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Ugly Soul
i saw a picture of you today
it came up on my feed
as though it knew
i was scrolling,
for a reason to be happy
and whatever higher power there may be
decided that today
i was not to smile
you looked so carefree
so happy
your arms linked with hers
fingers entwined
such love and devotion
expressed in your eyes
it's a look i remember all too well
as i sit here and type
the lyrics of cough syrup serenading me
i consider
spiking my drinks
because it feels so good
to be
n u m b
i never loved you
i broke up with you
it was me who did the hurting
me who broke hearts
so why
h u r t
i miss him
the man who so easily took your place
i was so happy
for so short a time
it is so unfair
that after all i put you through
you can be happier now with her
than i have ever been in my life
is she good in bed?
i never let you touch me
does she let you do more to her
than hold her
:iconhawkieface:Hawkieface 3 7
Love is in the Air
my love lies in words
like black ink on old parchment
it fights to be seen
love is everywhere,
in words and hugs and kisses,
in love or for love
like stars it glitters
it shines through the galaxy
it sings to the moon
you ask what is love
love takes many looks and forms
no love is the same
a partner in bed
to keep you warm in winter
they help you to smile
or a friend at night
keeping you in happy tears
love is loyalty
love is love is love
there is no right or wrong way
as long as you love
:iconhawkieface:Hawkieface 5 21
.:LightningClan - Pride Can Hurt You Too:.
“The cats who have parted ways with this earth are still with us, in StarClan. They always watch over us, no matter what happens.” Hawkstorm took a small breath, pawing at the ground as he lost himself in thought. Ashstorm found his tail winding subconsciously around his mate’s as they waited for the other tom to continue. “But yeah… Dovestreak would be quite a help, I’m sure.”
The three cats collectively released a deep breath, sharing looks of loss; looks of confusion, of fear and uncertainty of what was to come next, but overall still loss. Still clearly lost in thought, Hawkstorm excused himself to mingle with other LightningClan cats.
Ashstorm had been so blindsided by their leader’s announcement that he could hardly think in full sentences.
Rowanflight cleared her throat, her voice quiet. “I never thought I’d live to see the day Littlestar became… well, not Littlestar.”
The tom made a sound of agreemen
:iconhawkieface:Hawkieface 11 18
.:LightningClan - Breeding Like Rabbits:.
Daisymask emerged from the medicine den, shoulders hunched, all life sapped from her. She was likely the world’s biggest fool; she could hardly believe she had let herself be so full of such a false hope. StarClan, did she never learn?
She had all the signs, though - she felt that little bit stiffer, more grouchy and tired. Vaguely swollen belly, and from her view, the occasional heart palpitations she experienced wasn’t necessarily linked with her anxious mind. And, oh, the vomiting - all the vomiting, the thing that had initially made her consider it...
It was a shock, sure, but the joy of believing she was pregnant was insurmountable. To have it all stripped away again was nigh impossible to recover from - or, at least, that was how she currently felt.
'Simply a fever,' she had been told. A fever of the head, more like.
She moped across camp, hoping to excuse herself for a little bit of time - maybe find Volty or Shale, if she remembered correctly, they were on patrol to
:iconhawkieface:Hawkieface 4 12
.:LightningClan - Requiem:.
“Okay, I’ll give it to you. You had us pegged.”
“Ooh, say that again. I love it when cats tell me I’m right.”
Shadowfire laughed heartily, bumping his shoulder against her. Daisymask laughed with him, her tired smile mirroring those she had been showing off for the last several moons. She loved this life she was leading; loved being out in the fresh air of this new camp, loved spending time with her friends and family. Loved her new kits more than she thought possible.
Well, they were apprentices now, weren’t they? If they caught wind of her even thinking of them still being kittens, they’d surely finish her off. She chuckled at the thought. They were growing up so quickly.
And Shadowfire was as polite as ever, letting her drift off in her thoughts without questioning her, or even feeling offended. She could quite happily keep him around, and, given how his courtship with Shalestep seemed to be progressing, she doubted he would ever leave
:iconhawkieface:Hawkieface 3 18
.:LightningClan - Just My Imagination:.
Ashstorm could never have guessed how bright the stars were, thanks to the artificial light streaming in from all the surrounding twolegs’ nests and lamps back in their old camp. But this new camp, this new place to call home, was so isolated; so far away from those wretched beasts and their giant, roaring monsters, so far away from anything that could take away his freedom and from the stars.
