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I love the vivid colors for the background for discord's child, but the reds on Luna's draws away from the actual character, adding the...

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8 Character Facts - Cameo Apple
I love doing these for my characters so if ya'll want more facts about these doofs please feel free to either tag me or just comment below these journals with who you want next! 
This time I was tagged by the coolio HawklessCorruption ~

 1. Post these rules
 2. Post 8 facts about your character. 

 3. Tag 8 other characters.

 4. Post their names along with their creator’s names


Music Note Bullet (Red) - F2U Cammy is currently the only child of Agriculture Entrepreneur Applejack and Pop Idol/Singer Coloratura. He was conceived out of wedlock during a party thrown in honor of their family friend's growing businesses. Essentially a party favor, the couple were sent home with a spell that was meant to give them a bit of a surprise and fun for the night by switching up the p
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8 character facts (Gemstone)
I was tagged by Spikeanator
1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other characters
4. Post their names along with their creator’s names

Gemstone Pie
1. Despite her mother's efforts, Gemstone continues her search into learning who her father is long into her adult years.
2. Has a strange crystalline growth inside of her horn. One could compare it to a geode.
3. Her full name is Gemstone Nectar Pie.
4. Her favorite colors are magenta and white.
5. Is allergic to strawberries.
6. Has inherited the same special talent as her biological father and grandmother had of growing gems/crystals. (she has no idea she gets it from them)
7. Her favorite foods are Turnips and Squash
8. Attended Twilight's school of friendship after her mother and step-mother decided it would be beneficial to her early development.
I tag:
Well I can't think of 8 people to tag who I don't think have already done this meme so whoev
:iconeve-of-halloween:Eve-Of-Halloween 3 0
8 facts tags but turned into 24 facts
i got tagged 3 times, thank you Arirain VovanPetuh MoonriseDawn
I should be working in class but i want to end with this sooner bc i hate myself ;)))
and thats why i will never be able to go to the university lmao,,,
1# Paradise

-walking spa
-likes to play with moss
-when he was a foal an bully throwed glitter in his tail and the glitter hans't gone since then
-haves a bad audition
-prefers to pass time with uncle zephyr than mom
-a social boi
-wants to write a book

2 # Blizzard

-when he grow up he will be taller than their parents
-has a crush on ---------
-BFF with Caroline Dapperpaws (if someone understand that reference, you got a cookie lmao)
-loves oranges and orange juice, and the color orange, he just likes orange
-he hides an birth mark, he finds it embarrasing
-when he was younger used to be a fan of the royal ward, but after so
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the older son by OtopairottoOOfunis the older son :iconotopairottooofunis:OtopairottoOOfunis 34 5



Hey my customs are still open if you're interested!
Happy Pride Month everyone!!
I'm a proud Bisexual woman and if anyone needs support during this time I am here
Hey, just a heads up for my watchers, I'm about to go back to school (this week was my break) and I won't be posting most likely, or responding to comments. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!
Hey I am working on another set of adopts, so stay tuned!
Hey do you guys think my characters are too similar?
Hey, I was tagged by the amazing Percy-McMurphy for my Next-Gen Chyrslestia child, Gilded Dragon!

Gilded Dragon (new design and bio!!) by HawklessCorruption

1. Gilde was a live birth, and a grub, which was strange for changlings but not unheard of (I headcanon Thorax and Pharnyx were as well) this instantly put Chrysalis in a tizzy, causing her to have a DNA test (Celestia carried the baby) and Gilde, as it turned out is not 100% Celestia's child, she's Daybreakers. Some mysterious curse caused this and lead to Chrysalis and Celestia splitting due to fear (On Celestia's part)

2. Gilde's hair is literal fire, not on fire, but actual fire. She wasn't born with it (Celestia celebrated) but when it came in, everyone learned that Gilde is fire-proof, but the fire damages other ponies. She can also BREATHE fire.

3. Gilde is carnivorous, as a young child, she was banned from almost all farms because she would chase their cattle and attack their chickens. Everyone at first thought it was a coyote, not their beloved princess. 

4. Celestia's other children are extremely afraid of their older sister, who has accidentally set them on fire on several occasions.

5. Once Gilde reached her teenhood, her temper shortened. She has literally blown up on her mother, aunt, and her cousins. Fire and all (this causes her to lose her fur btw)

6. Back to childhood, Gilded Dragon's name comes from her appearance and personality, she's loud in appearance and personality.

7. Gilde magically excelled in Celestia's school for the Gifted but lacked enough discipline to become an excellent student, she failed most of her exams.

8. Finally, Gilde is an excellent blacksmith, that's the job she eventually picks up instead of princess-ing 

I tag

Percy-McMurphy for Dream Catcher

MylittleRosie for Red Baroness Apple

Saphi-Boo for Nephrite Jade

MeepxMorp for Scarlett

StarryOak for Zestar! Apple

(You don't have to if you don't want to!)
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  • Watching: American Horror Story
  • Playing: Overwatch (Not really, I'd love to, but I'm broke)
  • Eating: anything...
  • Drinking: Soda and Coffee, Always.



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Next Generation Customs!
The customs will be designed in this style or my main style. Fullbodies will be 25 points, more depending on species and certain traits will be 5 points extra. Gender, Species, and Parents are up to you! Also, this also applies if I do headshot adopts and you wish for a full body of the said character.




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Hi! I was wondering if I could pay you 100 points for 2 NextGem customs of Applejack and Pinkie Pie's adopted children. They are referenced in the character description of Sweet (Apple) Sapling:
  • At the age of 5 or 6, she witnessed two little hungry fillies coming to Sweet Apple Acres for food without money. So, she decided to hand her apples to the foals. As her parents saw her with the homeless children, Sapling asked them if the children can stay with them as a family and her parents agreed. And that is how she got her cutie mark
One filly is a unicorn, and another is an earth pony. Can you do that for me, please?
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