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Excuse Me? by HawklessCorruption Excuse Me? by HawklessCorruption
*Fluttershy slowly walks into the living room, she had just gotten off the phone with Dash, Dash was at the hospital giving birth to her third child, Smoky was with them and she was watching Spectrum.*
Fluttershy: Hopefully Spectrum won't start a fire this time, especially since baby Chai is in the house..

*She hears Spectrum in the kitchen, talking in her normal loud tone*
Fluttershy: *Sigh* I wonder what she's going on about now..
*She strolls into the kitchen*

    Spectrum: Sissy!

    Flower Child: I... am not a sissy..
    Spectrum: Yea, you look and act just like your mom sissy boy, if you are even a boy!

    *Flower Child tears up* I- I am not a girl!

    Spectrum: Maybe if you had a real dad in your life you wouldn't be like this!

    Fluttershy: EXCUSE ME?! Young lady you need to go now!

*Fluttershy escorts Spectrum out of the house and sends her down to Rarity's furious.*
*She slowly comes back into the house and Flower Child is curled up on the couch with Serenity curled up around him*
Spectrum was a troubled child, all of Rainbow Dash's children were. Smoky grew out of it but Spectrum and Thunder didn't. When she was younger, she would constantly tease Flower Child and Serenity, calling Flower a sissy and Serenity a freak.
    In this situation Serenity was hiding in her father's "room". (It's a closet with a portal to his realm in it, she lives in the realm with her father.)
Fluttershy got tired of it quickly, and she never invited her over without her mom or dad ever again.
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