Because here they were, sparkling in their thousands, blinking down at him. They challenged him to name them, to learn more constellations and pass their infinite knowledge to his kin. To anycat else they likely would’ve served as just a lovely sky decoration, but those little dots - those millions of glittering orbs - held great meaning to him. They served as his grounding point; reminded him of his roots; showed him just how far he’d come, both in travel and as a growing feline.
His mother was up there somewhere, a twinkling light in the darkness; a shining beacon of ho
:iconhawkieface:Hawkieface 7 3
.:LightningClan - Have a Little Faith:.
The shriek echoed throughout the new camp in a way Daisymask would have never expected for such an open territory. And, as she surely should have most definitely expected, a number of cats came rushing for her – Voltagewish, as always, the head of the pack.
“Daisy!” the tom called out. “Daisy, what’s wrong?”
Daisymask whipped her head around to see him properly, her small frame shaking in fright but eyes truly alert. She took in a little breath and replied, “Shale is not allowed in here in any circumstances, and I swear to StarClan if you let her past –”
“What? Dais –”
“– I will do something that I will surely regret later, and –”
“– and… and…”
Voltagewish nudged his mate’s side comfortingly, flicking his tail to let his clanmates know there was no emergency. Some left with a laugh, others with a disgruntled huff. Daisymask
:iconhawkieface:Hawkieface 7 15
.:LightningClan - My Immortal:. by Hawkieface .:LightningClan - My Immortal:. :iconhawkieface:Hawkieface 8 7 [G] The Frenchiest Fry, The Bieniest Bien by Hawkieface [G] The Frenchiest Fry, The Bieniest Bien :iconhawkieface:Hawkieface 8 9 [G] A Knight, A Vandal and Two Killers... by Hawkieface [G] A Knight, A Vandal and Two Killers... :iconhawkieface:Hawkieface 4 3
Leave Me Stranded
my mama always taught me
that while hate is a strong word,
there's one that trumps even that:
but maybe it's not
the right thing to say
when I admit to myself that I'm
in love with a man I've never met
aren't I just the biggest mess
you've ever had the displeasure
in meeting?
my brain is muddled and yet
for some reason my heart
still rings its words
that one day I'd be
brave enough,
strong enough,
independent enough
to buy a plane ticket and
travel halfway across the world
in the hopes to meet you
in a bookstore or café
and the way that we'd kiss
and fall in love
every day
oh my god
you absolute slut
what's wrong with you?
this isn't real
it's not love
you're not in love
what would mama say?
what did mama teach you?
put down your pen and
lock away these fantasies;
it's not fair to lose yourself
to the embrace of a man
who likely couldn't tell you
from a bar of soap,
who would see you in a
bookstore or café
in his homet
:iconhawkieface:Hawkieface 4 6
Only the Beginning
"Woah, um... Hey, honey? Could you please, uh... Can you get me a glass of water?"
"Yeah, of course."
"Ha, thanks... and now, can you, um, drop it? On the ground?"
"Trust me, do it."
"Uh, okay...?"
"Haha, oh, hey... look... the water broke."
"...I swear to god, Claire."
:iconhawkieface:Hawkieface 5 9
.:DoW - I Can See the Stars:.
“Can you believe it, Volty? We’re going to have a family!”
Daisymask looked expectantly at the cat in front of her with a grin. He looked back, a blank look on his face, and felt herself shrink back and paw at the ground nervously. Oh, who was she kidding – she was talking to a rock, for StarClan’s sake; albeit a decorated one, with a yellow and a green leaf sitting on its front and acting their part as eyes. Though, now that she thought about it, they were the on the wrong sides.
With a growl, she padded off, maddened by her constant need for perfection. It wasn’t as though all this practicing had ever worked out before, anyhow. It was stupid, useless, honestly a little reckless of her to sneak out yet again at such a late hour-
“Woah, there!”
“Yikes, you okay? I often forget how sturdy I am.”
The she-cat scrunched up her nose in pain before regaining her grace, looking up at the hulking figure before
:iconhawkieface:Hawkieface 8 18
[G] There's Only Us by Hawkieface [G] There's Only Us :iconhawkieface:Hawkieface 10 12
Ka-Thump, Ka-Thump
I think I'm relapsing again.
I see you everywhere,
in the smile of a passer-by
and the tilted head of a questioning child.
I hear your laughter,
the quiet boom that
sets my heart alight.
I don't understand.
I get sick to my stomach;
I have to look once,
just to be sure
that the boy by her side
isn't you.
I can't cope with the pressure.
I find myself
needing to constantly be
certain, completely,
that it's only my imagination
wanting me to hurt,
and not you enforcing the pain.
I never loved you.
So why,
after a whole year,
a complete orbit
of precisely three hundred
and sixty-six days...
Why am I still hurting?
It's the way you would
walk onto the bus,
your insufferable swagger
as you viewed the sea
of faces
watching the Jack-ass take
up to two seats
when you could've
just as easily
stood those two
:iconhawkieface:Hawkieface 3 6
|| DoW :: Hawkfeather Ref || by Hawkieface || DoW :: Hawkfeather Ref || :iconhawkieface:Hawkieface 6 6
Welcome to my artwork ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I love to write, and I personally think that my written pieces are the best part of my entire gallery.

