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GIMP: Hearts

high-res hearts brushes
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Can I just say I love all your brushes?Clap Clap Clap 
Thanks for making these! I used them here and here…
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Ps: I love yours brushes! *O*
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I used them here : LINK
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Definitely gonna test these out on GIMP. :) Thank you!
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i like your brushes
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these brushes are so awesome! :la:
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Hey, I used your brushes! [link] THANKS!
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I love your photoshop brushes but unfortunately since my old computer bit the dust and my trial on my new computer has expired i no longer have photoshop. :(
I'm very happy to find that you have gimp brushes too :D
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i like so much your brush, but i can't use it, could you help my?
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you might've already figured it out, but you use gimp, right? if you do, then you have to drag whats in the downloaded folder, into your main brushes folder in your gimp folder. that help any?
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:iconilikeitplz: i've done my good deed for the day~~!! ^^
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