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StarGlow Brushes

By hawksmont
It's been a while since last set of brushes... huh?

5 big glows handcrafted with Photoshop 7.0 :D should work in all newer versions you have :))

Main terms of use - free for commercial use, no credits needed!

Quick tutorial:If you want to achieve the effect on the preview use a black background and white paint for the brush. Use a glow brush on a new layer (black layer is beneath). Duplicate the layer with the brush and set the blending mode for this new layer on ‘Overlay’ or ‘Color’ (Overlay works better for me). Select this last layer and open Hue/Saturation window (ctrl+U, command+U), check the colorize option an then move all sliders as you want to :)
(Note: if you have a white layer, and you do :) , slide down the ‘light’ slider to see the colours). If you think the colour of your glow is to light you can duplicate that coloured layer as many times as you need to.

How to make them GLOW?
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yes i wanted to let you know that your link to read the terms of use dont work they go right to a list of web sites to find you and your brushes. and i just down loaded all but 4. and i would like to know were i can find the terms of use and that so i may agree with them. im trying some out now for fun and so far im liking what im seeing and i can WAIT to use them on so many thing like for one my DEVING on imvu with a lot of them just from trying them out they gave me some wicked cool ideas. but before i go all out i wanted to reat the terms before that. so could you help me out please
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Hi, I use ur starglow brushes here:…
Thank u for making it. It's awesome ;) (Wink)
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Hi there,Used your Brushes here…

Thank you much :iconprincesslunadanceplz:
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Hi there,Used your Brushes here

Thank you much,
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Hi,I used your vector here [link]

Thank you again ^^
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Hello,I used your brushes here [link]

And here [link]

And here to [link]

Thank you so much,Sorry for the massive link upload,I'm hooked with your brushes
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Hi there,I used your brushes here [link]

Thank you so much^^
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Thank you for sharing such awesome brushes!
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Blah, Stephanie too the words outta my mouth. lol I was going to say - As always, you rock Hawksmont. Thank you.
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