s like ‘omg dinner- I’ve been here for like a while and I haven’t had food yet!’
Kit’s like ‘I do Not want to stay for dinner’
Jesse’s like ‘oh NO MY COOKING’S BURNING’
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sounds about right

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uhh, isn't 'real' supposed to be 'read'? In the second paragraph.

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it doesn't say real anywhere?

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It says "You can also real Outlanders" on the second line/paragraph

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Oh yeah- I’ll change that when I get the chance!
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