I also enjoy traditional art, but I don't get much time to do it, and as my scanner doesn't work anymore I can only get poor quality photos of these pieces to share with deviantART.

I've given up all attempts at digital art, and unfortunately don't plan on restarting any time soon. However, if you'd like to give me tips on how to improve I might just make a reappearance... though even then, I'll admit it's unlikely!

Thank you for all of your support!

Random Favourites

DOW ] EveningSun| HIGHCLAN by qonn DOW ] EveningSun| HIGHCLAN :iconqonn:qonn 12 23
Ceremonies: Massive clump style!
Thank you for all of the patience you have given the team for those of you who had overdue ceremonies! We are going to be promoting a few people early since during the journey it will be hard to get around to it. This list will be added to by everyone as the day goes on. If you don't see your cat here right away, don't worry! We will get to you soon~
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suicunetobigaara : Doepaw - Doepounce
:icondawn-of-warriors:Dawn-Of-Warriors 8 48
Time to Leave: The last gathering (AC near bottom)
DUE DECEMBER 18th!!    
    The leaders of all the clans had finally found one another; Littlestar, Sparklestar, Faintstar, Tidestar, Applestar and Riverstar had decided it was time to gather all the clans near the Stonecloud lake, families had been separated long enough and with the two-legs advancing they were running out of options. Runners went back and forth between the Clans organizing this move. The clans with camps left said camps, taking the young and the old down to the clearing. A few of the territories well known loners could be seen on the outskirts of the massive gathering, curious and worried by the movements of the Clan cats, and no cats seemed to mind them there. The leaders met in the middle of the cats, giving an announcement that this would be their camp until a decision could be reached. The cats of the clans settled in, taking comfort in each others company and finding thei
:icondawn-of-warriors:Dawn-Of-Warriors 23 187
Daisymask and Shalestep by LaurenBlu Daisymask and Shalestep :iconlaurenblu:LaurenBlu 9 8
.:: || Rules || ::.
General Rules

:bulletgreen: The events of the stories in Dawn-Of-Warriors are laid out by the Admins of the group. Please do not create your own plots. This includes (but is not limited to): spotting predators on the territory, Dark Forest Visits, non-canon NPC cats, and skirmishes on the borders.
:bulletorange: Realistically, cats would not be inclined to change clans, and it is very much frowned upon within the clans. Such cats are often considered traitors by their former clan. As such, members are not normally allowed to move cats from one Clan to another.
:bulletgreen: We have activity checks in each Clan usually once a month or every two months. These are important! Give them the time and attention they need. ;) Unfinished assignments will result in sickness, injury or even the deaths of your characters if they build up.
:bulletgreen: The moderators work as a team to keep the group in order and develop the game. They rarely speak alone, and m
:icondawn-of-warriors:Dawn-Of-Warriors 15 32
Character Facts meme
tagged by Hawkieface
- post 8 facts about your character

1. He's shapeshifter/werewolf type deal that shifts into that majestic thing (a super awesome species called Lestians that the3Ss made and you should totally check out). Basically the mechanics of it are this: He has to keep periodically switching forms. The longer he stays in one form the more tired, irritable and wrecked he is until he can't really concentrate or function. Also if he's tired or highly emotional he's a lot more prone to accidentally shifting. He can shift into the other form at will, but its far more difficult and physically draining the earlier he tries to do so if he's been putting it off. So basically holding a form is mentally exhausting and its easier if he switches often BUT switching a form is physically exhausting so its ends up being a balance between t
:iconpainted-shadow:Painted-Shadow 2 2
Happy (late) birthday Hawkieface! by Painted-Shadow Happy (late) birthday Hawkieface! :iconpainted-shadow:Painted-Shadow 14 3
dA Guide: Text Formatting
This is just a quick text formatting guide for dA. My goal was to make a simple html guide for easy reference.  Please PAY ATTENTION to where the codes WILL and WILL NOT work!  (Certain codes won't work in comments and deviation descriptions, no matter how hard you try.)  :'D
I provided "working examples," which might make the codes easier to understand because you can see them in action. (Keep in mind that when you type html tags, the effects won't be visible until AFTER you hit "Preview" on your comment, journal, etc. I only made them visible for the purpose of demonstration.) Enjoy!!!

