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Hold My Hand

So my girlfriend asked me to draw a picture for her - of whatever I felt when I thought of our relationship. I thought of us as an old couple holding hands, walking down the street.

Obviously, she left me :giggle: Bitch. haha. I thought it turned out pretty good anyway, even though it's my first time drawing hands.

The original photo is buy a dude named Paul (aka befresh), and can be found here [link] A big thanks goes to him for (hopefully) allowing me to display my interpretation on DeviantArt. Charcoal on paper, 11x14.

Edit - I updated the picture (fixed some things, added some more shading) 08-01-06. Hope you like this one better.
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I happen to like this one as well. I just wish I didn't have to take the reference photos of you and your bf basking in afterglow.
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this wonderful photo is featured here: [link]
don't forget to :+favlove: the article
enjoy! :)
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This speaks volumes of emotion, even in it's simplicity. The simplicity in itself is what creates it. This is very nicely done! Your work has great drama with it's stark darkness and brightness, something I adore!

I've really enjoyed seeing your gallery!
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Sadly, most of the emotions have come and gone (well, I tell myself they're gone), but such is the way of life, I guess. All that remains now is the memories we've created together, some feelings of love and intimacy that still linger, and of course, this image. Our beautiful relationship may have grown in seperate directions, but this image, a symbol of our time together, will last forever. Years from now this may be the only evidence that we ever existed as a single heart and soul for a brief moment in time. That is the beauty of art.

Perhaps I'm being too sentimental.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the kind words. I'm really glad you like it! :glomp:
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Whether the actual emotion that brought on a work of art has come and gone matter very little to the artwork actually containing that emotion.

Emotion is a fleeting thing, here today gone tomorrow. Yet, surprisingly, it is also a large part of what makes us who we are. Emotion is a strange fleeting thing that somehow manages to linger at the same time.

Art, however, isn't fleeting. It is tangible and consistent. And this is where emotion can become tangible and consistent as well. The actual emotion that it took to inspire a work of art may be long gone, but the piece will still exhibit and show that emotion for as long as that piece of art is around. Let's say that this particular drawing survives 4 or 5 generations from now. You are long dead and in the ground. Yet those who look at it will still feel the original emotion you felt with it. Consider the art masters of long ago. Their work still invokes emotion.

So when I spoke about the emotion of this piece, I didn't mean the emotion you felt with the girl. I meant that I could sense and feel the emotion you put into it at the time. And this is a good thing. Art without it is dead. So good work! :D
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Very nice drawing!:thumnsup:
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Excellent job in this piece. I do like the depth and contrast created here. The anatomy of the hands look right to me, in my opinion.
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Thanks! And thanks for the fav and watch =) :dance:
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Beautifull! Looks almost like a photo!
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awesome job. the detail on the wrist is amazing.
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Wonderful piece of work. I just came by to tell you that your thumb got featured in my current journal, and I had to notify you all by comments on each featured thumb because the bugs of the forum replies. Have a wonderful day!
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Thanks a bunch!
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Awwhh I like how you get inspiration. The detail and shading is exellent again!
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Nothing more inspiring than life ;)
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very touching, beautiful work. it hit me hard, its something i miss :'(
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I hear you, man - it's something we all have to deal with eventually, I'm sure. What I miss most is simply being next to her and holding her in my arms, you know?

Anyway, glad you like it. Good luck with everything.
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very nicely done.
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Wich completely debunks the sterotype that MEN are afraid of commitment. Is it wrong to hope for the best? That WAS a bold move on your part, but she obviously wasnt the one.

This is really good. I even though you've got the alpha dark spread throughout the page, you still managed to get some good focus in the way that the womans arm melts into the page.
You've managed to get some verry good depth in this aswell.
The composition is a bit central, but masses of shadows are farely well placed, with a good heirarchy of size shape and direction.
Even if this was on newsprint, it would be nice to see a a lighter shade, maby take it into photoshop and raise the contrast, or lower the color balance.
Good work! +fav
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w00t! You're my new bestest friend!
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This is the makings of a beautifull relationship myfriend.... but not in a gay way.
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wow looks like a photograph, sorry about the girl dude.
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Thanks, dude. No worries about the girl. I guess it just wasn't meant to be...millions of fish...blah blah blah.
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