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...well, I had to start somewhere. Right? I've had the burning desire to start drawing for about two years now, since I started reading 2000AD. Since i've been introduced to a whole UNIVERSE of art and not just in the Toothy. But also from across the pond in the far off lands of the east (in fact i'm currently reading Revolutionary Girl Utena, a fine instalment in quasi Shojo). As a result, when I finaly thought to take the plunge, I went back to my roots and thought about what had encouraged me to pick up that prog off the shelves, that gloomy easter weekend in WHSmiths. It had been an article in SFX about a little known (to the general public at least) superhero called Zenith and his titulare serial in 2000AD. I was going through a H.P.Lovecraft phase so when I discovered the nemesis of the strip where Lloiger I, for want of a better term, has a fangasm. I picked up the prog with gusto but was faced not with inter-dimensional nasties. But a world of interest beyond my imagination. It was like when my cousin first slapped on an ACDC album and I had my music revolution aged 12. It was just a phenomenal moment and those few pages that made up Judge Dredd: Caterpillers still make me smile from there bitter sweet tale of promised freedom. Truely, 2000AD was part of what made me today. And this image (no matter how shite) is what I hope to be the seed that will develop into an improved style of my own...i'll need a bloody scanner first! And some practice!

Zenith is property of Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell. I don't own the character or the serial, god knows I wish I did though.
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Pahah! Looking at it I see where I left out certain details (ironic) from being highlighted. Maybe i'll touch it up and resubmit when I do my nex piece...