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GIMP: Skylines

Now skylines are available also for GIMP :D
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Thanks for having these and being so good about sharing. As a fledgling artist, cartographer and all around person trying to understand digital media, it is nice to know that there are people willing to help.
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I won't make any money from this but it's nice to have them and do some graphics. Thanks to other free wwwizards ! microlook
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So cool, thank you!
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Merci beaucoup
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good job, thanks
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Skylines are very much appreciated. You've done an excellent job. Thanks for sharing.
do you have this set of brushes for Photoshop?
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Thanks for sharing, they look great !
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Hey! May I buy a license to use these brushes?
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used it here : [link]
thank you :heart:
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They are great! Beuty brushes.
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to install these brushes, extract them to "C:/Program Files/GIMP-2.0/share/gimp/2.0/brushes" this is at least where mine are located. you want to install it into the brushes folder. click "Extract..." or "Extract to Specified Folder"(depending on your version of windows) find Gimp-2.0 (Mine is in "Program Files," and the rest should be easy... "share" folder, "gimp" folder, "2.0" folder, highlight "brushes" folder, click "ok." I hope that's simple enough. i'll try pasting this on all the pages for each individual brush

It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
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I have max Snow Lep and I for the life of me cannot get these on the brush item. I have done the drop to brushes folder through the Gimp item and it does not work even when I restart or hit refresh PLzzzzz help (btw... New to Gimp and Mac)
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These are very detailed brushes ad will be great for my work.
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Hi! Awesome brushes, great for quick backgrounds! Used these and the Splatter brushes on this [link]
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"5. I don’t approve violence, hate, racism and profanation, so MAY NOT use my brushes in those kind of stuff!" so i can't use these brushes as a backround for a shooting scene?
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These brushes are totally awesome! I used it here: [link] I hope you don't mind it, they are great! :)
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thank you dear ;)
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Geez. These are so amazing. I love them. Thankyou!
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Used here (website outside of dA) [link]
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