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A sister in need will be a lady indeed Chapter 16
Chapter 16 The most wonderful time of the year
December 20th, 5 days before Christmas Mike was sitting in his room, looking at the ceiling, bored out of his mind. Ever since the conversation he had had with Yvette, he became completely unattractive to the entire school. People barely even noticed him. Nobody was trying to gang up on him, nobody was trying to force him to do anything embarrassing and nobody was talking to him. He was still doing well in classes and was actually getting good grades. Not even during cheerleading practice did any of the girls talk to him unless it was absolutely necessary.
Since he still had no idea where his clothes were, he continued dressing up as a girl, albeit not a pretty one. The only girly thing he wore were the 4 inch heels because of the Poise class and because he had actually gotten so used to them that just walking in them without wobbling felt like a personal achievement to him.
Before he had gotten to Celestia Ludenberg he was used to
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A sister in need will be a lady indeed Chpater12.2
Mike looked over towards the rest of the cheerleaders that were giggling. He looked at them suspiciously when Samantha finally started speaking.
“Okay you got us. We’re just holding you down because we don’t want you to go!” she explained. “Fine, let Serena go, girls!” Sam ordered and the two girls that were holding Mike down, let go of him. They were still giggling.
Mike wanted to run away but he was too hungry. He figured he may as well finish what he grabbed from the tables before leaving. He ate fast but still politely, remembering what he was taught during Social manners.
Once he was finished. He took his plate and stood up.
“Where are you going, Serna?” asked Samantha. The other girls looked at him as well.
Mike realized that these girls were doing everything by the book, so he figured that the only way to get out of their company was to follow the rules himself.
“I am going away. The practice is finished and I am not required
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A sister in need will be a lady indeed Chapter11.2
“Here comes the maid of honor” said Becky as she pulled Mike to the middle of his room.  “So, tell us, Serena. How do you feel to be at your first slumber party?” asked Becky trying to sound like a journalist.
Mike just kept spinning his head around trying to absorb everything around him. Was this his room? He was sure that they entered the right door, but his room looked completely different than the last time he was in it. The walls were pink and had flowers on them. Did the girls paint his room? He couldn’t smell paint, so maybe it was wallpaper, but he still didn’t like it. There was a huge vanity table in the corner of a room and there were pictures on his walls. The pictures ranged from flowers to ballet dancers.
He was led to his room where the situation was the same. The walls were covered with wallpaper with a different shade of pink. His bed looked like a Barbie dream-house bed. Both his sheets and his pillows had soft silky covers whi
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A sister in need will be a lady indeed Chapter 9
Chapter 9 A Sister in Need
A knock on his door, and it was almost 9 pm? Mike knew it couldn’t be a very friendly visit. As he approached the door, he could hear muffled giggles coming from the other side. Mike started getting nervous. He remembered what Mrs. Peacock said about him meeting his tutors tonight and he figured that whoever was behind that door must be his tutor.
He approached the door and shakily asked: “Who is it?”. The giggles stopped and then a voice answered. “It’s your tutors Mike Michaels! Please open the door”, the voice asked.
Mike was in enough trouble as it was. With the whole school having a grudge against him to his terrible class performance, things couldn’t get much worse for him. He knew that if he were to open that door, that he would be met with judgmental eyes just waiting to tutor him about his behavior. On the other hand, if he were to refuse to open the door and meet his tutors, he would be in a lot of tr
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