The following codes can be used in
comments, deviation descriptions, journals, and profile page widgets.

This will make bold text.
This will also make bold text.
This will make italicized text.
:iconsweetduke:SweetDuke 17,644 3,271
Best of pals by QueenVivi Best of pals :iconqueenvivi:QueenVivi 28 11 Dad is back by LaurenBlu Dad is back :iconlaurenblu:LaurenBlu 15 14
We Get Up Again (Littlestar and Sparklestar)
   Part two to this story: And we all Fall Down
 "All clear on my end. Same for you?" He asked, scanning the camp to be sure there were no stragglers they had missed. No whisker of anycat seemed to be left, except of course the two leaders. He looked back to Sparklestar, "I'm ready to head out when you are..." He was almost cut off as another huge boulder crashed into the camp making both cats jump., It was time to leave.
    The moment Sparklestar heard the giant boulder crash behind her, she knew it was time. If they had missed anybody, which it didn't look like they did, it was too late. It seemed like they were the last two left though. As far as she cared, everyone was safe.
    "Guide the way," she replied, nodding her head towards the tunnels, "You know where to go more than I do
:iconlaurenblu:LaurenBlu 6 9
a new lesson by bridgenose a new lesson :iconbridgenose:bridgenose 17 11 Love bugs by LaurenBlu Love bugs :iconlaurenblu:LaurenBlu 15 6 Rowanflight | LightningClan Warrior | DoW by Kodi-ak Rowanflight | LightningClan Warrior | DoW :iconkodi-ak:Kodi-ak 26 7 The memory of the lover by kleopetra007 The memory of the lover :iconkleopetra007:kleopetra007 381 116


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Hope Booker
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

"You could rattle the stars," she whispered. "You could do anything, if only you dared."

Art above by SpitfiresOnIce

Howdy guys, gals and non-binary pals! My name is Hope – well, my internet name is, anyhow. My real name is Abby but honestly I answer to most things, including variations of my deviantART username! I’m an INFJ 19-year-old cis female (she/her/hers) who lives in Australia and really loves everything a bit too much. I also really like puns, and while I’m not great at them I tend to use a few daily.

I have a certain love for music. Some of my favourite musicians at the moment include Peter Hollens, Gabrielle Aplin, Imagine Dragons and Bastille, but my all-time favourite musician is easily Lin-Manuel Miranda. His musicals Hamilton and In the Heights have changed my life for the better – an exaggeration, maybe, but it certainly doesn’t feel it. I also am obsessed with the game Undertale, and its spin-off AU Flowerfell.

Last year I started doing a Bachelor of Arts, studying a range of things like writing, history, biology and drama. In grade six we went to the CSIRO for an excursion, and from then I’d always wanted to be a forensic scientist or have a similar job in the crime force, but recently I’ve starting investing in the idea of following my mother’s footsteps into midwifery. I'm pursuing that interest now, and loving every second of it - though I’ve still got a lifetime ahead of me to sort it out.

I do write a lot, though. Like, a lot. I have a small bunch of super detailed characters, each of whom I love with my life. If you’re curious, feel free to check my CharaHub to learn more about them, or simply ask me! I could talk about each of them for days on end, and even plan to maybe publish a novel one day for at least one of them. My biggest inspiration in the writing world is Sarah J Maas, and specifically her Throne of Glass series.

Sometimes I write poems, though, and that’s normally a sign that I’m not mentally well. I’ve had clinical anxiety for several years now and since mid-2016 I’ve had touches of depression. It’s not been pleasant and I’m working through it, but much like anyone else who suffers any sort of mental illness or disability it takes a lot of time and hard work to heal, and that you often have to backtrack to get better. It’s messy, and it sucks, but it will one day get better.

I have several phenomenal friends who help me in my worst moments, and while there’s no way to thank every last one of them I’d like to give a ginormous shout-out to my best friends Chloe and Jada, and also to people here like Mythiril and SpitfiresOnIce. Y’all help make the burden that little easier to bear x

While this doesn’t even cover half of who I am, I’ll sign off here. I wish to give a huge thank you to every visitor, every friend and every stranger on this website, and out there in the world. I’m thankful for each and every one of you <3 Please never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns – I’ve been told I’m a good listener!

Kisses x

Places you can find me:
Twitter -
CharaHub -…
Tapastic -…



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