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Flower Child (UPDATED BIO) by HawklessCorruption Flower Child (UPDATED BIO) by HawklessCorruption
Name: Flower Child Shy
Nicknames: Flower Boy, Calmest(by Fluttershy) Baby Bird (By Fluttershy) Lover Boy (By Yellow Jacket)
Parents: Biological Father Unknown, Fluttershy, Step-dad: Dr.Caramel
Siblings: Chai Tea, No Name (Character Pending)
Talent: Soothing Animals and Plants
Sexuality- Homosexual
Gender- Male
Traits: Sarcastic, Sassy, Quiet until provoked, Passive-Aggressive, Flirty

Mother- Close with his mom, loves her more than other ponies.
Step-Dad- Caramel loves him with all his heart and teaches him about ponies health
Brother- Chai Tea loves his older brother with all his heart.
Best Friend- Thunderstrike takes care of her best friend more than her family.
Discord: Uncle-Nephew Relationship, really close to eachother
Serenity: Grew up together, but as her mental state declines so does their friendship.
Enemies- Spectrum Flare and Soothing Tempest, former bullies
Uncle- Zephyr loves his little nephew dearly
Significant Other: Yellow Jacket and Flower Child were introduced by Thunderstrike and quickly became close friends, while Flower had heavy attraction early on, Yellow didn't think he was interested until Flower asked him on a date and they quickly hit it off and are still together by the end of the main story.

Bio- He's always been the quiet kid in class, at at a young age he was severely bullied by a young mare named Spectrum Flare. He never had good grades and he was never had gotten into any fights. Until one day Spectrum pushed him into his locker though. Flower Child is easily the calmest pony in Ponyville now though. Which is why many question why the younger sister of his former bully, Thunderstrike, a kick boxer is his best friend. He goes to every single one of Thunderstrike's matches.
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sooo cuteeee
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