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Snow-Bun by Hawkstar915 Snow-Bun :iconhawkstar915:Hawkstar915 6 2
Ametrine's Sloppy Kill
Ametrine left her little secluded waterfall on the search for food. She had started to learn the area around Jordskarn pretty well in the past few months, where the barbarians camped, where the prey ran, and where the best places to hide were. She did not think that she would grow to like this new place, but Etri eventually did. As she made her way towards where she knew one of the qirin herds tended to roam, she looked out at one of the crystal clear lakes. Etri had thought about walking through the shallow waters just for the fun of it, but then thought differently as a cold breeze blew by.
After some more walking, Ametrine came to where she had thought she had remembered the herd normally being. The herd’s scent was faint, but she could still catch whiffs of it. Etri decided that she would follow the trail because how far could the herd have gotten? When she had observed them before, they didn’t seem like they moved that fast and her old tribe mates used to bring qirin h
:iconhawkstar915:Hawkstar915 0 2
Inktober Day 2: wings by Hawkstar915 Inktober Day 2: wings :iconhawkstar915:Hawkstar915 0 0
Turfside Horse Tracker
Name: Night Rider (Hermione)
Number: 454
Gender: Mare
Division: III
Phenotype: Black (flaxen carrier)
Genotype: Ee aa ff
Traits: 3P
Breeding: Starter
Earnings: $400
Speed: 12
Stamina: 16
Breaking: 7
Power: 10
Courage: 13
Total: 58
Name: Dance of Thorns (Thorn)
Number: 461
Gender: Stallion
Division: III
Phenotype: Sooty Blood Bay
Genotype: Ee Aa nSty
Traits: 3P
Breeding: Foundation (RNG)
Earnings: $0
Speed: 9
Stamina: 8
Breaking: 2
Power: 3
Courage: 9
Total: 31
:iconhawkstar915:Hawkstar915 0 0
Hitting A Bump In The Road
Writer’s block feels like a gray sky when it doesn’t bother to even be windy or rainy.
It sounds like being in a loud room listening to the many conversations and trying to add to each and every one of them.
It tastes like going to a fancy restaurant and after eating the full course meal, the waiter or waitress asks you how your meal tasted but there were so many flavors that it would be impossible to describe.
It smells like a polluted city, the same disgusting smell that all who live and work there get accustomed to to the point that it becomes bland and there’s no way to describe it anymore.
Writer’s block feels like being an over-energetic puppy during the winter. The owner doesn’t feel like going out in the cold snow, but your puppy mind can’t stand missing the exciting world outside.
:iconhawkstar915:Hawkstar915 0 0
A Bug's Life (Taken For Granted)
The first bug to come to mind
Their colors, their grace
Not at all those faces
Concealed by bright wings
No bug eats a butterfly
naturally, it’s poisonous.
the night beauty
remembering those warm summer nights
catching the little lights
putting them in jars
letting them go when it was time to go inside
keeping them to die over night
The attention, The treatment
Their colors, Their clothes, Their hair
Everyone likes a butterfly.
everyone forgets about the fireflies
just a pretty light in darkness
We sit in the dark
afraid of the Butterflies
and yet
we still get caught
all we do is provide the spotlight
you never notice a firefly
when we get to be in our own light
and it’s hard to chase your own tail
you’ll miss a firefly if you don’t look for the flickering light
A Butterfly takes first at state.
all the fireflies she stepped on
the coaches, the teammates
the people who stood beside her
to never be remember
:iconhawkstar915:Hawkstar915 1 0
Rip Current
The deeper, the quieter.
The quiet of my own thoughts,
the songs in my head
The feeling of weightlessness, my hair floating around me,
The feeling of having my problems wash away
Occasionally someone will join me,
an exchange of unspoken words, before she goes back up
Up to the real world.
My eyes closed, singing the songs in my head
I didn’t realize it was coming.
The current picked up,
tossing me, my thoughts, and anyone else around like driftwood
My world was turned upside-down by something I loved
The world I escaped to when the true world started sucking me under
only to have this world be a thousand times worse.
I swim up to the surface and to shore,
to the real world
Me and the others curl up shivering on the sandy beach,
other beach-goers looking at us like we’re crazy.
but what did they know.
Some of them come over to help, but we all just push them away,
they don’t know what we’re doing and why we do it
It’s better for all of us
:iconhawkstar915:Hawkstar915 0 0
Pardon Faith
Name: Hugo
Instrument: Drums or piano
Height: tallest in the band (6')
Personality: Quiet, Soft, Token "gay" of the group but nah
Concert style: Jeans, Occasionally worn-out jean jackets, T-shirts, Running sneakers
Casual style: Sweatpants, running sneakers, slightly too small sweatshirts
Voice style: Deep, Bassy, definitely covering background and lower harmony
Fav music genres: Techno, Acoustic covers, Instrumental versions of songs, A Capella
Relation to Joy: Met Joy later in their Junior year. Mistook Dirk for Shade, made things a little awkward, but things are good now.
Name: Dante
Instrument: main singer, but rotates as needed
Height: The shortest (5' 8")
Personality: the jokester of the group, but everyone knows he means no harm, likes to have fun, is kinda like the younger brother of the band. Too smart for his own good
Concert style: Snapback hats, T-shirts, Cargo shorts, Converse shoes
Casual style: baggy jeans, gaming graphic tees, slip-ons and socks
Voice style: Tenor voice
:iconhawkstar915:Hawkstar915 0 0
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A small piece for :iconsapphirefast:. I was looking through the prompts and I was reminded of Bun, so I drew her building a mini Bun!

Flat color (5)
Full body (5)
Other esk (10)
Personal work (5)
Prompt - December 2017 (10)
Total AP: 35

Flat color (2)
Full body (2)
Prompt - December 2017 (1)
Total GP: 5
Really new to the group and I would like to start earning AP towards my first esk asap.

All art will be fairly simple traditional drawings, but I'll try my best to make them turn out great!


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