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Golden Rays by HawklessCorruption Golden Rays by HawklessCorruption
Name: Golden Rays
Nicknames: Goldie, Ray, Birdie
"Don't mind my mom, I'm just a much a champ as anyone else"
Parents: Lightning Dust and Gilda
Species: Pegagrif
Siblings: TBA
Talents: Extreme Flying
Hobbies: Teaching, Flying, and Lifting Weights
Personality: Calm, Collected, Kind and still somewhat loud
Anatomy: Muscular, Medium Height, and A bit off balanced in the front
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual
Occupations: Flying Teacher and Wonderbolt
Residence: Lightning Dust's Home in Cloudsdale

Bio: Lightning Dust gave birth to Golden after a flying accident, causing Gilda to break up with her and fight for custody of the child, which she sadly only gained partial rights. Lightning raised Golden in a harsh household, Lightning got into a relationship with Dumbbell and had a few children, that torture Golden and call her a freak. Golden worked past her family, became a top preforming Wonderbolt and Flying Teacher. She made both Lightning Dust and Gilda proud, and she is a flying model as well.

More Information:

-Golden loves children, she adores teaching young foals how to fly and she also teaches at the Wonderbolt Academy.

-Golden is not a pro body builder, but she has been asked if she is.

-No one calls her Goldie except Gilda, she punches the sh*t out of anyone who calls her that (Even Lightning Dust)Gilda (haha) plz 
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