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MLP:FiM Stallion Head Perspectives

By Hawklaser
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This here is to highlight the few samples of stallions in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with a change in viewing angle from the standard head on and profile views that show up a majority of the time. It also contains samples of some of the more standard head shapes.

Decided to do this after looking for references that had different perspectives on the stallions, and noticing just how rare it was to find a stallion with both eyes showing while not looking at them head on.

The majority of the angled perspective shots came from the episodes Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, and Putting your Hoof Down. A large number of the more standard ones came from Sweet and Elite. Just in case you want to try and get a better reference or one that might be a slightly different.

MLP © Hasbro

This is intended as a resource to help others trying to add more angles to how stallion characters are viewed while also trying to stay true to the style of the show.

Please link back to here if you wish to share this on other sites.
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princesschickeeens's avatar
Ya know i hate stallion face shapes except
Caremel apples
vampywacky's avatar
♡big macintosh♡
Aethon056's avatar
Yes! Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much.

Wait a second... bottom row... third from the left... is that a ghost pony?
No ghost ponies in there. That frame was middle of a screen transition, and I thought was the best one for that expression and angle.

Welcome, many have found this useful. Always nice having a baseline reference group to work from before messing with some of the more unique faces and characters.
sonicsmainman1's avatar
Super helpful! Thanks!
hecc95's avatar
"noticing just how rare it was to find a stallion with both eyes showing" i see i'm not the only one who noticed that, this references will be useful, thank you.
Glad you found it useful.

And thanks for linking your work, always interesting to see others work.
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HOORAYYY!!!!! You are wonderful!!!!
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this has always bothered me!!!
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This is helpful! Thanks mate! :thanks:
TheThunderPony's avatar
Y'all are mah savior, thank ya' kindly fer this here guide thingy:3
Welcome, glad you find it useful.
MattsyKun's avatar
THANK YOU. YOu have no idea how much this helps me *flails*
Welcome.  Glad to hear you found it useful.
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Mistabeans's avatar
Thanks! This compilation helped alot!
Your welcome.

Always useful to have some thing to reference when doing artwork.
Mistabeans's avatar
Oh yes. Ooooh yes.
These guys NEVER FACE THE CAMERA it seems
Which is unfortunate as makes it harder to get them looking right for people starting out with fanart.
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